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  1. Ipad and wifi is giving me some grief today so I cannot check what I am posting to who. Apologies if anything is inappropriate. But please know that my heart is in the right place and best wishes and prayers are going out for everyone whose family needs it. ❤️
  2. Just did the pre cruise testing with emed proctor. Won the golden ticket as someone here named it.....Negative!
  3. DH purchased this kind of mask couple years back after hearing someone praise theirs. He used it once, was not too happy. It kept fogging. Tried all the defogging drills. Still not happy. Attributed it to the cheapo brand he purchased. So bought a more expensive one from Amazon. Still not too happy. Went back to the older type. Some folks love them, some do not. Doing our pre cruise test today.
  4. We were also looking for a new car. I had posted about it earlier. Could not find anything we wanted. And everything we came across was thousands over MSRP. We finally found one that had all our check boxes marked off. And it was sheer luck, since this one was ordered with custom features, by someone, and they did not want to wait that long. It came earlier, we saw it, test drove, it checked off everything we wanted. We are now the proud owners. I am loving it, especially the bells and whistles we did not have in our older car .......I had not backed into a tight parking spot in years!!!!! LOL!😁
  5. Yayyyyy!!! Another fantastic Jim and Ian (with an i 😉) review!!!!! Looking forward to reading! Thank you!
  6. They must have forgotten because they were reading CC. Have a wonderful cruise!
  7. I hope you won't smell like Green Chutney and Samosa with all that peppermint and Cilantro combo!!!! 😁 But there's rum to wash it down.
  8. The Royal board is storming with live reviews. Will make for a very busy week ahead! I love reading them!
  9. Have a wonderful cruise John and LaLa! Looking forward to reading all about it!
  10. John, How many days ahead did you have to schedule your test at Walgreens? Was it the Rapid (red dot), the PCR (black dot) or the Binax (blue dot, choice #3) ?
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