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  1. ^This. So irritating! And they keep sending the promo email like I’m going to forget that all they are doing is rolling in the price of Cheers 🙄
  2. We’ve had so many cancellations; we’ve push to January 2022 (1/15/22 on Carnival Magic). Hopefully that one will actually happen!
  3. So we can’t get our original room. Apparently they combined 2 original sailings (the 1/9/21 and the 1/18/21 ones) and it appears the 1/9/21 guests received priority when it came to getting the original cabins assignments. Not at all happy about it; glad we have until 9/30 to make a final decision about going.
  4. We received our change in itinerary as well. From 1/18/21 to 1/16/21 and now going to Grand Turk and Amber Cove. I have no issue with the itinerary change (as Grand Turk is one of our favorite stops) however I do have an issue with the fact our room is not the same as originally assigned like the email stated it would be. We’ll have to call to get that straightened out.
  5. Ok; that makes sense. I have heard rumblings that our 1/18/21 will now leave 1/16/21 and go to Grand Turk which is one of our all time favorite ports so I would be happy with that switch 🙂
  6. We are on the 1/18/21 sailing and got the same email. I didn’t think they would be potentially switching ships - I thought the Sunrise was taking the Sensation’s routes and based on that schedule that would determine when our new sailing would be. So they may be switching ships? I wouldn’t mind being on the Horizon! The dates matter though because we are going for our anniversary.
  7. I hear you! We’re on the 1/18/21 sailing of the Sunrise for our anniversary so changing the dates could potentially be an issue for us.
  8. With all the cancellations our next staycation is Thanksgiving when we’ll be going to the Outer Banks. It’s not a cruise but something to look forward to!
  9. Booked on the 3/27/21 Mardi Gras sailing! By that time we will be so ready to go; needless to say we’re really looking forward to this one! Hopefully things will go as planned 🤞🏾
  10. They used to have the best crab cake in the Steakhouse back in the day (years ago). I was so sad when it dropped from the menu! I would love for that to come back 😊. Otherwise I miss the Mongolian Wok and most of the soups in the dining room. I also really miss the Alchemy Bar!!
  11. We have received all refunds as of this morning. Canceled our cruise 3/13 so it took 63 days from start to finish.
  12. That’s interesting because I have the opposite. They have refunded the cruise but still waiting for Cheers and specialty dining. We were in the Horizon 3/15 but canceled 3/13.
  13. Wondering about this as well; currently booked on the Christmas sailing. Time will tell but I am not feeling too confident about it!
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