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  1. Has anyone stayed in the Grand Classica balcony Suite? If you have how would you rate it compared to other balcony suites?
  2. Sorry my error. I forgot to sign on Marine Traffic and it gave me an old location.
  3. why is Marine Traffic showing Classica in Freeport?
  4. I know for sure that both ships are decorated for Christmas.
  5. Ditto on the cruise, the sooner the better because the weather maybe warm to Minnesota standards but the seas do tend to get rough. Also, as a former Army Mom and wife welcome to the military family life. Thank your son for loving and protecting our country. Wait until he graduates from boot camp, you will be so proud.
  6. The Grand Classica is having a heck of a time coming into Palm Beach this morning. She had to cruise north, I guess they have to wait for the weather to clear.
  7. PTZtv has added the Port of Palm Beach to their port cams. It was great to see the Grand Celebration come into her home port. The cameras are situated nicely with many views of the port.
  8. The sister ships are moored side by side this morning🥰
  9. The Grand Celebration is moored in Nassau. Was shocked to see her there. Is this something new?
  10. Watching for the Classica to make her entrance into Nassau. She is next after Norwegian Sky 🥰🚢🚢
  11. You are so correct. Today if you go to the Palm Beach webcam you’re can see the Grand Classica at the mouth of the port cruising back and forth. And if you look at the inside shot of the port you could see the Grand Celebration moored in her berth. Both ships almost together. Great chance for the cruiseline for publicity pictures.
  12. Why is the Classica taking so long to come into port of Palm Beach. It seems to be sitting out their waiting for a pilot boat?
  13. Yes but it’s the Junior suite not the Veranda Suite with the balcony. There are only two of them located on deck 5 midship. They are ocean view but it has a living area and separate bedroom. I’m cruising in January and the weather might not be so conducive to sitting on the balcony anyway.
  14. I’ve stayed in their Veranda Suite and I wasn’t impressed with it. The beds are too low to the ground. Plus there is only a small desk for food and drinks. The suites on the Grand Celebration are much nicer and the beds are truly comfortable. So I caught a picture of the Junior Suite on their website and it looked perfect for what I wanted. Also the bed looked higher off the ground than the larger suite. I booked a January cruise in the Junior suite to Nassau. Looking forward to a different experience plus I love the smokeless casino.
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