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  1. OP, where or how did you learn of this promotion? I checked the sailing I am on and it says nothing about this promotion. Thanks.
  2. This is great information. We have friends in a small town south of Bern and would like to visit them next summer. Also, like the OP, we are leaving on a cruise from Venice. Does anyone know if there is train service direct to Venice from Bern? I am sure my friends could tell me but I don't want to ask until I am sure we will visiting. What about a short day trip to Liechtenstein? Thanks, Bill
  3. First off, I hope your cruise is not cancelled or diverted for some reason. As for St. Barts, it is a ritzy place and all we did was walk around. Should have taken a taxi at the shuttle pier where there were many for an island tour. We were going to walk over to Shell Beach but the DW's knee was hurting. Had lunch and a few beers. Service was not great at any of the places we stopped at. Can't recall names. The trip over was very rough and the crew handed out barf bags before we even left St. Maarten. Several people got violently ill but fortunately we did not. The trip back was very smooth and people slept or drank a few beers. Personally, would not do it again but can say we visited. Good luck. Bill
  4. As pointed out to me in another post on another related thread, I mean to say "fall 2021" instead of "spring 2021" or March 2021. Just want to make that clear.
  5. It really doesn't matter but the routing is LA/Brisbane (one leg) and Brisbane/HK (the following leg).
  6. It is my understanding that Australia, and some other Asian ports, may not be opening to tourists until spring 2021 at the earliest. I may be wrong but looking at other boards that is a possibility. So, if that is the case, what do we do and/or what does Crystal do? Our final payment isn't due until August 24. If we do not hear anything, do we go ahead and make the payment? I really do not want to cancel now and lose $1000 on a possibility. We are on the leg of the WC from LA and the next leg to Hong Kong. Can't do these if we cannot get into Brisbane. Do you think Crystal will cancel or make major changes to the itinerary? Any thoughts are welcome. Bill and Kathi
  7. Thanks for the clarification. Funny, when we left home on March 5, things were relatively normal. We returned on March 15 to a different world. A world devoid of toilet paper and pasta. Stay safe, Bill
  8. WNcruiser, you are absolutely correct as to the distinction. BTW, I called Princess customer relations yesterday for an update. She was polite and knew exactly what I was talking about. However, her answer was that a refund would be at least eight weeks out due to the number of refund requests for non-reimbursed expenses. Oh well, I'll wait. Have nothing else better to do. But if anyone does get a refund for non-reimbursed expenses, let us know. Thanks, Bill
  9. JDF, thanks for the information. We got off SDI on March 15 in Barbados. Taylor was saying that they expected less than fifty guests for the next voyage. They were offering a 25% discount to anyone who wanted to do a back to back. I do not know if anyone took them up on the offer. Most people, including the four of us, were concerned about any airline stoppages back to the states. The foreign nationals were especially concerned and were making some convoluted itineraries to get home, like via Panama. Our German guests were not allowed to disembark in Grenada due to what was going on in Europe. They were upset but understood what was going on. Actually, they didn't miss much. I may be misreading your post but it looks like you did a Barbados back to back and never got to St. Maarten. Correct me if I'm wrong. The crew did not appear too anxious but I believe that they were thinking about what to expect in the next few weeks and was their underlying concern. We had a great cruise and yachting experience and would do it again. No issues whatsoever. Some rough seas at times but nothing outrageous. Great food and wonderful service. Bill and Kathi
  10. When Princes canceled our Sapphire cruise leaving April 16 from Singapore in February, included in the cancellation notice was a Refund Request Form (www.Princess.com/refund-request) to be submitted for reimbursement of expenses that were not reimbursed, for example, airfare cancellation fees, prepaid hotels, transfers, etc. One form per cabin. Question: Has anyone had any luck receiving a check from Princess if you submitted the form? How long did it take to receive? I submitted mine on 2/27/20 with the requested documents via email and received a confirmation that it was received by Customer Relations. The form reflected a four week turnaround. It is now March 22 and no sign of a refund. I am grateful that Princess is willing to reimburse these expenses. If anyone has had any experience, good or bad, with this process please reply. Thank you, Bill
  11. Has anyone filled out and submitted a Refund Request Form for reimbursement of nonrefundable travel expenses, e.g., airline cancellation fees and prepaid hotels? I submitted one on February 27 and the form requested a four week waiting period. I faxed it in and received an email confirming receipt the same date. All other expenses, that is, cruise fare, were reimbursed to my credit card rather promptly. I am still waiting for my Princess Visa card points to be reposted. I used points for OBC. Thanks, Bill
  12. Guess I'll find out onboard. Thanks for your responses. Bill
  13. Leaving this week for a yachting experience on the SDI. Question: Is the wi-fi onboard free of charge and is there a fee? Thanks, Bill
  14. ssawjo


    We will be in Manila next February arriving at 7 AM and staying overnight leaving the next day at 6PM. I have been looking for a tour guide to take my DW and I to Bataan on the first day. Her father was captured there in WWII. Would anyone know of a company that would do a day tour like that? I would not mind combining that tour with a tour the next day to Corregidor. Also, we would not mind staying somewhere overnight off of the ship if that would be easier. You can email if you prefer to ssawjo at cox dot net. Thank you. Bill and Kathi
  15. Sailing on the Sapphire in April 2020 and we are enjoying your review very much. Please keep it up. Bill and Kathi
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