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  1. Finely Cruising - Did you see the "botox" group.... Unbelievable.... We spent alot of time in the casino as well. It took all my money but on the last nite it was decent for hubby and he brought home 1/2 of what he took with him. Its always nice to come home with something. To all leaving this week - have a wonderful cruise and tell Karon (bartender/waitress in the casino from Trinidad & Tobago) that Miss Sharon said hello!!!
  2. Finely Cruising - Glad you liked the captain as well - Hurly Gurly to you!!!! I thought it was quite refreshing. I don't know how Kieron was the last nite since I passed on the activities that eve - but what turned me off was that the person who won the dress up for the Pirates nite was a crew member's family member and he had it in the bag at the last minute even though others dressed up and tried to win. I told him I didn't like that and he acted as if he didn't know - but when I accused the winner of wearing one of "their" costumes - he said no - and claimed the family member bought the outfit - so then I knew he knew all about it...... But all said - we had a ball - were you at Quest? We took second place - team 43....
  3. Squire - Dining times were 6 and 8:30 Shelby - It wasn't the Essence tour. It was another MB highlight and shopping tour. They took us to Rose Hall (but not to tour it) - we stopped at the bottom of the driveway and the driver told us to get out and take pics if we like but you couldn't see anything but the top part of the house - that was a strange stop. Then they took us to Half Moon Shopping center - which included a movie about Bob Marley in the Bob Marley museum - we stayed outside and didn't do the movie and afterwards we left - the stores weren't opening until it was time to leave so no shopping at that stop. Then he took us to Center City Shopping area - which had bus loads and taxis crammed that just let others off and you couldn't even get into the stores and the driver said to be back on the bus in 25 minutes - so we hiked down in the direction towards the pier and grabbed a cab. We told others on the tour that we weren't coming back so the driver knew not to wait for us. Others on this tour also were stating they just didn't "get it". Alot of these tours also depend on your driver and not the tour itself.
  4. Robyn - We were in 7650 towards the aft. Bayer - Don't do the highlight & shopping tour. We left half way through it and caught a taxi back to the ship. The town was not in walking distance from the pier and since Freedom was there - we were at the farthest end of the pier possible. I don't care for Jamaica - their people really bother you. So if you are getting off the ship - plan on doing something and I won't recommend going it alone there. But then again - that's my opinion.
  5. Shirley - We're still gold so not sure about the Diamond Party. As for the time - we never changed our clocks - once we left Florida - we stayed on ship's time the entire cruise. Carol - I agree with you - it was refreshing to have a fun Captain. I did like the Radiance but there was one thing I didn't care for - our cabin on deck 7 - the balcony overlooked the huge white metal canopy that covered the tender boats. I'm used to having a balcony and being able to look right down to the ship's entry as people come and go while in port. And imagine my surprise one morning when I was sitting on the balcony and a worker walked by. That's was strange.
  6. They did serve lobster on the 2nd formal night (Thursday).
  7. As far as I know - bedding replacements is still slated for 1st qtr next year but we slept good just listening to the ocean all nite with the balcony door open. Only problem is with the beds having a half moon shaped bottom and me having a husband over 6' - his feet hung over the end of the bed! (which meant I had to climb over them to make my way past him w/o waking him up). When we were disembarking the ship - several rolls of new carpeting were being loaded at around 8:45 am so they must constantly be making carpet updates. Bands - Don't recall no Bolero lounge - but the bands at the pool were the typical island steel drum bands. Dance band music in the Colony Club was good - Starquest was mostly DJ. Didn't make it to the Odyssey lounge (cigar bar). Lobby band had several couples dancing nightly in the centrum. Schooner Bar was mostly Piano Bar and sing along type.
  8. Wraithe - I sent you an email to the address in the profile. Hopefully you got it and we can go from there regarding Compass copies. If you didn't get the email - let me know.
  9. Not sure about on AOS. We were on Radiance and docked in Ft Lauderdale and couldn't get any of the Sunday football games and the sports bar was closed until after 5pm. The only games we found on TV on the ship and in our rooms were soccer.
  10. Oakman - Monday & Thursday were formal nights Wraithe - Hi neighbor. Didn't do a pre or post cruise stay this time. As for air - we did USAirways by using our frequent flyer miles so the price was right! Ballroom dancing was in the Compass for Sunday night from 9 to 11 pm in the Starquest and then they had Latin Dance hour on Thursday nite in Starquest from 10 to 11 pm. So far - I do like the bigger ships, but nothing takes the place of your "first" and that was the Regal Princess and she wasn't big and that was 11 years ago!
  11. As for rates, I don't know. I've never booked a cruise more than 2 to 3 months in advance and always got a great deal. However, I have heard once booked if the rates go down they sometimes lower your rate if you call. Radiance is a beautiful ship, but personally I liked the layout of the Voyager class (been on Adventurer, Voyager and Enchantment before this cruise). As stated earlier - the Captain was great, very funny and very visible throughout the entire week. Our cabin was near the aft so we did alot of walking on the Radiance just to get to the centrum stairs and elevators. I'm looking forward to trying Freedom class and the captain informed us all about the Genesis class coming out in I think 2008 or 2009 - at 240,000 tons. Now that will be a ship to see.
  12. Shar27 - Murder Mystery was Wednesday at 7 pm $49 per person and held in Portofino's. Formal nites were Monday & Thursday. Before the Monday formal dinner is when the Captain's party was at the Colony Club. Repeat passengers (Crown & Anchor's) cocktail party was Tuesday nite before dinner. We skipped caribbean nite in the dining room which was Tuesday night and went to Chops. As for the excursions - I think since our cruise was their very first caribbean run that is why they probably had problems. Hopefully they will iron them out before you get onboard. Stones- I think they sell Omega's etc in the jewelry shop onboard but can't be positive since I wasn't watch shopping. Please note for those planning to meet others onboard before sailaway - most bars were closed (Colony Club, sports bar, casino bar, etc) until 5 pm on the first day. If you want to meet the best place would be the outdoor bars near the pool.
  13. Hi everyone - If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them. Here is a brief summary of our cruise in no particular order - which by the way was fabulous! Captain Rune Lokling - Fabulous and funny. Best Captain we ever had. Handled our own air and taxi to/from port. Arrived FLL 11:45 am - on ship and in cabin by 12:45. No luggage rec'd until after sailaway. And no Sunday football games were to be found. But I guess that was ok since our team lost anyhow. Food - Dining Room, Seaview Cafe, buffet - good - typical of what we found on previous RCL ships. CHOPS - was fabulous and worth the $20/per person service charge. Quest - We came in 2nd place so I can't complain - what some people will do for a key chain!!! Bingo - didn't play - price to play isn't worth it. Most bingo goers were splitting the pots and winding up with $50. And the jackpot only got as high as $3K. Casino - I hadn't any luck this trip but the bartenders and dealers were very friendly for the most part. Slots tournament winner won around $350 and BJ Tournament winner won around $500. Theme nites in Starquest were Pirate night and last night onboard was toga/pj party for those who want to dress up. Entertainment - Marty Allen and his wife were onboard and their show was good. Didn't go to the production shows. Quest, Love & Marriage Shows, Strip OFFicers etc - were all funny as usual. Kieron the cruise director was good but seemed to have his favorites. Ports - Cayman was crowded - 5 mega ships in port at the same time. (Freedom was at two of the ports we were in.) Key West it rained. Jamaica - we never did care for this port - should of stayed onboard. Cozumel - great fun - walk around and find $1 Coronas everywhere. Senor Frogs was hopping in both Cayman and Cozumel. Went to Margariteville in Cayman - it was okay - we should of stayed at Senor Frogs. We only tendered in Cayman. At the last minute they decided not to tender and got us a spot on the downtown port in Cozumel. That was good news because in Cayman most people never were able to get off the ship until after noon. If you booked a tour on your own - make sure you get an early tender ticket number or you could miss your tour. As said earlier - we loved the cruise and had a ball. But the biggest complaints on this cruise with most people we talked to was Explorations - the tours had lots of problems, alot were canceled including 2 of ours; some tours offered online aren't offered once you get onboard. And they changed the times of alot of the tours and some tours returned much later than they were due back. Leaving the ship - we got beige luggage tags for those with flights before noon. Ship docked back in FLL at 6:45 am first ones off were those who wanted to carry their own luggage and that was at 8:15. We got off at 8:45 am and took taxi to the airport and arrived there at 9:45 with plenty of time to spare. If you have questions - I'll try to answer. Please note - I'm not complaining we had a great time - just trying to offer some hints for those who will be going onboard soon.
  14. I finally gave up trying to download it. Here's what to do - just email shorex@rccl.com with your sail date - ship - reservation number and request they email you a copy. That's what I did and I had it w/i 24 hours.
  15. We just got off the Voyager last week and at Newark airport Continental hit us up for $25 for one piece of luggage that was over 50lbs. I would of been better off using 4 pieces vs 3 pieces.