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  1. I want him on mine too (December 18) , which will mesh perfect with @vicd1969 and @Love.II.Cruise. I hope he will do three in a row!
  2. @topkatz, thanks for the tips and the photo.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I looked at both Bogs and Mucks, and the shaft circumference is still too small. I am now on a weight loss journey called Antarctica or Bust! I have until final payment in September to see how much I can reduce my weight and hopefully calf size!
  4. Hi all, We are currently booked on the December 19 Atlas Ocean Voyage Antarctica Discovery. Right now, AOV does not have their parka/boot supplier arranged. My issue is that I am a plus size gal with 21 inch calves. If I look at Crystal's supplier for example, they state that if your calves measure more than 17 inches, you need to provide your own boots. I have no problem buying and bringing my own boots except that I cannot find anyone who makes cold weather boots for my size calves. I really don't want to go to Antarctica if I cannot get off the zodiac (unless of course bad weather prevents it as I know it might). Does anyone who has been to Antarctica have any advice? I've never been. Are all zodiac landings wet? Can anyone see any way around this dilemma? I have started a major health/eating change to hopefully lose enough weight to make a difference, but I need to sort this out by mid September when our final payment is due and penalties begin. Thanks Lori
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