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  1. Congrats on the wins!! Now back to the food LOL...I'm a total foodie...and all the food pics are fantastic...I have endured a lot of rolling eyes...but I love to take pics of the food on a ship...or in a restaurant....appreciate so many food pics!!
  2. So happy to see another review from you and Patti! We've sailed the Pride 2-3 times...once to Bermuda!! Always enjoy reading your review and looking at Patti's pictures....Thanks!!
  3. So this am...half asleep I keep seeing a review by sid...thinking I had already read the previous review...didn't pay much attention..then I woke up and realized it was a new one:D So a good thing I was up at 5...went thru 25 pages....LOL...as before your pictures and commentary are great!!! Thanks for sharing with us Rio Linda folks:loudcry:
  4. jbhcw

    News from the Grand Asia 2018

    Wonderful pictures!! Enjoy! I am enjoying your reports:):):)
  5. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] Thanks...I have this website but when I go to it...I can only see up to report #3....not 4 or 5...I have a Mac desktop...which is getting old...was just talking to son today about going to a laptop...but what I want is pricey...LOL...anyone know why I'm not seeing reports 4 and 5? Thanks!!
  6. wonderful pictures!!! Sounds like a great start to your cruise!!
  7. following...and loving your review so far!! For me it would be a long haired calico curled up in the suitcase:D the dog is not a traveler and prefers to stay at home!! Have a wonderful cruise!!
  8. jbhcw

    USDA Meat grades

    Thanks for the info. I will look for it!!
  9. Enjoying your review and pictures!! Thanks for sharing:)
  10. Thanks so much for doing a review!! We sailed the Zuiderdam several years ago with the family at thanksgiving...I always thought it was one of the "happiest ships" I've ever sailed... Here in NC...with a place at the coast...we are also watching Florence....hoping she fades out and doesn't cause too much damage anywhere!! Have a wonderful cruise...really enjoying your reports:)
  11. jbhcw

    USDA Meat grades

    Thanks for the info....I always buy USDA Choice.....being taught by father and grandfather not to buy anything below that...my grandfather had a "special supplier"...who dry aged his steaks...he bought all his beef from him....even now I can remember how wonderful those steaks were!! But lately I have found USDA Choice ribeye and T Bone steaks lacking IMHO...from a certain grocery store we have in our area...making me decide to not buy anymore beef from them and wondering if it's actually Choice.....Question...is Certified Angus Beef always considered USDA Choice? I know another grocery store that uses labels other than Choice and Prime...such as Certified Angus....and there is always a price difference in each labeling of beef...
  12. jbhcw

    Live from the Prinsendam September 2 - 30, 2018

    Thanks so much for doing a live review....a great start!! Admire your Mom...for being such a traveler:)