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  1. Wow didn’t know the website was down. That’s not a good sign.
  2. I’ve been noticing that on PTZTV. Do you suppose the cruise line ran out of money to pay for docking fees at the port of Palm Beach?
  3. The port of Palm Beach was closed and is still closed. Marine Traffic shows her going to one of the northern ports not palm beach. That may be an error on marine traffic’s part.
  4. I just watched the Grand Celebration pull out of palm beach about 15 minutes ago (11:00 am dst). She was chugging black smoke until she made it through the inlet. So according to a Marine Traffic she doesn’t have a destination. My educated guess is that the port is closing due to hurricane Isaias (sic). It’s a fast moving almost hurricane that makes a Floridian such as I not even bat an eye. However, I’m not sure how well the Celebration is going to fair because the majority of the storm will hit the eastern portion of the Bahamas again. Can a tired old lady sustain another storm. She wasn’t looking so great as she limped out of the inlet. I’m worried for her and her crew.
  5. While I keep reading about COVID-19 and all the infiltration systems on cruise ships. Has anybody thought that BPCL might not survive this pandemic. They were financially strapped to begin with. Does anyone have an opinion on that?
  6. You might be right about BPCL going under (no pun intended) but I disagree about your comment on Carnival, NCL and Royal Carribbean. The major cruise lines have no interest in porting a ship in the port of Palm Beach. It took us years to get BPCL.
  7. Thank you unfortunately I’m not surprised.
  8. So during that time all that ship received was money for fuel. That was donated by Christian missions out of Florida. The Governor donated $9 million to the people of the Bahamas. All relief workers that came from west palm beach were not charged for their trip over, not charged for the materials that was donated to rebuild the island to transport. All food on the ship was free. They transported 1,000 Bahamian children to west palm beach to go to palm beach county schools. This was in the high season when the Celebration would be bringing in the dough from the college kids and the locals. I think the ship lost 2-3 months revenue for the rescue mission. The Celebration was docked at Freeport for weeks to shelter workers and homeless Bahamian people. And they continued to ferry workers to the island for a month for free after emergence simmered down. I don’t believe they ever recovered from that. It was a big deal here in west palm beach because that hurricane was extremely close to us and most likely would have destroyed most of our county. There for the grace of God go i. We felt they took the hit for us. There is not a doubt in my mind that BPCL took a huge hit financially for their assistance in that crisis.
  9. So this cruise line suffered a setback in the last hurricane season. Grand Bahama island was hit with hurricane Dorian which decimated the eastern part of the island. The grand Celebration did cruises to the island every other. So most of that entire season the Grand Celebration was busy with mercy missions. Taking Bahamians to the U.S. and bringing supplies to Grand Bahama Island. The ship was quite instrumental in the recovery of the island. That revenue was never recovered. The Grand Classica was still traveling to Nassau every other day but was not as financially successful as the Celebration. So the cruise line was suffering before COVID-19 hit. Then in February the word came down that the Classica was going to Grand Bahama for a refit and wasn’t going to be in service until April. Then COVID hit and now here we are not doing well. Just took my nieces to the port yesterday just to look at the ship. They love it, they are 11 and 12. I myself have sailed on that ship at least 10 times.
  10. That is hard to watch. They did a whole documentary on Alang(sic) and how they beach the ships on the beach and take them apart. Very sad.
  11. I agree that the Fantasy Class ships and any low hanging fruit (as you put it) would be an improvement over what ships are sailing for BPCL. However, my point was that BPCL was having financial problems way before this pandemic began. Also, when BPCL purchased the new ships they changed their name and livery. The owner is a family member of NCL cruiseline so he has an inside track on what deals he can do with buying and selling cruise ships. I live in west Palm Beach and they hurting more than the other cruise lines. Look what happened to Pullmanteur. A lot of times these cruise lines remind me of used car lots. They close, get rid of their inventory overnight and six months later they are opened up under a new name and a new inventory.
  12. That would be great, the Fascination is a bigger ship with more balconies. BPCL would have to scrap both the Celebration and the Classica and go to just one ship to survive. They were having financial problems running two ships. If they had the one ship and run two itineraries. Go to Grand Bahama twice a week and then run to Nassau once a week it might work. They would have to reorganize and no longer be BPCL. They are barely treading water (no pun intended) and still have a contract with the Port of Palm Beach. Don’t forget there are a ton of people demanding refunds too.
  13. It’s possible that they want to go back to one ship. The Grand Classica is younger and in better shape than the poor old Celebration. I can’t imagine anyone who would buy the old girl since Carnival is getting rid of many of their older ships. Sad situation all around. I, myself love the old Carnival ships.
  14. In better times, I think BPCL would jump at the chance to buy another Carnival ship. However, their two ships have been sitting idle. One is still in the port of Palm Beach and the other is in Freeport awaiting an refit. Not sure if the latter will happen.
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