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  1. Oh, great. To me, this statement is saying that our Christmas 2020 cruise will prob sail as planned, but Celebrity won’t be doing ANY updating beforehand. Some ppl have posted that the ship is in dire need of some renovations. I can handle shower curtains VS glass doors, but I will be very disappointed in Celebrity if the carpets are stained/dirty, the decks are peeling/rusty or if furniture is very worn/tired looking.
  2. This from Cruise Critic weekly email.. I guess this answers the question about Constellation being re-fit soon.
  3. We have used Go Port Canaveral for transport in the past and this year we had planned to use them again (this year we were going to book their hotel & ride pkg). Take a look at their website for cancellation policy, they just updated it & now it’s giving credits VS refunds. So, now with COVID (Plus Mardi Gras being ready for us in time for our sailing date), we will wait until closer to book with GoPort.
  4. I’m sure that originally, Carnival wrote that the Roller Coaster would be free.....at least for the first while......they were going to “see how it goes”.
  5. Travel medical insurance that we bought last Fall, an annual policy that expires this fall. We haven’t used it yet.... Our Daughter is/was getting married (the date keeps getting bumped back due to Covid19 rules), our B2B inaugural cruise on Mardi Gras for August got cancelled, Las Vegas is basically closed......all of our vacation plans have disappeared. We are hoping our replacement cruise in December will carry on as planned.
  6. Our Easter cruise was quite laid-back. The only “Easter “ thing I noticed was when our waiter in the MDR offered a Easter treat for our choosing from a bowl (foil wrapped chocolate eggs/wrapped mini chocolate bars).
  7. I’m glad you were able to clarify the issue of Cruise Cash refunding, not making a diff on why a cruise was cancelled (Carnival cancelation VS PAX cancelled). The agent on the phone, did seem a bit confused about the whole issue. She hadn’t noticed the fine print about no refunds before. When she understood my question about the cruise being cancelled by Carnival, she was very clear that refunds of pre-purchased cruise cash/excursions/cheers would be made...and since I’m only worried about Carnival cancelling, I didn’t press her for further confirmation, but (maybe incorrectly) I was left with the impression that the “no refunds” clause would be used if I were the one to cancel my cruise.
  8. Oh, yes, my error. I was thinking of the tender in Lahaina VS docking in Kahului and typed the wrong info. Thanks for catching that mistake.
  9. I just got off the phone with Carnival, as the fine print for the 20% discount for Cruise Cash, states no refunds. I wanted confirmation that IF CARNIVAL cancelled my cruise VS me cancelling, what happens to the $$ spent for the pre-purchase for Cruise Cash. I was told...”If Carnival cancels, my $ will be refunded to the original purchase method.”
  10. For the island of Maui, you tender to the port at Kahului.
  11. Rats, we are in the same situation. Originally on the first 2 sailings on the Mardi Gras from Copenhagen, and we have rebooked 1 sailing on her again. Not that we want the ship to be delayed any further, but I was kinda thinking what a bonus it could be if we had FFCC.
  12. Balcony both ways!! Nice not to move cabins, it gives you more time on turn-around day to enjoy an almost empty ship for awhile, also time in port if you like. I will only sail with a balcony now, if I can’t afford that trip I look for what I can afford or wait until I’ve saved a bit more. We have had 2 cruises with OV, which were great (all cruises are great), but we really do use our balcony. We don’t have a meal there, and we aren’t drinkers, but it’s really nice to star-gaze every night in ur jammies. I read on our balcony with a small snack & drink from the buffet every day, even if only 30 min, we are always popping out to watch the waves...it’s nice to get away from ppl every now and then. Regarding Alaska in an interior room, to have a darker room to sleep....wow, not the way we planned our Alaska trip. We spent more time me on our balcony that cruise than any other. The scenery is amazing and the wildlife was so fun to spot. We had a hard time leaving our balcony to go to scheduled events (meals, casino and such).
  13. We have had a balcony cabin, just below the MDR, not once did we hear any noise, I would imagine above dining room would be great!
  14. Partial answer.... FCC is credited to an individual VIFP number to be used toward a new cruise. Every person in the stateroom of a cancelled cruise will earn their own FCC, (not sure how it works if there were more than 2 in the room) which is pro-rated to what they originally paid/would have paid. When you book a new cruise, your PVP will see (but make sure they know you want to use it at this time) that there is a credit to be used toward the new cruise fare. This FCC is then applied right away to the total/final price of the new cruise. If you use a TA, they will need to call their Carnival contact to confirm that you have a FCC (have your cancelled Carnival booking # handy).
  15. Sure, that will work. You and Hubby don’t have to use your FCC’s at the same time, each FCC is attached to the VIFP number that earned them, and can only be used toward cruise fare for that specific person. (So, if you if you want to use only 1 FCC per cruise...one of you will pay full price while the other has a FCC applied to their cruise price). Just be aware of the FCC expiration date, don’t let it lapse.
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