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  1. I’ve heard about that happening but I’m not sure what you’re point has anything to do about my situation. We aren’t supposed to sail in July and my point is that we aren’t even sure if the CDC will allow us to sail.
  2. I took a leap of faith and booked two junior suites for July 30th. I put $50 down per pax. Just going to sit and wait and see who gets to sail first. I’ve already got my $4,300 back from Norwegian. I live in Palm Beach County so it’s not that much of a gamble. I was told about the Covid-19 tests that were required but my family has already be vaccinated so no big deal on the COVID-19 tests. Just sitting on the dock of the bay...
  3. I tried calling them today to book for August and apparently they aren’t open on the weekends.
  4. I don’t know how this is possible but BPCL is taking reservations for July 2, 2021 sailings going forward. How is that possible?
  5. Got a call from NCL today, my cruise was cancelled for July 2 out of Miami. They offered all kinds of new deals and were extremely nice. But at this point I just want my money back and they were fine with that. I’m tired of waiting for this month, then the next month. This way I’ll have my cash and if another cruise line should open up (I live in Florida) I’ll have my cash. And maybe just maybe things will open up and I could sail again in 2022.
  6. It says it’s offloading food from the Grand Classica. Makes you wonder why the Classica would have so many provisions on a ship that hasn’t sailed over a year. Maybe the Classica is in her way out too.
  7. Thank you Tapi but what federal Organiazation is prohibiting the sailings? That’s the question.
  8. The CDC has already green lighted the Grand Classica. And BPCL is not a member of CLIA. The port of Palm beach has been open for six months, actually I’m not sure they even shut down. There is nothing stopping this cruise line from sailing except money. Please explain why you are confused about this.
  9. As it stands now, if BPCL would pay the Port of Palm Beach what they owe them, they could sail the Grand Classica back to Florida. She can be provisioned in Florida. Her market is Florida. No Floridian is going to fly to Nassau or Grand Bahama Island for this short cruise. If BPCL wanted to they could sail today. The problem is money, they are broke. End of story.
  10. I wish I knew what BPCL is thinking right now because most of us senior Floridians have been vaccinated. If they were to get their crew vaccinated their business would take off like a rocket. I know that there are people from parts of the USA come down here for this cruise but I’m not sure how many in other states have had the vaccination available to them. Here in Florida it is amazing how many places people have the vaccine available to them. Floridians are the main market for BPCL and they know that. So it begs the question what are they waiting for to sail? Especially when crystal cruises
  11. So I’m hoping you’re correct except I’m booked on the Sky out of Miami. It’s slated for July 2nd to Nassau Bahamas and their private island.
  12. When the pandemic hit last year, the Classica was in drydock. Not sure if that was completed but they were upgrading her interiors.
  13. I called BPCL and actually spoke to a representative. He informed that they will start advertising for their sailings around March-April and going to try to start cruising in May. I asked if a vaccine will be necessary to board and he said no but a COVID-19 test would be required. I asked if they were going to purchase a newer ship than the Classica and his response was No, they were refitting the Classica. So there you go, we might have a chance to get to sail after all. But as we all know things can change.
  14. I tried calling BPCL today and their phone is disconnected. If anyone knows anything else about how they are doing business I’d really like to know what is going on. Thanks
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