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  1. She's docked in Skagway today... And, fyi, if you go to this website, you can download a time-lapse of Juneau's harbor yesterday. You can clearly see Royal show up and then depart. daily-tsc-mha-southcam.avi http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com/
  2. FYI, they allow prepaying shore excursions with OBC in the Personalizer...
  3. If the call center rep doesn't know much about the BVE, ask them to use Princess Search (their internal help guide) and they will find relevant entries that will instruct them on how to handle the request.
  4. Technically, port charges are not the same as the non-commissionable fare and are broken out separately in the "Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses" line. TA's don't get commission on port charges, but that number is not lumped into the NCF.
  5. Well, by process of elimination, it seems that they have been keeping the super-Grand-class vessels in Seattle (Ruby and Emerald), the Island/Coral always seem to do the North/South voyages, Royal will be doing those voyages too most likely in 2020. So that leaves, Star or Golden sailing out of San Francisco if Grand is going to LA. Swan songs for those ships before they leave the fleet.
  6. Non-commissionable fare items include taxes, fees, port charges, air fees, air charges, transfers, shore excursions, special services, etc. When a TA makes a booking, they are quoted a fare, the taxes, the noncommissionable fare and the gross fare. The noncommissionable part seems to be a percentage off the actual fare and is set by the cruise line and is included in the base fare. So you get, booking through a TA (for example): Fare: $1,000 Taxes $50 NCF: $80 ------------------ Gross fare of $1,050. Princess is going to pay commission to the TA on $920. Interestingly, if you book direct with Princess, there is no non-commissionable fare quoted since there is no commission being paid out. It doesn't make any difference to the passenger one way or the other in the fare being paid.
  7. The menus in the link above ARE specifically for Princess.
  8. Yeah, we've done the 10-day Alaska cruise a few times. In general, sailaway from San Francisco is waaay colder than Alaska. :p
  9. First off, Princess has priced their drinks much more reasonably than other lines. And don't you think they would have the data, that if it showed that they made more money with the BOGO, they'd still have it? If it was making more money than not having it, why would they get rid of it?
  10. Nope... the waitlist is always fully refundable. If you decline, they'll just move to the next person on the list. And a couple of caveats. The waitlist is for a specific category. You can't waitlist a specific cabin or side of the ship, etc. Also a lot of folks don't know this, but if you're booked on a cruise, you can waitlist a sold-out category on that cruise without paying anything additional. And if you have a current booking, you can waitlist a different cruise without paying anything additional either.
  11. We were on the Caribbean Princess twice this year, once in June and again in August. While there was an overabundance of the chips/salsa/guacamole/ etc nights, we did have steak tartare on both cruises. YMMV
  12. Wow... people are so humble.. :rolleyes: I always use the Elite/Suite line at Passenger Services. It's a perk, why not use it? Heck, if there's nobody in line, I use it. :)
  13. Yes, that is what I'm saying. From what I understand, as long as the promotion allows refaring, it should not matter if the category is sold out. I have been told that some promotions are capacity controlled, so if the promotion has "sold out", then you can't refare.
  14. Technically, they built 5 super Grand-class vessels, but Carnival Corp, in their infinite wisdom, allocated them to P&O.. the Ventura and Azura. And another Royal-class ship went to P&O too.. Britannia.
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