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  1. We are lucky enough to be doing both land and cruise on this holiday 🙂
  2. Hi! We have cruised before on a number of different cruise lines, but we have just booked an 11 night Japan cruise on the Sun. We have the free at sea package, and are in a family balcony. Are there any things we should be aware of or any tips about NCL or the ship? Thanks, KW
  3. I've been checking up every day to see if April 2022 cruises from Yokohama have been added. I just noticed the 23rd October sailing is back on the website now. Hope this puts your mind at ease for now.
  4. Hi! Just wondering how long FCCs have taken to come through for other people? KW
  5. Just got the email that our April 3rd Japan sailing has been cancelled. The 2022 are not on sale yet, but will rebook for then.
  6. The April 2021 cruises have disappeared from the UK website.
  7. Thanks so much! Enjoyed reading your review!
  8. All being well, we'll be onboard the Infinity out of Buenos Aires next Christmas with a 12 year old. We've cruised X before, but never been on a Christmas and New Years cruise. Can anyone help me with what to expect on the big day and NYE? Is it very formal? Do the kids get a gift?
  9. Good news for those of us booked for April! However, it also relies on Japan starting to issue tourist visas again after 20th March. Fingers crossed.
  10. So, after much messing about we rebooked into 7080 on the Infinity 12 night South America cruise next December. I've read the database and was hoping to get some opinions on the cabin from anyone who has been in this one, or the corresponding one on M Class ships.
  11. Celebrity aren't winning any friends with this blatant money grab. Pee'd off in the extreme. They haven't even told the TAs!
  12. Quick update, the lift and shift is complete, so it took 2 days. Even got the same stateroom. I'm a happy camper!
  13. Thanks! Do you know if they'll also roll the FCC we used too?
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