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  1. Thinking hopefully, I am looking at a couple of Med. cruises Sept/Oct 2021. Is there anywhere on Azamara site which tells me where the AzAmazing evening will be held, I was hoping for Ephesus but both itineraries show a couple of late nights. We have travelled before on Azamara and I know I found something somewhere which gave me the info, but no matter how I try now I can't find anything. Also anyone been there in October? I wondered if this might be a bit late in the year.
  2. Thanks for the reply Tim. We’ll be prepared if this happens to us. Was the building the large hangar where the P & O ships dock?
  3. On departure is check-in for luggage in this different building or the usual place?
  4. Hi Fudge We are flying out to Barbados shortly with Virgin to join Odyssey. Our flights became available 11 months prior to the departure date. Just keep checking or maybe call/email Virgin.
  5. Thanks again. Looks good. Will probably get taxi there as you suggested, so we know the way back to walk!
  6. Paul 58 thank you for this. I have a friend who says they had to take a taxi as the route was difficult to find. We like to walk, at least one way for the exercise . Were you able to find the way without too much difficulty.
  7. Is it possible to walk from Charlestown to the beach. If so, how far? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the update. Look forward to reading more.
  9. Poppy princess, have you managed to contact you TA yet? They should be working on your behalf. Hopefully something gets sorted out for you soon. Doesn’t reflect well on Seabourn on the face of it.
  10. We are on Odyssey in March and very much looking forward to the cruise. Will be interested to hear your take on Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, particularly sightseeing independently? When we visited Guadeloupe a few years ago we anchored off Deshaies. We were able to walk to the Gardens and also get a local bus to the beach. Can’t seem to find much info on Basse-Terre area. Enjoy your day, hope the weather improves.
  11. Sorry to learn of the situation you find yourself. The Agent you booked through has an Emergency Helpline that I understand is manned 24hrs. Get them to involve the ‘top brass’ at both Seabourn and B.A. Failing that the UK press would be interested! This is unacceptable and dreadful for you. Good luck, hope you are home soon.
  12. Thanks Blue_ water . Fingers crossed.
  13. We are visiting in March and would like to go to a beach for a couple of hours. We were last at Sopers Hole a good fifteen years ago and because of lack of taxis never made a beach. Can anyone one advise on the current situation there as I’m sure there will have been big changes.? Thank you.
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