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  1. I don’t think that the problem is with the people who want to play cards, linger over a drink or a cup of coffee, or sit quietly and read a book. Many of us cruise so that we can relax and enjoy quiet time. The problem is with the cruise lines who are continuously taking away lounges and public space to fit in more cabins, more private space for those who want to pay for it, and venues to make money such as speciality restaurants.
  2. We were not in a Haven Spa Suite, just a regular balcony room. It is the Spa itself, that I liked so much. The sauna has large windows in it for a beautiful view, as do the loungers. I found the entire complex soothing and relaxing, and well kept.
  3. Hard choice. Have been to both while driving through Europe. Depends on what you like. To me, Passau is less commercialized, but a smaller scope. Salzburg excursion is also much more expensive and time consuming. I am going on a cruise this December and had to make this same choice. I actually wanted Passau but agreed to go to Salzburg with the rest of my group. Neither one is a bad choice. As said previously, do some research and choose the best for you!
  4. Not on your list, but of all cruises, Norwegian, Celebrity, and Royal my very favorite was the spa suite on the Norwegian Pearl.
  5. Legaljen1969, I am so sorry that you experienced this behavior. You story interested me because several years ago ( probably at least ten), on a RC excursion in St. Lucia with my college age daughter, she was verbally sexually harassed by our kayak guide. She was crying hysterically and I was furious. Upon returning to the ship, we immediately reported the behavior to the excursion desk where we were told that there was nothing they could do because it was an outside contracted company that they used. We were not even offered a refund. When I returned from the cruise, I wrote a detailed letter to the Miami headquarters of RC and never received an answer. In today’s Me Too world, perhaps things would have ended differently, but at the time we let it drop. In true transparency, yes, I have sinced cruised with RC, but I lost respect for them because of their indifference, and only do RC cruises when accompanying friends who have chosen it. And I only book excursions from well known independent companies when cruising any line. Because a line will not stand behind its companies, I feel there is no point in using their excursions. Of course, I know that there can be problems with independents, but I rely on trip advisor and Cruise Critic to give me more information that I would get from Shore Excursions.
  6. NYE is so much fun on a ship. We love it. It is the night that the ladies in the family bring out the sparkly black dresses and the men, the tuxes. Of course that is not necessary, as all ships are pretty much relaxed as to dress code. We do it because we like it. And, by the way , after pictures and champagne at midnight, we older ones go off to bed and the younger ones change into their casual clothes for partying!
  7. Clearwater, not Crystal, yes! Sorry that I misspoke also! We did Clearwater on our last two trips to Bermuda. It takes a bit of knowledge on the bus system, but is not really too difficult. As mentioned, we took a bus from St George. There are buses that go directly to the beach, but they are infrequent. But, there are frequent buses that will drop you off at an intersection that require you to walk about 10 to 15 minutes to the beach. Always you can catch a bus back to St George if you are willing to wait. The beach is well worth any inconvenience, but you must allow the entire day for the excursion. Taxis are available but since never having used them, I do not know the cost.
  8. Crystal Beach. In addition to being beautiful, it adjoins a nature preserve, with sights of turtles and various birds.
  9. trivia addict

    Swizzle Inn

    My memory may be faulty, but two years ago, we took the ferry from the Dockyard to Hamilton, then a bus to the original Swizzle Inn. No taxis. The Inn is between Hamilton and St George, so going to St George first, would make you travel backwards, unless you want to visit St George anyway.
  10. I tip porters and I even leave a small tip on the table when I eat dinner in the buffet. Porters because I want to make sure I get my luggage 🙄, and buffet because I know how little those people have, and how hard they work. They are very appreciative, and I like to think that I am in some way paying back the Universe for my own good fortune to be able to cruise. As for bartenders, I always bring $100 in ones and fives with me. I tip extra when I am sitting at a bar, or in an entertainment space for a long time, and know that they will quickly refresh my drink whenever I am empty. Also, I am a wine drinker, and spend a lot of time at the wine bars. Often I will order wine that is above the price of the drink package, and a few extra dollars for a tip makes my glasses much fuller!
  11. I did not deal with the car company. Another person in our party did, but I know that he had arranged a pick up time with them when he reserved the car before the cruise. Also when they were NOT there when we got off the ship he did call them and they did answer the phone, although it was then a long wait for them to finally pick us up.
  12. We have cruised through Halifax 3 times. The first time, we saw the city via the HOHO bus. We saw everything we wanted to see, and got a history lesson besides. The second time we rented a car and drove to Peggy’s Cove and a few other small towns. The scenery at Peggy's Cove is breathtaking and it should probably be experienced at least once. However, it was teeming with tourists and buses and after taking a few pictures, we left quickly. The last time, which was this past June, we walked to some of the craft breweries and then had a lovely lunch along the Harbor Walk. All trips were enjoyable. Just depends on what is important to you.
  13. The rental company came to pick us up at the dock, but we waited nearly an hour for the van to come! Then, again coming back from the airport where the drop off is, we waited about 30 minutes until the van filled up. Those facts combined with the 30 + min drive each way made for a ruined day.
  14. No, no, no! Do not rent a car. The rental location is very far from the ship. It will waste half of your day to get back and forth to it. We mistakenly did it once and never again.
  15. We were on a cruise ship in Bar Harbor in June. We took the National Park tour. It was fine. You do ride on a school bus, but the driver gave a very good commentary on the Park and the region. We had 3 photo stops. We took the first tour of the morning and then had the entire afternoon to walk around the town. Most importantly, Do Not rent a car! As mentioned above, the rental location is very far from the ship and the town. We mistakenly did it once on a previous cruise, and highly regretted it.
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