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  1. sandbag7

    Komodo Island 10-5

    We have a cruise sip stop next March (on a Sunday); given cruise ship limitations we probably have a 6 hour window of activity. What options are available to us? Thanks.
  2. We will be on a cruise next March that stops in Cairns at 1 pm, and then overnights until 5 pm the next day; am I correct that this is NOT a tender port? We are looking at an 8 hour GBR tour from 8-4 and we don't want to cut it too close. Thanks.
  3. We’re looking at a potential cruise on Le Champlain in 2020 and I’m advised that excursions are not included. Given the port times it seems that we may have some difficulty in arranging independent excursions and I doubt that CC will be helpful. So does Ponant charge an arm and a leg for tours or does it cost a whole body, like Oceania? Examples would be great.
  4. Thanks for all the good info; we usually arrange our own tours but these small towns, with winter weather conditions will make that a challenge. No one on our cruise board has shown an interest in private tours. And CC isn’t what it used to be, and I had better luck arranging tours with fellow passengers in the pre CC era (before 2001). Anyway I’m somewhat surprised about the weak included tours given Viking’s stellar reputation but I guess a few bus tours won’t kill us.
  5. So, we are about 17 days away from being able to book our free and paid tours on our winter cruise in search of Northern Lights; it’s a new itinerary for Viking and we are new to Viking. So far the only “included” (free) tour on each day is a bus tour; not even a walking tour. Is this the usual thing or is it a oroduct of the unusual Northern Norway itinerary? Any significant chance that Viking will add any different tours between now and the January sailing?
  6. As to the Canal I expected as much plus I’m just not excited about making an artificial crossing; I will hold out for the kayaks.
  7. I’m pretty resigned to the likelihood I’ll have to take thit up on board; the other potential tours are of no interest, there is no snorkeling in the vicinity, Colon is pretty much a dump (I’m led to understand) and I’m not much for staying on board, but since I’ve got Indy tours arranged at every other port I can accept a day at the pool with my music and books if things don’t work out. Thanks everyone for your $2 worth (with inflation).
  8. Yeah, I’ve been looking for that; the port is Colon, Panama and the tour consists of kayaking in Gatun Lake; all the relevant tours I’m finding are out of Panama City and won’t work.
  9. At the ripe old age of 66 I did a walking tour on a Holland America cruise last year; I usually stay away from ship tours but I couldn’t find an independent expedition. The tour was maddeningly slow; One guy was even pushing a wheelchair through the Forest path! I Wonder what insurance company approved that!
  10. Interesting thought; is there any way to ID the tour company Celebrity is working with?
  11. Being a bit north of age 65 I ran into an age limitation on Celebrity on a Kayaking expedition. I don’t know if this was imposed by Celebrity or the company they contract with. Does Celebrity ever change age limits to allow you to book an expedition once you’re on board?
  12. Thanks for the responses; they were all helpful and informative.
  13. i tried to post this before; don’t know where it went; are these tables readily available in the various dining venues? Thanks.
  14. I’ll definitely look into it; my father who was born in Germany played classical music all the time so I was born into it; I like Grieg though I prefer Nielsen, Atterberg or Pettersson, the latter two being amazing composers virtually unknown outside Scandinavia; I’ve never given Sibelius much of a listen except for the amazing violin concerto and one symphony; good time to expand my listening. Thanks for all the info; it helped me decide to sign up for the Northern lights tour this coming January.
  15. Thanks Dhsamso; I’ve got a Munch “Madonna” print next to my computer and a “Scream” Mousepad cuz I’m old school; I prefer Norwegian landscape art, but I like the concept. As to a 15 minute mini concert that is not appealing; being a traditional concert goer I prefer 45 minutes at a dedicated site or 30 at a minimum; well, now I know.
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