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  1. We had an excellent Grand Puget Sound cruise on the Constellation in May this year. There were few if any of the issues noted by DC0743. The time in Poulsbo was too short. I and a Navy buddy wanted to visit the Navy Undersea museum in Keyport but that just could not be done although we got told that it was possible. Jack in Reno
  2. This is the one we did two years ago. We use PG's Business Class which was very nice on Fiji air from LAX to Fiji (full lay down seats) and also Cathay Pacific from Bali to Hong Kong with the long flight to LAX with fully lay down seating. Both long flights were on new aircraft. Fiji used to lease 747s and I had picked out our seats in the upper section but they bought new aircraft. I know you can get from Bali to Sydney on Quantas and thus east. It may be too soon but have your TA ask or call yourself.
  3. A few years back we picked up the PG in Fiji and sailed to Bali. She was to be dry-docked and refurbished in Singapore.
  4. The new planes that Fiji air has are quite nice...at least in business class. The full recline seats are great. We did the Fiji to Bali trip two years ago and used their air package.
  5. We were on a fairly recent Paul Gauguin cruise from Fiji to Bali and at one of the stops the first loaded tender was 1 1/2 hour to land and ours was about 1 hour. People were very upset esp on the first one...yes plenty of diesel fumes and lots of heat...not much air. The problem was that the Port captain shifted our landing twice while the tenders were in the water. Nasty but not the fault of the PG crew. But we were still in paradise!
  6. Our only experience is on the sailing ships. We prefer the lowest deck nearly amid ships for the best ride. We have been offered upgrades but turned them down...but we would take a suite in the Surf if offered. We have done at least 15 WS cruses over the years.
  7. We are doing the Baltic Jewels followed by the Midnight Sun back to back departing 30 May 20. We leave from Stockholm and finish in London. We are also extending in London for four days to visit friends in Wales. We paid for the Viking Air Plus and the extended time. We are also trying for Premium Plus seating on the long legs. We live in south meadows area, Reno and also have the issue with an extra stop/connection. I might try out of Phoenix as we have a second home there. This is our first Viking Ocean cruise but we did a river cruise two years ago and used their air and flew Business class which worked out just fine. Jack in Reno, NV
  8. We are doing the Viking Sun next year for a b to b from Stockholm to London. If it was available we would have done one of the Windstar sailing ships. I think both the Wind Surf and the Wind Star have had Baltic itiniaries fairly recently.
  9. I like the IC on Papeete, but you need to call to get the best day room rate.
  10. Back to the OP's question: Does the range 10 to 20 USD per inport/tour day sound right?
  11. I am planning on lots of TB shirts and also Renn Spooner Hawaiian shirts on our 24 day cruise in late Nov. Of course we will be in the tropics the entire Amazon trip.
  12. We are big fans of Windstar but have only traveled on their sailing ships. We like the country club casual dress environment. The service is superb, but everything is not included...esp the alcohol. They now have an inexpensive laundry package which is wonderful. For a Caribbean cruise I would prefer one of the Windstar sailing ships, old and refurbished as they are. But not a true luxury experience. FWIW:cool:
  13. All three sailing ships have stabilizers that help somewhat. Low and center of ship staterooms are the most stable. I have been on 15 or so Windstar cruises and have never been more that mildly affected. My wife always takes some Bonine at the start of the cruise and in rough waters and it really works for her. The ship should have some in reception or outside the Dr's office.
  14. Kinda off topic but quite a few years ago, I was hiking up the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon and a women wearing heels was coming down fairly late in the afternoon. People do crazy things.
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