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  1. Thanks for your input..Enjoy Alaska..We will probably be going there soon.
  2. Thanks so much for your reply a lot of great ideas, appreciate it
  3. Thanks for your replies..basically we're interested in seeing the major tour attractions in each city; San Diego, other than the zoo, Monterey and Santa Barbara..No real preferences on types of places..we are from Long Island New York so if we had to eliminate something it would be winery tours as well as hiking. Thanks for your help..
  4. We are planning a hop-on hop-off tour in San Francisco but as of now have no other plans for the other ports in California.. any ideas? Can anyone recommend any private tour companies? Really not interested in ship excursions.. thanks a lot
  5. Thanks very much for the suggestions. will certainly consider those options..
  6. Appreciate the response ..we're probably going to wind up walking and exploring.
  7. Thanks very much for your list of recommendations.. We will probably take you advice and do a walking tour.
  8. We have booked tours in Boston and Bar Harbor, Maine..Looking for any recommendations for Portland, Maine land excursion not from cruise ship.. We're traveling on the June 5th Summit cruise.. Thanks.
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