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  1. Welcome home Sue from Ohio (Lioness) Congrats on your terrific win!
  2. Dani and Sue from England, I cannot find the post where you both mentioned the June 13 Beyond cruises. We could not decide.....actually we could not find a time period when nothing was booked, so we got an open booking (Book Later is what they call it, and have 90 days to pick a ship and sail date). We also booked one for March 2022 out of FLL. We will be on the Edge again 10/23 sailing and maybe we will get one more open booking. Everybody onboard was very happy for Captain Kate and said they will miss her.
  3. Had a lot of trouble posting and liking posts. WIFI was terrible! Mallory is in my thoughts. Wishing her the best. Lenny, I can imagine how worried you and the family is, but around her and for her, you have to be strong, very strong..........worries transmit like osmosis and you do not want this sweet child to worry. Everything will work out with Mallory. We all are praying.
  4. Lenny I haven't forgotten you and Mrs and Mallory. Be strong. Have faith.
  5. Wishing your sister all the best. Did you mention she had a sinus infection/problem? Could her loss of smell have something to do with that?
  6. Dani, We were eyeing a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale on the Beyond. Very early to tell for sure if Captain Kate will be at the helm for the sailing we were looking at. But one can hope, now that she is the Mother of this new baby. I loved the way she announced it on Tiktok.
  7. Just heard Captain Kate's excellent news....she is bringing out the Beyond in April 2022. She has mentioned many times that her two biggest wishes are to bring out a new ship or to be appointed a godmother of a ship. So now she gets one wish. So happy for her and thrilled 💓....going to go book a Beyond sailing that we have been eyeing for a while.
  8. Great news Marietta. Very happy for you and Charlie. We had a great day in St Martin. We walked downtown. Then took a cab to Orient Beach. Beach was very nice. Lunch was delish. I had filled of snapper cooked in white wine with carrots, mushrooms and haricot verts. It was so good. Hubby had a coconut crusted Mahi with curry sauce. Both were really very good. Some parts of the beach ⛱ had seaweed, but none where we were dropped off. The Grandeur was docked down two piers. She looked very tired, old, dented/banged. It looked like she got a paint job, but still looked very banged up. Imho, it is time to get her off life support and bury her at sea. I KNOW she has a big fan following, but this is just my ho, and did not mean to offend any fans. I see some other Radience sisters bobbing around but they are too far to read names. We are now back on the ship. Next two days are sea days. More things are open than in July, but St Martin has still not been restored to its former glory. Slow work in progress. I was told that more visitors are starting to come for week long stays and locals are very thankful for that. Main street is still quite barren compared to pre covid, but I saw two new jewellery stores open up at the port.
  9. They told us on the ship and they had posters all over in town. In taxies, etc, "no mask no service by order of the government blah blah blah". They did not enforce it or even suggest it to those who did not comply. You did not have to wear it on the beach. On the open air taxi from the ship to the beach, I would say most of us wore it, except for a couple. On the way back dh and I were the only two masked😷. In the stores that I visited, it was half and half, and no one was enforcing masks. We also visited Coral world......I would say 99 percent were in masks in indoor areas, even children.
  10. Excellent! Weather was lovely. No showers. Coki Beach was great. The water was just wonderful. We are in St Martin today. I believe we have been docked since an hour or so and came in earlier than the 7 am eta. Haven't thought of what we will do today, but will start by walking downtown and then going to a beach.
  11. Good Morning from Charlotte Amalie St Thomas. We are planning to go to Coki Beach. Docked at Crown Bay. Getting cleared for 11 am arrival time. I tried to like earlier posts but could not due to some wifi connection issues. Samantha is adorable! Noodles on mash? Hmmmm never tried that but will, perhaps. Lighthouse on Aruba looks so romantic. Andrew's TG dinner looks yummy 😋. Good luck to Charlie for tomorrow's appointment 👍. Mallory I hope you are keeping in mind what I said about blowing out those 90 candles. Focus on it and picture yourself....what will you be wearing? Will you have snow white hair like grandpa Lenny or will you be a dashing blonde or what? I wish you the best. Jim good luck with the new knee....you are going to outwalk Maryann now. Sorry if I forgot to mention anybody else who needed some extra hugs.
  12. I didn't know you were on the Odyssey at the same time as we were on the Edge. Would have been great to see you even from afar. We have an aft balcony on deck 10.
  13. No. No one waving from the big O parked next to us. I will look again.
  14. 1100 passengers reportedly on the Edge this sailing. But looks like less.
  15. Hello from Nassau! The Odyssey and the Edge are neighbors for today. Edge leaves at 1 pm. Only cruise line excursions allowed. We are staying on board and enjoying the day. Mo and Fran, we are at the aft, enjoying a late breakfast. Wave to us....we are looking at the yellow thingy on the Odyssey. I am in red shorts wellll coral to be exact. I am watching to see if I can see someone waving.
  16. Hello from the Edge! Parking to setting foot on the ship was super fast. Our check in time was 1 pm. We were there at 1.15. No lines for our checkin time. Small line of perhaps 8 people in the 1.30 to 2 pm slot. We love our cabin. It is longer, some 6 feet extra betweeb balcony and sofa. There are 2 lounge chairs , 2 chairs and one small coffee table on the balcony. It is a Sunset Veranda. What I am verrrry slightly not thrilled about is that it is raindundant....not too useful in the rain. About 5 feet of covered area above for shade. No complaints....I intend to use it to the fullest starting with waving out. I see the Odyssey parked at 18. The Celebrity Reflection and Constellation are across from us and there is a Princess ship. There was a HAL ship in the morning. I believe these ships are just doing their routine and do not have passengers, except for the Odyssey. Hope we do horn wars at sail away. I have not inquired about how many are on board and all the stats yet. Wifi sucks. Elevators were not packed like normal embarkation day. Will post when I am able to. Everyone have a great day and very soon we will all be giving thanks for all those prayers that WILL be answered for our CC family. Sending hugs 💕
  17. Enjoy your cruise Sue. We had quite the soaking journey down to FLL yesterday. The 4 hrs turned into 8 hrs due to delays on I 95 and the weather. We are ready to board!!!!
  18. Mark, sincere condolences to you and your family. Very sorry for your loss.
  19. NO NO NO Mallory, YOU are destined to do great things in life.....like blowing 90 candles from your birthday cake. Picture that and Remember that!
  20. Lenny, just to make you smile......whenever it hurts, just think you are in Jimbo’s brand new hot tub with best friends!!! And your favorite drink 🙂 Good luck to Mrs 66 and Mallory.
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