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  1. Thank you and yes I agree, nothing will make this situation better, it's totally tragic.
  2. OMG, I never said prison. I said he should be arrested for negligence. Whether intentional or not, it still was. I feel like I'm playing the telephone game where i say something and it comes out different from you. I was just trying to make a point that the parents are looking in the wrong direction for blame. There is more to the story than is being told. Does the man have dementia? I don't know what, but only they know for sure. But in any case, please stop quoting me and twisting my words. I personally find it completely offensive that you are doing that. I tried to say it nicely before, now I'm just going to tell you to stop. I also said that that baby should rest in peace. I'd like to leave it like that.
  3. It's actually very difficult to sue a cruise line because of Maritime law. I actually don't think that they will settle. Only time will tell. It will go away and nobody will ever hear about it again.
  4. People are arrested all the time where I live for negligence. I never said he threw the baby out of the window. I said the story didn't make sense. that there is more. Youre just filling in my blanks with your own. But we seem to agree. There are blanks
  5. Exactly!!!! That poor child isn't even cold and they called and attorney. They should have called the police and arrested that poor grandfather who will NEVER be able to at look himself in the mirror again. It's probably easier to blame the cruise line then to blame your father or father in law for being the stupidest human on the planet. I know that sounds harsh, but come on. The windows are clearly tinted green. And isn't there a breeze or some sort of sound from an open window? And wasn't he holding her? Too many unanswered questions. I just have to think that nobody is really that stupid. With all the entertainment around, why do that with the baby? Was the baby crying? There has to be more to the story. Whatever happened on that ship we will probably never know. I hope they get nothing from RC. More importantly, I hope that baby rest in sweet heavenly peace. ❤️
  6. Why wasn't your Glow party at Spice H2O? Where was it held?
  7. This was an absolute blast to read and to look through your pictures. Thanks so much for taking the time to take them and post them. The food looks so yummy and the ship looks amazing. We booked a tour in Cannes and they warned us about getting off early or they would not wait for us and it would be non refundable. Now I see that there is really a problem in this area. Can you request an early tender? If you have a mini suite or if you are a past cruiser does that give you any priority?
  8. thanks so much for this good information. This definitely persuaded us towards the floor seats for sure, excepts my husband and I are not willing to wait an hour in line for anything. We will go and get what we get, but your comment was so helpful!!! 😀
  9. This has been amazing. Thank you so much for this review and the information. Our trip isn't until October, but you are making me so excited. Just curious, with the Cirque show, do you think that with the premium seating, it's better to have an upfront stage seat, or a balcony seat?
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