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  1. Just checked our berth via the website you provided. We are on the Oceania Marina, Sept. 14, and will be berthed at quay 710 Roro. This looks like a very industrial terminal. Any idea how to get to downtown? Hopefully Oceania will provide a shuttle bus or something. Thanks for the information. Bill
  2. We will be in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Sept. 14, a Saturday. Is there a free walking tour available? A hop-on/hop-off bus/boat? Tours off of the Oceania Marina are very expensive. Any pertinent information is welcome, including a nice restaurant near the port. Thanks, Bill
  3. Thank you all for your responses. I will tell my son that his alcohol cravings will be satisfied. The $50/bag appears to be a good deal. Hope they have it on our cruise. Bill
  4. My wife, son, his girlfriend and I will be taking our first Seadream yachting experience in March 2020, Barbados to Barbados. I have a few questions: Is the laundry service a pay as you go arrangement? My son was wondering if the all inclusive drinks include drinks like Pina Coladas and Mai-tai's? Apparently these are two of his and his gf's favorite drinks. Probably silly questions but I appreciate any input. Thanks, Bill
  5. Yes, definitely better to purchase onboard. I am from US and sailed on the Sun Princess and purchased the package onboard and saved a few US dollars. Also, can use any OBC to help defer the cost.
  6. Thanks, Keith, for your response. I will hope for but not expect an upgrade but you never know. I can see why deck seven would be popular for a WC due to the expense. I also read your guide to new to Crystal cruisers. Very informative and helpful and thanks for putting that together. Thanks, Bill
  7. Stickman1990, I will check PCPC starting about 2 months out or less, who knows. Thanks for your insight and assistance. It will be a pleasure to meet you on the Pacific crossing. Have a good night, Bill
  8. All: Sorry for any confusion I caused. I have, according to the cruise confirmation, a "GTY(C3) Deluxe Forward Stateroom with Large Picture Window" for both segments. The fare is a two for one with book now savings, a back to back discount, and a new to Crystal discount. I could also have another discount if I pay in full before a certain date, which I am not planning on doing. To reiterate, my question was if anyone knew how Crystal assigns cabins before sailing if a cabin is unassigned at booking. Hopefully it isn't at the pier but, as most of you stated, a few weeks ahead of time. I was just curious. We are really looking forward to this particular cruise for the itinerary, especially the two full days in Manila. Thank you all for your responses. Bill
  9. Claudia, thanks for the heads up. I will tell my TA to make sure I am not assigned to a connecting cabin. Bill
  10. Keith, my cruise confirmation stated that I would not receive my cabin assignment until check in at the pier. So, just going by what is reflected on the confirmation. I do hope to receive the assignment a month or more prior to sailing. Thanks for your reply. Bill
  11. Hello, we are taking our first Crystal cruise in January 2021 from LA to Hong Kong, via Brisbane. We booked a category C3 cabin which is guaranteed (unassigned) and will be assigned upon check in at the pier. I was wondering if anyone knew how that works. That is, is there a priority system, first come first served, previous Crystal cruises, etc.? I know that C2 cabins have an obstruction but have a better location on deck 7. Crystal says that our cabin may be located on any deck and may be in a higher category, which is a good thing. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Bill
  12. Thank you for your responses. I will take your list with me and see which is closest to our hotel. Bill
  13. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good wine shop in Copenhagen. Planning to purchase a few bottles of wine for our Baltic cruise in September. We are staying at the Hotel Kong Arthur. Thanks, Bill
  14. Thank you all for your comments and descriptions of the world games. Sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully we will be joining you for this segment. Bill and Kathi
  15. I am thinking of sailing the LA to Brisbane leg of the Serenity's world cruise. I see that it includes "World Games". Can someone explain to me what that entails, please? Thanks, Bill
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