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  1. I'll stop by Harvest Cay again in 2 weeks on the Escape. If the dock hasn't been fixed, I'll probably stay onboard. I've already been to Harvest cay 3 times in the last year and it's no Great Stirrup Cay and for me it's a "meh..." beach stop at best.
  2. You obviously didn't read what I wrote and are only interested in stirring things up... there always has to be one of you... fine, have a nice day.
  3. As you may expect, they are usually too polite to just come out and suggest stuff, but those "would it help if I did this?" suggestions got positive responses: putting all my trash in the bathroom can and recycling in the desk can (they have to separate recyclables), rinsing the shower after use so no soap sticks to walls and glass (huge time saver!), using towels more than once and leaving the ones to change in one neat pile, use the toilet brush when one makes a mess and what helps most is to not have stuff everywhere they have to move and work around when cleaning the room and bathroom. I know this last one isn't for everyone but I'm a neat-freak lol! In the evening if the room is ok, I'll often leave a Post-It note to my attendant with something like "Room is fine as is, thanks, good night!" so they can just leave the Daily and move on. And to keep this "on topic" on NCL I don't ask for towel animals (though I really REALLY like towel animals!) as I know they will make them if you ask and it does take time. :)
  4. I also cruise 5-6 times a year on all the lines. The NCL attendant was not complaining, he and I just had a pleasant chat about towel animals and he did not hide the fact that time saving measures were implemented so they could cover more staterooms. I had a similar conversation with my attendant on a Carnival cruise last February. You still get animals on Carnival (it's kind of their trademark) but they've reduced room turndown to once daily (you choose morning or afternoon). I always have this kind of chat with my stateroom attendants because I like to find out what I can do to make their job easier...
  5. Except that they do not get a tiny break, according to the attendant I chatted with they have to cover more staterooms with the time saved... 😞
  6. To me towel animals are a cruise tradition. I'm a grown adult and love towel animals. I usually ask the steward to leave behind the animals so I end up with a zoo by the end of the cruise. They still make animals by default on recent cruises on Carnival, RCCL and Celebrity. I had a chat about animals with my steward on a very recent NCL cruise and he told me the "company line" is to save water but it has a lot more to do with the fact NLC has reduced personnel and each steward has to cover more staterooms so not having to make animals (unless requested) saves them time.
  7. I've had (many!) Ceasars on the Breakaway. Getaway, Escape and Bliss so I'm pretty sure you can get one on the Encore. Not all bars onboard those ships had clamato, but most did.
  8. Saw Siglo on the Bliss last March, they put on a great show in the Cavern club as well as in the main atrium. They were a lot of fun.
  9. That lateral wind was something else. I got a call at 7am from the Excursion desk cancelling my scuba diving that morning. When I saw the state of the sea as we pulled in, I was glad the dive shop called off the dives and got in touch with the ship...
  10. By the way I just posted a PDF of the Freestyle Dailies for this cruise. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2727979-freestyle-daily-breakaway-11-nights-jan-11-2020/
  11. Here is the Freestyle Daily for the Breakaway's 11 nights sailing to Stirrup Cay, Nassau, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, Harvest Caye, Roatàn and Cozumel on January 11th 2020. It includes the revised activity pages for the cancelled ports in Stirrup Cay and Costa Maya. Freestyle_Daily_Breakaway_Jan_11_2020.pdf
  12. Me too :) I really REALLY enjoyed them! I agree, not sure why... they were quite decent and put on a good show. Different vibe from the 3 pianists who were on when I sailed the Breakaway in Sept but still very enjoyable. Yes, I found the MDR food not great but acceptable. Similar to their offerings in Sept. And again the buffet's fares were mostly of "ok" quality with some exceptions (like that scary egg salad!), but I found the selection extremely lacking and very repetitive. Both the MDR and Buffet do not compare in any way to the food on the Bliss last march which was orders of magnitude better. Also had PBP, and also tried many different drinks over the cruise (and just a little too much on one night! :) ) Never really waited more than 2 or 3 minutes for service at a bar and in most cases was satisfied with the product (I'm no connaisseur of fine booze so take that for what it's worth). I was on the Waterfront watching the docking procedures and saw the side wind was bouncing us into the pier and saw one of the lines snap... I was glad the Captain made the prudent choice to drop all moorings and sail away from the pier asap. Overall I enjoyed the cruise... this was a last minute booking that did not cost me a lot and honestly it was well worth it for me. I had a great time and though there were some small issues here and there I don't really have any major complaints. Pat
  13. I think you may be missing the point of a thread like this one. It's well known cruise companies (NCL included) have people who keep an eye on forums like this one as well as other social media platforms. If they notice enough people mentioning something (like their pizza) needs improvement, then there is a chance - however slim - something might be done about it.
  14. I don't expect good pizza on a cruise ship, but that cardboard with tomato sauce is a crime against decency. :)
  15. Yeah I agree. As much as I love NCL, their pizza needs work... LOTS of work! :)
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