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  1. Celebrity is restricting St Martin to ship's excursion only. Can go out in port area but not outside anywhere beyond unless one has a Celebrity excusion. This was not so on our July cruise. Good that Royal Caribbean is allowing "on your own" at St Martin. Good for the gander but not for the goose? What goes?
  2. I was just about to post that too. I have used docket and have a printout from the state as backups.
  3. Yes, about 3 hrs. was the longest. I quite forgot I was on hold, but I was not hanging up. I went about doing my chores. Rep said it has been like this recently. She did what I requested and was very patient. A couple of rare times the hold was just 10 or 20 minutes. And once I got the chat option.
  4. Will you do a review and pictures in a separate thread? Come on, say yes!😁
  5. Stayed in July and August pre cruise. All good. No complaints.
  6. I am going to agree with you. We were on the Grandeur last in Feb 2020. We intend to keep it that way.
  7. That's geat!A good TA is a must. We made the mistake of booking with the Con tavel agent from up north in Ma. Cruise was booked in 2020 for a Jan 2021 sailing. Lifted and shifted from 2021 to 2022. Had other FCCs applied. They are giving us a hard time dealing with price drops and best price guarantee. Our price has dropped $700. Royal will keep mum due to the TA owning the booking and the TA is not returning calls or emails.
  8. Enjoy your cruise. Be safe 🙏 . Would love to hear about your cruise so do post when you can.
  9. Sounds wonderful! Have a great trip. Keep us posted on your journey. We always drive down and are open to suggestions for midway overnight stops, hotels, etc. We like the Florence area.
  10. Tony was on the Anthem many times. Keep him on the Ovation.😁
  11. I was thinking the same. I did not like The Gift. It was not for me.
  12. George, We beg to differ . IMHO, MSC's Pizza was the absolute worst we have ever had! It was was just awful. Perhaps they served an upgraded one in the YC? Don't remember what Princess pizza tastes like but will definitely try it out in Feb.
  13. I hope so. I explained very politely and they understood. Also I said that it was OK if they did not refund me and I understand they had to follow rules and TnC's etc. But I was not comfortable with the packed buses and cats so I was not going to show up and I felt they had to be given a heads up however short notice.
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