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  1. I agree with you, the Mardi Gras looks amazing, but it’s her itineraries that will keep us away. We were supposed to be B2B on her original voyage from Copenhagen & were really excited…delays in the build & then Covid ruined all that. We just aren’t interested in the Caribbean anymore, hopefully one day she or her sister ship will have some destinations that spark our interest.
  2. I’ve wondered the same thing, there must be someone that give us info.
  3. The shuttle I’m talking about is just from the town of Civitavecchia to the ship…..not from Rome.
  4. We have booked Hotel Traghetto for 2 nights before our cruise in 2022. I emailed the hotel directly, and had quick response from Giuseppe, plus better price including breakfast than the big hotel booking sites offered. It’s location to the cruise port shuttle can’t be beat!
  5. We are doing the same cruise as you, but 2 sailings later. So far, we are planning a 1 night stay near FCO before our flight back to Canada…..although if there are any afternoon or evening flights we will fly the same day...it’s too early to check flights for next year (We have 5 days in Rome before the cruise)
  6. You can get a GF bun at Guy’s. You only need to ask! My experience was, that they go to the back kitchen, & the Chef will make you a single (although I’m sure could have more made if you need more that 1). There was a 20 ish min wait for the bun, but YES, it’s possible. I found that it was fine, but eventually I got tired of waiting while my DH was already eating, so now I order with NO bun (they can lettuce wrap if u like)….I’ve gotten used to eating my burgers with a fork & knife everywhere I go.
  7. I have a rod in my back, with the screws and such, for 30 years, it hasn’t even registered on the screening devices, yet one trip I wore a top that has a bit of embroidery design….this set off the alarm. After much “go through again mam” & lots of wand use, we deducted that some of the embroidery was metallic thread!!
  8. My favorites are the Carbonara, the Salmon the Flat iron steak & the cold strawberry soup.
  9. Both of my cruises (this December & next October) are quite a bit higher now, than when I booked. I guess not everyone has access to the “deal” that you do. Over the years, I have not seen any of my cruises drop in price after I booked them.
  10. Your friend must gamble quite a bit. My Hubby gambles (although not a big “spend per day”, but he does gamble each day. I very rarely gamble. Hubby does get Casino Offers that I don’t (but I have 17 more cruising days under my profile), his Casino Offers are a bit less $ than my offers..but only $100 ish range.
  11. The 3 Roll Calls that I’m in (2 that I started), are very inactive as well.
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