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  1. Interesting conversation. I have only taken photo copy both on phone and paper. But may need to rethink taking actual passport. I guess it will depend on how “ friendly “ the country is to Americans.
  2. Used to make fettuccini Alfredo and eat it often, ,but haven’t in years due to the calories and carbs. An alternative that is not quite as unhealthy, and yet still satisfying, is Cacio e Pepe,, in which I sometimes indulge.
  3. Thank you for the welcomes. As with all professionals, not all teachers are equal, but burnout is definitely a problem with dedicated teachers. I am retired, and only occasionally work as a substitute, but those I know whom are still active in the profession, cannot wait to retire. So many feel that they have no time in their days for actual teaching, and that they have no control over what lessons are important. . Sadly, those with no educational background, make the decisions nowadays. And from first hand knowledge, Covid breakthroughs have been a problem for classroom teachers, although that is not what we generally hear. Sorry for the rant! Teaching really is a noble and rewarding profession!
  4. My son and daughter also benefited from gifted programs and became successful adults. Would not want to see those programs gone. However, as an educator, what concerns me more, is the lack of technical programs in our school systems. Not everyone is meant for science and humanities. Our country is in desperate need of mechanics, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masons, craftsmen and on and on. Those with these skills are often overlooked and pigeonholed into academic programs that neither satisfy them or help them.
  5. Can’t remember the year. Perhaps five or six years ago but we were off the coast of Key West and saw the fireworks at midnight also.
  6. Been on many NYE cruises. Never saw a countdown for kids. But as you say, maybe they do it in the kids’ program That being said, the entire night is very festive, and I’m sure the kids will have fun. As for adults not wanting them around, that’s just incorrect. Families are very welcome. I used to love seeing the little ones dressed up for the holiday. Everyone was happy to be there!
  7. Did not realize that the public ferry to St George was not running. We were last there before Covid. Hopefully it will return by next summer. Taking the bus to St George from the Dockyard takes way too much time.
  8. Where is your ship arriving? My daughter and I go to Bermuda every summer and our ship always docks at the Royal Naval Dockyard. We do both Hamilton and St George in one day. The other days are beach days. St George is small. We go mainly to visit the perfume factory there. We take an early ferry to St George and then either the ferry or bus to Hamilton. The bus does take a long time but you can always get off at the Swizzle Inn for a rum Swizzle! Go back to the Dockyards from Hamilton by ferry because that bus is really a long ride! We only did that once!
  9. There is no reason to get off the ship in Nassau. Much more to do on the Oasis. Shops are repetitive, beach is so so, and restaurants are expensive. Stay onboard and enjoy the ship with less people on board!
  10. First, I am amazed that someone would sell a car without emptying the glove compartment! Secondly, perhaps this has already been suggested, but my health system does have a record of my vaccinations, although I did not receive them through that system. I simply showed my vaccination proof to my doctor and it was entered into my file. Just a backup if I ever do lose the original and the many copies I have made.
  11. Good advice here. We took the Viking tour and we were not impressed. We had toured on our own in Salzburg a few years prior and did very well with our own research and the HOHO bus. But as mentioned be aware of any Covid restrictions.
  12. Even flying into the port a day early will sometimes not be enough time! Years ago, I was meeting my daughter in FLL for a cruise. Both of us were flying in from different East Coast cities. Being savvy cruisers we arranged to fly in and meet the day before the cruise sailed. it was just before a holiday weekend and a ferocious storm moved up the East Coast. I had got out in time from my city but guess what? Her plane never took off from Philadelphia and all flights in that city and neighboring cities were booked solid for the next 2 days. She tried everything but was not able to get to the ship on time and I had to cruise alone. I would never fly to a port the same day as embarkation and as proven, even a day early can sometimes not be enough.
  13. Baltic/ St Petersburg with private tours. Our very favorite. And depending on your interests, if culture and small ships are important, than any European river cruise.
  14. It would offend me, aggravate me, and and long for the days when people had social norms which make us a civilized society.
  15. Agree totally, but was only warding off the replies of those who claim they come to dinner at home in their robes when they have a cold.
  16. Would these same people have gone out to a local restaurant in their bathrobes? I think not. I’m sorry but unless you are sick, robes don’t belong at the dinner table while dining with other people. Celebrity was wrong on allowing this.
  17. Non aqua guests dining in Blu can depend on “wink wink”, the ship, the Matri D, and your relationship with him and the hotel manager. A few years ago, we were 3 couples cruising. Only one couple was Aqua class. They were so enamored with Blu that they wanted us to try it. Lo and Behold, after some discussion, we 4 non aquas were able to have dinner with that couple. Personally, I was not impressed and saw no reason to book Aqua class in the future,
  18. As I mentioned, we were booked through a tour company, not Holland America itself. I think the company read the writing on the wall, and negotiated with HAL to rebook the tour for next year. Our options were totally a result of our original booking with the company. This NW company books cruise tours all over the world. Many great deals, but of course I can’t give the name
  19. We had HAL Alaskan land cruise tour booked thru a tour company for the middle of this August. About a month ago, the company canceled our tour with options for a refund or the same cruise for August 2022 for the same price. I would doubt that there are any Alaskan cruises this summer, but I guess you never know.
  20. The name “ Karen “ was chosen because it referred to middle aged white women of privilege, and when they were born, Karen was one of the most popular names for baby girls.
  21. Have never been on Vision, but have been on Adventure 3 times. To me, she is ok but nothing special. On the other hand, been to both Bermuda and Nassau 3 or 4 times each. Hands down, Bermuda is the much nicer place. Cleaner, more friendly, better transportation options, and the beaches are superb and much better than Nassau. Love it. Your choice seems to amount to what size of ship you like, and if you are more interested in the ship or the port. Bermuda would be my choice without hesitation.
  22. October definitely. Anyone who lives on the northeast can tell you that the weather in either Sept or Oct can be very unpredictable. Either choice will be a roll of the dice We often have warm weather in sept and cold in October. YET, very often have very mild and comfortable weather in October. In fact, October is my favorite month in NY. And if you go in October you will more likely see the beautiful autumn foliage.
  23. October definitely. Anyone who lives on the northeast can tell you that the weather in either Sept or Oct can be very unpredictable. Either choice will be a roll of the dice We often have warm weather in sept and cold in October. YET, very often have very mild and comfortable weather in October. In fact, October is my favorite month in NY. And if you go in October you will more likely see the beautiful autumn foliage.
  24. We used Alla tours. Could not have been more pleased. I contacted them about 6 months before our trip. Together with our contact, we arranged an itinerary that included everything we wanted to see using our 2 days in port. Had a knowledgeable guide, a new Mercedes van for transport, and while spending roughly what our friends did using the ship tours, we twice as much. We were a group of two couples that split the fee.
  25. Among other reasons, a consideration for a private tour in SPB is first, you will not have to wait in lines at the attractions, , and second, tickets for the sites you want to see will either be bought ahead of time for you or the guide will go through the hassle of getting them for you. Much time will be saved altogether.
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