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  1. Appreciate the replies.. will be there early June so we should have 3 hours of daylight..
  2. The ship will be making its required stop in Victoria BC, Canada on the last full day of the cruise from 5:30 P.M to midnight... Their famous gardens are closed then.. Other than going to dinner, is there any reason to get off the ship at that hour?
  3. Thanks; appreciate the reply and detailed info..
  4. sailing to Alaska next year ..looking at mid ship hump balcony starboard side...does anyone know which balcony is larger, 9264, 9266, 9268, or 9270? Thanks.
  5. Agreed. I would hope that by the time we are cruising, September 2021, we should have a pretty good idea of what to expect...
  6. Well I hope you're right.. that would be an ideal scenario to cruise again
  7. So, to be clear you are suggesting that if someone gets sick on the second day the cruise continues as planned ; the sick people stay quarantined and we can just continue as if everything is okay..??
  8. I agree with a mandated vaccine at least as it pertains to cruising... However my possible scenario is a little different.. regardless of whether we get a vaccine or not if we cruise and ONE person gets the virus aren't we in the same exact situation where all passengers will be quarantined? We have a cruise booked for September 2021 and honestly I can't see any scenario where we will be 100% comfortable regarding a possible quarantine situation. Really hope I'm wrong about that.
  9. Thanks a lot for your response and also hcat's response.. very helpful information
  10. We always book late reserved main dining rooms and usually try a few specialty restaurants also... We are booked on Apex in September 2021 and have chosen late dining.. however, we want to try all the main dining rooms for the different exclusive menu items.. do we switch to select dining, can we make those reservations in advance or do we have to do it when on board?
  11. My experience has been that with the exception of one time out of the 15 or so cruises that we've taken, the cruise line pricing has been considerably more then pricing found through my t/a when the t/a had a group rate; when there was no group rate available my t/a was always able to give me a better deal whether it was through pricing or onboard credit or combination of both.. by the way the cruise I referenced in my original post is for a European Cruise in September, 2021 and I booked it through a travel agent right here on Long Island.
  12. Thanks for your post. It definitely was a group rate.. I am aware of that philosophy and always ask my t/a because if he does not have a group rate for a cruise I am looking at, I have to "shop elsewhere".
  13. We booked an October 2021 cruise to Europe a few weeks ago through our T/A, which at the time was $800 less than Celebrity's pricing.. That same booking today through Celebrity directly is now $2,000 more than we paid.. Careful out there... You must monitor pricing continually....
  14. We canceled an October 5th 2020 cruise on March 24th and were waiting for our deposit of $600 to be refunded to our credit card..called mid-April to follow up and was told refund would be processed on May 24th.. on June 1st initiated a chat with HAL rep.. was told my deposit refund was processed to my credit card co. on May 28th and I should see credit shortly. Well, today it showed up.. don't know if it was a coincidence or not but the chat feature seemed to work great for me.. would strongly recommend it.
  15. Our certificate states FCC must be redeemed for sailing commencing on or before 12/ 31/21.. With the new announced Celebrity guidelines does that mean all sailings (including mine) can now be redeemed by April 30 2022?
  16. We have a cruise booked that is sailing October 2021.. final payment is due July 2021, at which time we plan to apply our FCC which was issued in March of this year with a sail by date of December 31st 2021..so based on this new information if we decide to cancel our upcoming cruise prior to final payment date, will we be able to transfer this FCC toward another cruise as long as we sail by April 30th 2022?
  17. So if I am understanding this correctly, the prevailing theory is HAL is refunding cruise deposits based on the sail date.. we canceled a cruise on March 24th that was due to depart on October 10th of this year. It appears that most refunds that are finally being issued are referencing cruises that were either in the near past or the very near future.. Based on that scenario I wouldn't see my deposit refund for a looonng time. I don't think I have that much patience.. I'll give them a little longer and then I'm going to have to go the credit card dispute route.
  18. Cancelled cruise due to sail 10/2020.. Requested deposit refund March 20 which T/A acknowledged. Royal cancelled booking. Refund not received yet, thinking about filing dispute with credit card co. Since cruise was booked thru online agent, will dispute be filed with them, which would mean THEY would have to retrieve funds from Royal?
  19. Thanks... I did that and he submitted it to Celebrity without giving me any kind of additional feedback. Just thought I would get some opinions from fellow cruisers.. Don't expect to hear from Celebrity for a while..
  20. Which is exactly what I was expecting, hence my question.
  21. Thanks for the reply.. I did book through a TA and I did call and ask him and no, there was no cancellation fee
  22. Don't know what other details I can provide. My full Cruise credit totaled $1,450 which was the difference between the total amount owed minus my port fees and taxes which I had previously received.. there was nothing else that I paid for that I didn't get. All they owed me was $1,450 and they sent 1400.. there was no cancellation fee involved with this.
  23. Thru the Cruise with Confidence program, my FCC arrived today..was supposed to be $1450..I had previously received an accurate credit card refund for port charges and taxes. The FCC sent totalled $1400. Yeah, I know $50.00 is not a lot of money, but for the life of me I can't figure out why they would not send the full amount. Just a clerical error? Any thoughts?
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