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  1. I got new information on our ship. She will be leaving Boston harbor December 15, 2018. For those of you who use Marine Traffic we can follow her progress on line.
  2. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration Review

    We all truly appreciate your swift response. I am not against a true criticism of a cruise but when the ship was obviously not doing cruises it was maddening to read. We love this website and want to keep as many liars and trolls off the site.
  3. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration Review

    Thank you Cruise Critic. I wrote a note complaining about the false reviews on the Grand Celebration and Cruise Critic took them down. Nice to know that they do pay attention to complaints.
  4. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration in Boston

    Thanks Mike. It will be fun to watch her progress home.
  5. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration Review

    I just wish Cruise Critic would be a little more critical about posting these troll like reviews. We don’t get a chance to challenge the garbage that was posted and it is a disservice to the cruise line and the Readers that deserve a true review of the ship.
  6. I can’t for the life of me see how there would be a review of the Grand Celebration Cruise when she has been moored in Boston Harbor housing gas workers. There are two reviews under her name that does not belong there. How did it get past Laura? The first review was for the Classica and should have been moved under the Classica. The second review looks like it was written by a troll or a gas worker up in Boston who is pissed off for their accommodations. I know that the people being house on the Celebration do not have access to any of the true accommodations that you would normally have access to such as the bar, casino, etc. so if this review was written by such a person it should not have been allowed to be posted. They weren’t on a cruise they were just sleeping on the ship. There isn’t even a date of the cruise. This not fair to the rating of the ship or cruise line.
  7. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration in Boston

    I was on the Classica on November 2. You won’t be disappointed with her. The Celebration will be home soon enough. Enjoy the Classica, I highly recommend the pizza and the Rock Grill is very entertaining. Also Steve Zimmerman is working the ship who is extremely funny and a great tap dancer.
  8. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration in Boston

    Thanks for the information. As for her accommodations she is an older ship but with that said I’m sure the gas workers weren’t put up in her Veranda Suites which are very nice. And I’m sure they were confined to only lower decks not the Lido or where her fine dining rooms are. The gas company probably paid for the very minimum of services. I know that her chiefs and dining staff were down here on the Classica training the Classica personnel. With that said we are looking forward to having our ship back. Sorry you Yankees were disappointed.
  9. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration in Boston

    Thanks for the info. I’m surprised that nothing was said in our local paper or tv stations. I’m wondering if she is being acknowledged in Boston. Personally I believe she was need more in Mexico Beach in the panhandle. I’m also wondering if they didn’t do some upgrades too. I guess we will see soon enough.
  10. Does anyone have an idea when the Grand Celebration will be making her way home. When she went up it almost took her 2 weeks to get situated. Looking forward to seeing her again.
  11. pinkie60

    Extra charges

    I would totally change ships from Classica to the Celebration. The Celebration formerly a Carnival ship is way more geared for kids than the Classica. As for the excursions, I’ve been to Grand Bahama Island more times than I can count starting in 1992. I personally have stayed at the Grand Luycanan at least 5 times. It’s beautiful by the marketplace and the hotel. If you’re looking to save money don’t do an excursion. You are going in March. The weather will be iffy to say the least. So counting on the weather is going to be a factor on your cruise. I personally would wait until a week or so before the cruise and decide then what to do. If you take the Celebration, the crew in the kids club will certainly keep your kids busy on the ship should the weather turn cold and nasty.
  12. pinkie60

    Extra charges

    The pizza is not free. It’s the best pizza I’ve eaten but it’s not free. I suggest you eat at the main dining room the Yellow Elder which is free. This ship is is really for an older crowd so if you can manage it, wait for the Grand Celebration to come back to Palm Beach which is the middle of December and then book your cruise. The kids club on the Celebration is much better than on the Classica. Just saying, the two ships are both beautiful but are so different in the class of people that they attract. I would change ships knowing what I know about both ships.
  13. pinkie60

    Grand Classica review

    So I just texted one of my granddaughters about the martini tasting and she said she doesn’t remember that. The one thing you cannot miss is the wine tasting. It is so much better than the Celebration. They do it in the pizzeria and you get free samples of the pizza and they have an accordion player who sings Italian songs. It was so entertaining. The lounges are so much more elegant than the Celebration. My only complaints were the suites and the upcharge restaurant just didn’t jive with all the elegance of the rest of the ship. It is geared for an older crowd because of its sophistication I didn’t take the activity sheet home with me but it looked exactly the same as the Celebration. Wish they would have had a ship model. Ask away if you have anymore questions. Looks like the Celebration will be back by mid December.
  14. pinkie60

    Few last minute questions

    Cruise lines don’t usually allow you to take their towels off the ship. On the Carnival private island they have towels on the beach. At the Grand Lycayan Hotel they have their own towels. As for the beaches, I’ve never tried that so I can’t speak for that. Now back to the rough seas question, you will be passing the gulfstream to get to Grand Bahama Island. The current is very strong even in the summer. We get cold fronts during this time and it affects the gulfstream even more. So expect the ship to be rocking at a certain point when you go over there. And when you go back to West Palm Beach the same thing will happen. I can tell you that the Gulfstream is about 10 nautical miles from the port of Palm Beach. So you should hit the Gulf Stream about 8 pm. It will rock for about an hour and then the ship will pass it. The captain is well aware of it and he will try his best to get everyone through as fast as possible. On your way back you’ll be in bed asleep when you hit the gulfstream. That will be between 3-4 am in the morning and then the ship may rock until you get into port. I’ve done this trip over 25 times with different ships. It’s not dangerous but it can be a bit of a surprise to newbies of cruising. Have fun and enjoy this beautiful ship.
  15. Hey guys, just for your information my review was publish today. I hope I answered your questions. If not I’m still here