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  1. Thanks for your report. I was wondering if Gavin or Claudia was any of the concierges DL or SL? We loved them both.
  2. You mention HAL....so, we liked HAL. (Not the Veendam so much, but overall HAL) We thought it would be mostly catering to the golden crowd, but we found we liked it. There was a very mixed demographic and we enjoyed it. We booked Bermuda (from Boston) cruises twice, since we both loved the convenience of docking in Hamilton. Service was excellent. We also did a 14 Night W. Caribbean and Cuba cruise on the Veendam. Loved Cuba and will definitely cruise there again if possible. We met lovely people.
  3. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, Pete! It is good to see your pictures again. We met briefly on the Bliss where you were trying to take sunset pictures and my chair was in the way. Hope all is well. Are you back to cruising again? DH and I have done two post pandemic and are going on our third one in a few days.
  4. Watch out for posts alerting the Beverage Pkg Sale on Cruise Critic.😉😁. That's how I check.
  5. Thank you posting your review. It was wonderful to read. Hope your friend Gus is doing good now. We will look forward to your Edge cruise review. Bon Voyage!
  6. You are off the run away candidates list then! LOL HA HA HA. Good bye!😁
  7. I want to run away too. Must love cruising. Must be willing to cruise at least once a month.
  8. I will try this some day. It sounds very good. Will you post a picture, only if you can?
  9. Thanks for this review Mac. Enjoyed reading it.
  10. Expensive way to be collecting bands of all colors.😁
  11. Lovely Pauline picture! She looks like a classy model. The lunch pictures were yummy. Glad to see you out and about Graham.
  12. There is a possibility that someone wants an email to the top person to write about a positive thing that happened on their cruise or to describe in detail how a special crew member made it for them. There is the survey, too, but some people want to take it up a level. And it is OK to ask.
  13. Thanks. I remember Ricardo. He used to be on the Anthem deck 12/concierge lounge.
  14. Like Wonderland on RC's Quantum class? OMG you cannot pay me to go to Wonderland again! But DH liked it. Different strokes for different folks. Never done Le Petit Chef. I went to look, they explained, saw the menu......came to the conclusion that it may not be for me. I prefer the other specialty restaurants.
  15. 👍 Thanks. I got this link via email yesterday. And someone from Celebrity's offices called about it replying to an email I had sent.
  16. Susiesan, St Martin is not on "mandated ship excursion" now. I got an email yesterday re my Edge sailing, with the link that says so. This is the current info. It could change, so keep checking. I know how upset you were with the older information (read your posts) so this is good news. But do keep checking, things change in the wink of an eye!
  17. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and pictures. Thank you so much for taking time to do this. I had an exciting time goign between Jim's travelogue and yours. Have a safe journey home. When is your next cruise? I will look forward to it as much as you! 😁
  18. Jim and Ian, Scott and Sophia, Thanks for your posts, reviews and pictures. Really enjoyed following you all! Will be feeling kind of lonely after this fantastic travelogue. And what a great thread with other contributors as well. Thank you. Have a safe journey home and let us know when you cruise next.
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