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  1. Something in their IT dept is seriously wrong.
  2. It must be a total system glitch. They keep appearing and disappearing. Can't check in to our 31st July Apex cruise either.
  3. Is anyone else having trouble with the website and app today? Neither of my reservations are showing online and I can't check in on the app. Just waiting to speak to them now.
  4. I found myself tip toeing on, then quickly retreating.
  5. @Stu UKSeems as though its Dubrovnik now, rather than Limassol so insurance will be easier.
  6. Thanks for the info, I did indeed call them both to confirm. Avanti is a no, CedarTree is a yes... but Cyprus isn't covered. Let's hope the switch to Dubrovnik is a go.
  7. Are you sure? It says add cruise cover at the start
  8. Glad you are having a wonderful time. Do you know if the port swap is going to be a fixture of the upcoming cruises? If so, I'm happy as Dubrovnik is so lovely!
  9. They have said they'll only match a TA price once, the going direct rate is still slightly more than we paid.
  10. Hi, Does anyone think X will do another price match of a current TA price if they've already matched it during the booking process? The cost of our Apex 31/7 SV cabin has dropped and I was wondering what they might do, if anything? Any advice Thanks! KW
  11. Anyone just off the Apex or on it now.... how many evening chic nights were there and was there a white party? Excited to be sailing on 31st!
  12. 31st July sailing is no longer going to Israel.
  13. What confuses me is that Celebrity still say a PCR test is needed, but the Greek government also accept Antigen tests done 48 hours before the scheduled departure.
  14. Try Avanti... they seem to be a go on it.
  15. Vote for Eden here too. Unique experience and top notch dishes. I'm not sure if it was because it was our anniversary, but we were invited to meet the chefs.
  16. Great if you live in a country that are vaccinating the over 12s. Bad business if you ask me.
  17. The OP is correct. ALL children over the age of 12 need to have been fully vaccinated. Which excludes ALL UK guests with children between 12 and 18. Offered a refund or switch to an alternative sailing. I'm really unhappy with the way Celebrity have handled this, moreover their lack of communication. The sailings are still available to book though, and have not been cancelled.
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