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    Stavanger on your own

    It is an easy and very pleasant place to walk around, with some lovely shops. Straight off the ship and you are in the town.There are several interesting Museums too... Petroleum, Canning and Maritime - all are well worth visiting. the old town is lovely to stroll around too.
  2. Mysticalmother

    Columbus 14/5 and 29/5 cruises Baltic and Fjords

    hi email is. info@cruiseandmaritime.com phone is (+44) (0) 1708893101
  3. Mysticalmother

    Columbus 14/5 and 29/5 cruises Baltic and Fjords

    I don't know for certain (obviously!) but your cruises are still showing Amsterdam on the itineraries... whereas mine in July, and all those from 15 June onwards are now showing Rotterdam. So, my guess is that you are still going to Amsterdam... but I would ring or email them if I were you to check.
  4. Mysticalmother

    CMV no longer calling at Amsterdam

    Just had an email,from TA confirming Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam for July cruise on Columbus...
  5. Mysticalmother

    New Autumn deals

    Me too...booked 2020 cruise on launch....now my cabin category (suite) apparently sold out already...(? Really) and the one below it ( mini suite) is £1100 more! Each!
  6. Mysticalmother

    Britannia turned back to Southampton

    Ais was up the creek the other day, showing Oceana heading east in the Med, whereas she was actually heading west to Gibraltar...
  7. Mysticalmother

    Oriana Questions

    Dining on Oriana... personally I would recomend Freedom dining if you have the choice. This gives you the option of going to either of the main shows, and also can fit in somehing inthe show lounge too as well as other entertainment around the ship. It also hives you flexibility as to when you eat. We ate anytime between 6.15pm and 8.45 depending on what we were planning to do in the evening. Also, the Freedom dining restaurant is midships, the dining room at the back has been known to play loud music as the cutlery vibrates !:D In case you were not aware, she can have a bit of a vibration problem at the very back of the ship which is where the “fixed” dining room is.
  8. Mysticalmother

    Oriana Questions

    The Art class materials cost iro £20... cant remember the exact figure might have been slightly yes. Good quality paints, paper brushes etc For a beginner as my husband was, he felt it was good value, and he throughly enjoyed the classes.
  9. Mysticalmother

    Oriana balcony - is midships MUCH better than aft

    We recently had B216 on Oriana for 19 nights... which is fairly well aft. We experienced no particular vibration other than the normal you get with all the ships... there is a kind of muted throb on most of them. Having said that we were exceptionally lucky with calm seas most of the time, but Capt did put his foot down on the accelerator quite a bit. The noise from the aircon... now that is another story! You dont state which cabin you booked... or which is now available... might be able to help further...?
  10. Mysticalmother

    Storage space in Oriana deluxe balcony cabins

    We have recently returned from a 19night cruise on Oriana in a B deck deluxe balcony cabin... and there is plenty of storage. The wardrobe is what I would term a “flexible” wardrobe... you can move the rails to suit your clothing. But there was more than enough hanging space for the two of us, and we dont travel light. There were also lots of drawers...cant remember the exact number but two small ones each at the side of the bed, and then 2 chests of drawers, one with 4 and another with 3 drawers. Lots of nooks and crannies too. Decent size bathroom cabinets too .
  11. Mysticalmother

    Bookings open for the plebs (Apr-Jul 2020)

    I’m one of the plebs, and booked through a TA and have got my first choice of cabin too. Happy Bunny here,...:cool:
  12. Certainly the price has gone up on the one I have booked... i wonder if it is anything to do with the discounts offered? Have they finally been told that to show a price with a 5% discount already taken off for everyone is false advertising....?
  13. Mysticalmother

    2020 bookings

    Hope none of you have pinched the cabin I want! :D
  14. Mysticalmother

    Smoking area on Oriana

    One side of the prom deck ( deck 7)..camt remember which side ..sorry! And I think starboard side of Lido deck. Probably somewhere else too... Having just come off Oriana, as a non smoker who hates the smell of it..... i didnt notice it at all! Sorry...realise thats probably not a lot of help...
  15. Mysticalmother

    No Room At The Inn for 5-8 Age Group?

    Which ship and cruise number are you looking at? You might find a specialist cruise TA may be able to help..
  16. Mysticalmother

    Laundrette Wars

    I confess..... as I always have a balcony cabin, which isnt cheap, ( I am claustrophobic) on the few occasions my clothes need washing, the onboard laundry gets my custom. Quite simply I cannot be bothered to waste my time in the launderette and for the sake of a few quid, I pay someone else to do my washing!! I can live with missing out on the gossip! ;p
  17. Are we talking Falmouth uk? Or somewhere else.....?
  18. Mysticalmother

    Missed Port Claim

    We are with LV who pay out £150 pp per missed port. No excess, and had no apparent impact on following years premium either.
  19. Mysticalmother

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    :D...but did you know that Andrex Quilts toilet paper gums up the plumbing system on a cruise ship? Its too thick....thats why they supply that stuff you can almost see through....
  20. Mysticalmother

    Perks on world cruise with P and O

    I understand that on the World cruise, it was divided into sectors (which is normal) ....and those on the whole Worldie were allowed to bring on board an additional litre of Alcohol on each sector...
  21. Mysticalmother

    Egg alergy

    I am sure it will be fine...we met a lady on Oriana in March who seemed to be allergic to most foods....including egg... and she managed to eat ok...
  22. Mysticalmother

    What No Liverpool

    We have booked a round British Isles cruise on CMV's Columbus (ex P & O Arcadia/Ocean Village) next summer...still doesnt go to Edinburgh or Liverpool but nice itinerary including The Scilly isles...as long as the weather is kind!
  23. A real long shot of a request please! Does anyone have a copy of the deck plan of the old P & O Arcadia, before she became Ocean Village? Just wondered if anyone keeps old brochures ....? Looking at around 2000/2001 year... Many thanks...
  24. Mysticalmother

    Anyone have old P & O brochures....? 2000/2001 ish...?

    ..hence my request! Have just booked a cruise on her (or maybe that should be "him" now!)....in same cabin as we had on our very first cruise!:D
  25. Mysticalmother

    Anyone have old P & O brochures....? 2000/2001 ish...?

    Someone on FB has found one for me ....so no need to reply....thanks..