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  1. Catholic school girl here. The Epiphany will always be January 6 to celebrate the journey of days that it took the three Wisemen to visit the baby Jesus. Jan 6 is also a big holiday for my Greek Orthodox neighbors every year. I love the tradition of not putting the kings in the crèche until Jan 6. Memories of my childhood.
  2. Bennybear, I never made the connection between “gaudy” and”Gaudi” thanks for that insight! Hoping to someday get back to the Sagrada Familia since the last time I saw her, they had barely begun!
  3. Before roasting, chestnuts must have an x cut into the top. This prevents exploding, but also gives a tab to peel back when you are shelling them. Special knives are sold for this process.
  4. Had a close friend who had a dog with beautiful blue eyes and was named Frankie after you- know -who. A perfect name for him. But will warn you now that we once had a female dachshund named Teddi. ( will not go into reason). Every time we met a stranger they would want to know why a female was named Teddi and we would have to explain.. We eventually gave up and told strangers that her name was Heidi.
  5. Lots of great advice here. Have only done one river cruise after nearly 40 ocean cruises. That cruise was a Viking Christmas Market cruise last year. It was enough to convince me that most future cruises will be river cruises. It is more culture oriented than entertainment, so before going you must realize that. Our onboard entertainment each night was unlike any of that on Celebrity, etc. One night, we each decorated a Christmas ornament for the ship tree, another was a demo of how to make apple strudel, another was a local children's choir singing carols....you get the i
  6. I wonder if anyone has the same memory as I of the first time I ever saw a microwave? Don’t remember the year, but I was watching the TV program, “ I’ve Got a Secret” It had to be late 50s, early 60s. The “secret“ was a man who brought on an “oven” that could cook things in very short amounts of time. A demonstration was given, and the panel was amazed! My first microwave was one I used to heat up my son’s bottles in 1982. I was afraid, but my husband insisted it was safe! Now one heats up my coffee all day long
  7. Regarding Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House in Savannah, similar restaurant in Nashville. Monells. Fun experience, but can’t imagine doing that anymore.
  8. seasick sailor, beautiful kitty and thank you for adopting!
  9. @rafinmd, I also have a brother with that attitude. My sister will not talk to him, but In respect to our deceased parents, I will not let it interfere with family. I find that a little bit of humor in conversation will break the ice and is a VERY big help. I also listen to his views and ask him to calmly listen to mine. We actually come to some agreements and that furthers our connections. Also, I know that his views are those of the majority of those in his profession, whereas mine reflect my social situation and background. This helps me to understand more of how he thinks
  10. @durangoscots, “Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted”. May your faith and memories bring you and your family comfort.
  11. MarinerBoy, I think right now, our scientists and doctors are more valuable and IMPACTFUL than marketing analysts . They may not make the money you make, but without them we may have no need for those who market our First Class cruises.
  12. Had both Shingles shots last year and had no problems at all. Flu shot gave me a sore arm. Pneumonia shot easy. Will be first in line for the Covid vaccine! I too, look for more on tv than the news. Too stressful at the moment. To those of you who watch Hallmark, it is my guilty pleasure. My daughter makes fun of me. “ Mom, do you think she will leave her high powered executive job for life in the small town?” To which I reply, “ We will have to wait and see!” But if you have not already watched it, the best is Schitts Creek!
  13. Two days ago I got an email from Celeb telling me that my Summit Jan 2022 was canceled. (Which I had lifted from Jan.2021). They gave me Options to sail on other ships in 2021-22. Yesterday, they followed up with another email with the same information. I applaud them for their notifications, but think at this point I am done with Celeb. Many happy memories on the Summit, my favorite ship of the many others I have sailed, but they have outpriced themselves for what I want. Do not like their changes to Captains Club and the new all inclusive. Will turn to European river cruises
  14. Norseh20 we may be neighbors! We are New Yorkers, but have a vacation home on Whidbey. Son and family live in Seattle area. Daughter and family bought a house on Whidbey after moving into our home in March from their place in Seattle when the virus started. We have been here since August. Did not intend to stay so long, but Covid has kept us from going back to NY. Daughter doesn’t want us to leave but soon we must check out our home back East. She will miss us as will the herd of deer in my back yard that I feed daily!
  15. Very interesting topic. Thank you everyone for your input!
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