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  1. It’s no longer a buffet but a sit down lunch. But is still there. Your invite is in your cabin so I am told
  2. One hopes the quarantine cabins are balcony cabins…..wouldn't like to be quarantined in an inside….even for 3 days!
  3. oh..Eversley...you always beat us at Netball! Mind you, we used to beat Merryhils!
  4. I remember Gillian...she was in the same class as me for the first year. I went to Grange Park primary, worlds end lane.
  5. Enfield County it certainly was! 65–72. And we certainly shared the same hunting ground! my mum went to Southgate county...mind you...that was a long long time ago!
  6. Well hello there Tartan Exile! I was going to let you know about this thread on here. We do of course converse frequently on the other social media don’t we .. I don’t remember the old P & O forum....think it folded shortly before I found cruise critic...
  7. Catch up time...It’s me again! I’ve just spent a happy hour ( no, not one of those sadly!) reading through all 21 pages of this thread.. I’ve loved reading about school dinners ( yes...I remember all those too! ) ..and your music tastes. My claim to fame is that I was at school with Marc Bolan’s cousin...and in fact she and I live within 20 miles of each other down here in deepest Devon..we were best friends from the age of 6-16..we went to a grammar school in Enfield. Like others I am very grateful to Josy1953 and Pete for being guinea pigs on the vaccine trials..I know I don’t dare
  8. I guess I am one of those. Although probably not one who is witty and fun! ...but haven’t been around on here for a while... I first started posting 10 years ago now, and used to contribute a lot . I got the huff a few years ago when I was trying to encourage people to join in on a roll call... but the powers that be wouldn’t allow me to post on a main thread...kept saying I had to post on the actual roll call..which was devoid of members! . I confess I tend to use that “other social media channel which one mustn’t mention on here” more these days. Must have a talk to myself as it’s far more
  9. Of course, if the FCO still say over 70s should not cruise....problem solved....!
  10. They couldn’t afford me John....😂😂😂
  11. Rather than offer free upgrades from inside cabins ( can’t see that happening at all inthe current climate) I would suggest that they might dangle a carrot....offer people with inside cabins the chance to upgrade for a Fee.... with the alternative being their Booking is cancelled. Win win for the cruise line....? All subject to availability of course....
  12. hi...never said I have seen any information about Summer 2022! I would still expect that in September to be honest..just responding to Jean saying they never release stuff 2 years in advance....
  13. Jean...for once I beg to differ...we booked our October 2020 cruise...you know, the one you and I are both not now going on!...in September 2018...that is 25 months in advance....!
  14. We nearly always stay at the Mercure Dolphin. It is not the best hotel in Southampton, it is an old building and a bit quirky, but convenient for the City centre, the staff are very friendly and helpful, the breakfast is good and has always worked out a LOT cheaper than booking a room plus separate parking. Cars remain on site throughout. You do need to book it direct... some hotel booking sites offer the package but is easier to deal with them direct.
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