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  1. Sailed on both & it’s not even close. The Conquest is one of our favorite ships!!
  2. This makes me so happy as I LOVE Pepsi! Looking even more forward to my March cruise! 😊
  3. Really?? I've never seen these & I love brussel sprouts!!! I never get them at home because I am the only one who eats them. Thanks for the tip; will definitely be on the lookout for them next month!
  4. We've been on all with the exception of the Horizon and love the Conquest - definitely one of our favorites. Having said that we have been on the Breeze once and found it to be ok (but it was during a time when we weren't feeling the best so that could have had some bearing on our view). We are going back on it in January for a Journeys cruise as we feel we need a redo on that ship. I would personally pick the side by side option as I would like to experience the Horizon and like I mentioned the Conquest is one of our favorites. Regardless of which you choose I hope you have a fantastic time!!
  5. I usually start with either a Long Island or a Kiss on the Lips. More so the Long Island as it packs more of a punch . DH always starts with a Funship Special. It's a Funship Special and a Guys burger - never fails!
  6. Wheel of fortune slot machine; I won $2000 on one!!
  7. I just checked on our Breeze January 2020 cruise and it is gone as well. I assumed it was sold out but maybe not based on this thread!
  8. Thanks so much for this information; sure helps with planning!!
  9. Thanks so much for this information! My kids are old enough to go by themselves so setting a daily limit is key!
  10. Hey fellow cruisers! Usually DH and I cruise without the kids but we’re taking them on their first one in June. We know they’re going to want to go to the arcade and was wondering what the current pricing is (trying to come up with a daily allowance for them). Thanks!
  11. OMG - I discovered these during our last cruise in July & loved them! A nice after dinner drink; it's like dessert!
  12. You can't see me but I'm doing the single digit dance; so excited for our cruise in 9 days!!! Even more excited since the Magic has been repaired :D Come on 7/7!!
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