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  1. I agree...gloves and water shoes for sure. I think they try to accomodate everyone as this can be really special!
  2. Sounds like me. I did bring a sports coat on our 28 day cruise and wore it once or twice. But no tie!!
  3. We are also on the 31 Oct Jazz cruise. We hope everything continues relatively smoothly.
  4. We actually got used to and enjoyed the mild vibration in a rear cabin on the Navigator during a 28 day trip to the Amazon a couple of years ago. We got a guaranteed veranda.
  5. I would like to provide a little more detail about the required PCR test for travel to Canada. We just returned from a 12 day trip on the Rocky Mountaineer train in and out of Vancouver. My understanding of the 72 hour requirement is that it is calculated from the scheduled departure time for the final leg to Canada. If your flight is delayed or changed they will still accept your test if it met the original 72 hour requirement. Interestingly, the return to US rapid test requirement gives you an extra day (within 3 days prior to date of entry). At least my understanding...FWIW: Jack in Reno
  6. We enjoyed "Sacred Sites and Legendary Places". We have been to the islands a few times before. Its worth doing along with or beside others.
  7. Gloves were a big help for Coral Gardens. When I did it a few years ago the current was so strong it was hard to get organized in the water for the drift so I held onto the side until our group launched. Came away with just a couple of minor scratches. My DW was pleased she skipped this event which she had done many years ago on the Wind Song.
  8. We are on the Jazz starting 31 October at Memphis. Loved our Puget Sound trip 2+ years ago on the Constellation.
  9. Yes, the Wind Spirit has stabilizers like bigger ships. The motion is still dependent on the sea state but because of the size expect a little more motion. There is shade in the pool bar area and we have played cards with other couples at one of the tables there. We never lie out in the sun but there are a variety of places to find shade depending on the direction of the ship and relative location of the sun. The internet is so-so unless there is a recent upgrade.
  10. Been there on the Wind Surf and had a great time in the city for a few days. We took the train back to Rome, spent one more night there and then flew home to Reno.
  11. Staying at the Papeete Intercontinental with another couple for a Wind Spirit trip many years ago, we went to the pool side for a drink and lunch. My buddy spent a lot of time watching the gals at the pool.
  12. Having done two Windstar Tahiti trips and one PG, we enjoyed both. The motu dinner and show last time on Wind Spirit was delightful. With PG drinks are included and we got maximum use of that feature. I definitely suggest arriving at least a day early to adjust to the time change and get a decent night's sleep. Both cruise lines offer a pre and/or post package but experienced Tahiti travelers usually make their own arrangements. PG has special cruises that cater to children and have a program for them. There is little for kids to do on Windstar but every day you are in port so that could work for them. In 15 or so Windstar cruises I have seen very few children aboard...just a handful. FWIW its worth in sunny Reno.
  13. We few from LAX to Fiji on Fiji Air and did have lay flat seats in Business Class. But that was 2 1/2 years ago.
  14. Many years ago we stayed at a Sandals in Ocho Rios during July. I was very pleasantly surprised at the temperature range and cooling breezes.
  15. We enjoyed many of Regent's regular tours when we did the Amazon a few years ago. We also went on a Champagne Cruise on a small catamaran which was arranged privately thru Roll Call with a few other couples. I remember on a Viking river cruise they had at least two levels of difficulty as far as walking in old town European cities.
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