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  1. Their legal obligations will be as spelt out in their Terms and Conditions. Which as far as I can tell is either the offer of a cruise of the same or better ( i.e. longer duration or upgraded accommodation = greater cost) or your money back along with any incidental expenses incurred. sorry for anyone who has had their cruise cancelled....I am sitting here with fingers crossed ours still goes ahead next week!
  2. Just been on the lunchtime news.... another MSC ship... This will just add fuel to the fire for banning cruise ships in Venice I suspect...
  3. I think the straight answer is “ not a lot” ...except more space, daily canapés, use of ships DVD library and complimentary laundry. Certainly dont expect anything special for your anniversary...unless you pay for it. This is in common with most cruise lines these days. the differences are explained here.... https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/on-board-experience/upgrade-your-experience
  4. Excursions for my cruise in November are already available... I guess where the ports are visited regularly its a case of “same old” so they can put them up early..
  5. My middle name has never appeared on my e-ticket, or on CP, despite both my TA and P&O having been given this information. I have never been refused boarding....
  6. I am going on Columbus soon , first time with CMV, and the OP has certainly not put me off. Like elles5 I tend to make my own entertainment on sea days... which can be anything from people watching, reading, joining in quizzes, deck games and the like... or just having a chill out watching the sea. It is just such a joy to be able to cruise and see different destinations, have my meals prepared for me, and the washing up done. I have never had bad food on any of the cruises I have been lucky enough to go on... yes the occasional meal not to my taste, or perhaps not as hot as should be, but I will enjoy my holiday. Strange the OP has never come back to explain him/herself...and as others have pointed out, he /she has been on Magellan more than once....
  7. I think with tender ports it is always worth checking Horizon for the times that passengers on excursions are due to meet as they will get priority , understandably so. And then get there a good half hour before ...in other words get up early! Alternatively , wait until much later.... or book a half day morning excursion! Has always worked for us..
  8. I think basic maths can cause P & O a problem! Despite my husbands cruise history and points record being correct, the TOTAL points shown do not include the last cruise we did....which as a 19 nighter , are substantial. And As a result he is currently shown as in a lower loyalty tier than myself! He has emailed Loyalty but is still awaiting a reply. My record and total points are however correct..
  9. well my success rate is 100%... 4 times out of 4. I acknowledge I have been lucky! I think if you book a cruise including Guernsey, you need to be prepared for not calling there. Some suggest that Cruise lines (not just P & O) should warn passengers...but I think passengers should always work on the basis that for a tender port...where ever it is ..there is a risk you wont get in. And sometimes an alternative is simply not possible to arrange at short notice. Its just cruising....
  10. It is an easy and very pleasant place to walk around, with some lovely shops. Straight off the ship and you are in the town.There are several interesting Museums too... Petroleum, Canning and Maritime - all are well worth visiting. the old town is lovely to stroll around too.
  11. hi email is. info@cruiseandmaritime.com phone is (+44) (0) 1708893101
  12. I don't know for certain (obviously!) but your cruises are still showing Amsterdam on the itineraries... whereas mine in July, and all those from 15 June onwards are now showing Rotterdam. So, my guess is that you are still going to Amsterdam... but I would ring or email them if I were you to check.
  13. Just had an email,from TA confirming Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam for July cruise on Columbus...
  14. Me too...booked 2020 cruise on launch....now my cabin category (suite) apparently sold out already...(? Really) and the one below it ( mini suite) is £1100 more! Each!
  15. Ais was up the creek the other day, showing Oceana heading east in the Med, whereas she was actually heading west to Gibraltar...
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