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  1. You need your head examined. I don't trust people who personify pets. Keep fluffy to yourself. A cruise is for people. I'm sure you can find a vacation centered around people wh enjoy kissing animals in the month.
  2. 95% of the passengers don't need a judgmental lil b!+€h but here you are.
  3. 95% of People don't need a judgmental lil b!+€h but here you are.
  4. I've been waiting for the announcement of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Last night, I booked the Deluxe Beverage package for $50 a day and booked two Refreshment packages for $15 for my wife and son. Grand total of $295 for Deluxe Beverage and $88.50 ea. for the Refreshment Packages. We are on the 5 night sailing of IotS over Christmas. I was able to book a Deluxe for me and a Refreshment for my wife, she's not really a drinker. I'm more than willing to pay for the occasional glass of wine she will have while onboard.
  5. Hi, I'm Taris. I enjoyed reading your Blog. I will stop by to say Merry Christmas during our cruise on December 24, 2018.
  6. We cruised Independence of the Seas for Christmas 2016 and we stayed at The Embassy Suites 17th Street for one night pre-cruise. We enjoyed our stay and it is in walking distance to a water taxi stop. We are cruising this Christmas and booked the Embassy Suites again. We loved it so much, we are staying 2 nights pre-cruise instead of one. We want to spend more time on the Water Taxi exploring more of Fort Lauderdale.
  7. We cruised Brillance OTS a few years ago. We were a large group of guys, 24 of us if I remember correctly. Throughout the crews there were women and couples asking if we're doing B2B cruises. We couldn't figure out why they asked until I talked to our room attendant. She informed me the following cruise was a swingers cruise. The horrible things she described about those cruises....
  8. We recently booked another Holiday Cruise on Independence of the Seas. We last sailed her for Christmas in 2016 and we enjoyed ending the night at The Connoisseur's Club with a nice Cigar. Looks like The Connoisseur's Club has been replaced by a library. I enjoy smoking cigars and having a nice bourbon while on vacation and I would like to do so in a location where I won't offend my fellow cruisemates. Does anyone know if there is a location on board Independence of the Seas where one can enjoy a cigar?
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