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  1. We were sailing 5/9/20, Pacific Wine Country. We chose option 2 and as of today we have not gotten a refund either. I did see the FCC in my account. I'm pretty sure the credit is based on the base fare and it goes to each person in the cabin. I just sent off an email to Princess and to my TA as well. We'll see what they say and how long it takes to hear back from either one. Such a difficult time for everyone right now. So very sad. I'm SO ready to get back to traveling but I want to wait for the green light.👍 Oh I might add that our daughter had given us a gift certificate from Princess for Christmas. It was an electronic kind. I'm hoping that never expires. Stay well everyone.
  2. Anyone been in this particular cabin? Also, since it's refurbishment, was wondering if the reg balcony cabin showers still have the cloth shower curtain? I hate these!! 😝 We've been on this ship before but it was several years ago and we were in a mini suite. Also was wondering if this balcony gets any of the cigarette smoke from the designated smoking area? I heard it may.🤔
  3. Thats great news! I was hoping they still had it. Hope it's $5 bet and not $10. Thanks for replying.
  4. Just wondering if the Royal Princess still has Let It Ride card game? Was on this ship several years ago and I think it did just wondering if it still does? Thanks!
  5. If you happen to see it again, would you mind to ask if they always have it? Let It Ride. I'll be there on Sunday. It's the only table game I play. Thanks so much!
  6. Thanks! I hope your right!! Others are saying no!!🤔
  7. Awesome! Thank you for that info and for posting the info.👍
  8. Thank you for sharing this video. Curious as to what the temps were and if the pool water was cold? We'll be there mid Feb
  9. So did you actually purchase the park admission for the swim up pool and for the lunch with taco bar?
  10. I would be interested in knowing if there is plenty to do without purchasing the water park pass? Can we still have access to the pool etc? Is the buffet included without purchasing the pass? We'll be in a few weeks!
  11. Some very good advise here. Thank you so much!
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