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  1. Last week on the Eclipse they showed the “Bond” type movie then they did the “hands-on” showing how to put on the life jacket (just like on an airplane).
  2. This is the 2nd Roll Call for this sailing, the original was created January 31. You may want to request that this 2nd one be deleted.
  3. We just got off the Eclipse where we has a 1A cabin on the long side of the hump. An extremely long balcony with a small table and 2 chairs with reclining backs (not loungers).
  4. We haven’t had to change our dining times yet, but we will next year. When you board, go to the Main Dining Room and speak with the Maître D about switching dining times &/or table sizes & all other things related to dining...even allergies.
  5. I had been shopping for a specific pair of diamond hoop earrings for a couple of years, the ones with the diamonds on the inside of the hoop too. I knew the minimum of total carat weight I wanted and the diameter of the hoop as well. I shopped everywhere in Canada (home country), and in USA (vacations - but the high exchange rate wasn’t helping my budget) also on a Carnival Cruise (thinking the duty free shopping on the ship must be worth the wait of just a few more months to buy - September 2016). Boy, was I wrong....the jewelry shop on the ship was very, very over priced for smaller diamonds, smaller total carat weight & smaller hoop size. Even after lengthy negotiation about price & “getting the lowest possible price & don’t tell any other passengers how low we bargained the price down “from the sales agent, I still said NO. The final price was still hundreds higher than I could get in Canada for the size of earring they had in stock. So, I waited a few more months until COSTCO Canada had a sale (Christmas time) on the exact earrings I wanted. I saved myself at least $600 on bigger stones, higher total carat weight, better clarity of stones and larger hoop size compared to the Carnival “super discounted price.” It’s still fun to LOOK while on the ship, but I will NEVER purchase quality jewelry on a cruise. In fact, the next year on another Carnival cruise one of the sales agents in the jewelry store commented on my nice earrings and wondered if I had bought them there!
  6. The Pandora items I saw on-board were the same prices that I saw in the ports. (Except for the taxes of course). Pandora has set prices, it doesn’t matter where you buy, unless there is a company-wide sale. I did end up buying a cruise ship charm for my bracelet while I wasn’t the ship, so that it would have more “meaning” to me.
  7. In May on the Legend, my Mom was presented with a small cake in the dining room, a $50 spa certificate & a $15 photo certificate from our Room Steward. It was a nice surprise for her.
  8. Hi, we are new to Celebrity and wondering which venues will be available to us (regular balcony stateroom category) for lunch upon Embarking.
  9. We don’t have our flights confirmed yet, but we too are staying at the Tiffany (for sat & sun night only), we are very interested in sharing a cab/van to the ship though!
  10. I’m hoping that the scheduling for the Copenhagen hotels are much like what we have found in the past for other cities. When trying to book rooms more than 12 months in advance for other vacations, many of the on-line options & also calling the hotel direct is too far ahead. The on-line options show “no availability “ & calling the hotel we are told “call back when it’s less than a year in advance.” Then when have gone on-line &/or called the hotel direct less than 12 months, it’s been amazing how much availability there is. We did book a room (free cancellation) a few weeks ago for Copenhagen though not quite in the perfect location that we would like & definitely not in the budget we would usually prefer, just in case a better option isn’t available when we look again at the beginning of September. So, don’t panic quite yet, but do keep in mind how big the Mardi Gras is & how many ppl she will hold & how many will be needing accommodations for a night or 2 before we sail.
  11. I’ve read that Celebrity sells Apple products on the ships. What do they usually have for sale? Are they Duty Free prices\is it worth buying on the ship?
  12. Oh my! Gluten free offerings too!!! I may have to switch my loyalties to Celebrity!
  13. Oh my! Gluten free offerings too!!! I may have to switch my loyalties to Celebrity!
  14. Oh wow, now I’m really impressed! Thank you everyone, our regular cruise line has a coffee shop too, but everything has a fee ( the treats are VERY little cost compared to the size of the piece & considering they are a nicer offering than at the buffet). I see a few yummy small plates in my near future.
  15. Hello, as we prepare for our first sailing with Celebrity, I’ve got another question please. I noticed the Celebrity site states complimentary food items at the coffee shop, but the beverage items have a fee. Are the food items “free-free” or is it “free food item with a paid beverage”?
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