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  1. Good to know. The government canceled the big heiva Festival this summer. Obviously the islands are not quite open yet.
  2. Today we got the cancellation for our family summer cruise around the UK on Mein Schiff 3. It was about time. Our flights had been canceled already. American cruise lines were a bit more prompt with the cancellations. All of Alaska and Canada are closed. All Europe cruises canceled as well. 23 cruise ships are at anchor near Manila waiting their turn to disembark Philippine crew. The ships then go into cold layover with minimal crew, maybe in Malaysia. Somewhere outside the Hurricane belts I would say.
  3. Some countries are on complete lockdown. We are signed up for alerts in Peru because our cruise was supposed to end in Iquitos. The following came in today. Event: Beginning tomorrow, Monday, May 18, children under 14 are allowed to take a short 30-minute walk outside with an adult each day. Remember to stay within 500 meters of your residence, wear a facemask, and maintain social distancing (at least two meters or six feet) between you and others. This special exception is allowed only once per day and only during non-curfew hours. For more information, please visit the Embassy's COVID-19 webpage at https://pe.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information. 23 cruise ships are outside Manila waiting their turn to disembark Crew from the Philippines.
  4. Quite understandable. How are things in the UK? Social distancing, face masks?
  5. Today the refund has arrived on our account. I credit our letter for it - inspired by directionfinder's sucess.
  6. After 6 weeks of no refund but e-mails and a letter about other things from H-L, we wrote a letter to the CEO. The letter is on its way right now. The law in Germany says that refunds are due within 14 days. I am extremely disappointed, not sure I will ever book another cruise with them.
  7. I saw an interview with a magician on another (smaller) ship that returned home to Germany with her passengers. The artists on board started offering additional programs to the ones they were hired to do to keep passengers happy. For example, the magician did individual i-phone classes on how to organize photos etc. The buffet closed to avoid food spoilage because the ship did not know when and where it could replenish supplies. Everything worked out fine in the 30 days at sea. And like the people on the Costa ship, back on land they were amazed to experience how the world had changed in the meantime.
  8. No news on refunds yet but other news. By the way, all passengers of the Hanseatic inspiration flew home on regularly scheduled commercial flights, no charter. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22801-hapag-lloyd-to-double-drydock-expedition-ships-bringing-crew-home.html
  9. I probably would have to be his FB friend to see it. The Flying Dutchman, thought of it often when the Westerdam sought a harbor.
  10. On his personal FB page? Captain Jonathan was hoping they could do that but he had no confirmation when he wrote in his blog. I have fond memories of the Amsterdam. I don't remember everyone's name but Gan in the dining room, Hotel Director Henk and Concierge Joy. They made my Asia and Pacific cruise memorable.
  11. We are also waiting. No response any more to my husband's e-mails. Our cruise was cut short. We disembarked on March 15th. Today, we received a letter of our mile upgrade and a note book.
  12. We should have disembarked our expedition ship in Iquitos today. Today the second and possible last evacuation flight leaves from Iquitos to Miami. We are glad we don't need it.
  13. Good luck! May sounds very optimistic! I think the crews of these two ships have been at sea over 2 weeks without passengers and without port calls. They should be fine.
  14. Hanseatic Nature is on her way to Hamburg now. She was lucky to have her passengers and some of the crew disembark in Valparaiso before the port was closed. She met up with the Hanseatic Inspiration in Barbados and took on 50 of the Inspiration's crew to return to Hamburg. There are limited travel options within Germany. Check the blog for news. https://www.hl-cruises.de/blog/
  15. That is true. We were on a different ship, different line and heard about it in Brasil. Information changed daily.
  16. dockman, I'll cross my fingers for them and all the other passengers.
  17. Miffed is too weak an expression for their attitude. What would they say if their parents were on the Zaandam?
  18. Our expedition ship was docked behind the Insignia. We saw her passengers leave and their luggage taken out, but we didn't know it was the sudden end of a world cruise. Our own cruise also ended in Rio instead of Belem and Iquitos. We were on a b2b to Iquitos. Things were very fluid, on March 13th, Brazilians were out partying in Paraty. On March 14th, Ilhagrande refused to let passengers come ashore. Our captain kept us informed in person in the theater. What looked like the ship could go on to Belem on March 14th, on March 15th, the company decided to end the cruise in Rio. They booked flights for everyone who had booked with them or wanted them to do it. I think they made the right decision. It would have been much more difficult to disembark 10 days later in Belem. The cruise up the Amazon to Iquitos was impossible by then. Rio was gorgeous on that Sunday, perfect views and everybody crowding the beaches.
  19. Good to know. I think it is still very optimistic. My friend wrote that hotels, pensions and private hosts in her village at Lake Constance cannot reopen before June 15th. It probably applies to all of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  20. I see. Thank you for the explanation.
  21. You are welcome! I never realized there was a Dutch group on the ship until I saw and heard them in the Nikkei restaurant. They came to the German briefings, but they were never in our bus (usually German speaking tour guides) and did not avail themselves of the translations like the American couple from Guam did.
  22. Does anyone know why the Koningsdam is going south on the east coast of South America while all other ships are going north? Check cruisemapper.
  23. Not a good situation, but I hope they can find a hotel that doesn't t close down. We were on a ship that ended her cruise after 8 days instead of 36 in Rio de Janeiro last week. One couple from Guam decided to return via Germany, Taiwan, Tokyo. I hope they made it back home in time. We were lucky we could fly back to Miami, just one flight. We also had passengers who insisted to remain on the ship, no medical reasons just "convenience". They were not permitted. If you made it back home, count your blessings.
  24. We met Captain Albert on the Konigsdam last fall. He is fleet captain, not the actual captain of the Rotterdam. As fleet captain he travels from ship to ship for extra crew training and to help standardize procedures within the fleet. He is a great speaker, story teller and blogger. Conditions change so fast in these times. We boarded our ship at the same time and in the same terminal as the Zaandam. A few days later, Buenos Aires closed to foreigners and forced them to self isolate. Brazil, where we were headed, was still open. One day, Brazilians were out enjoying their vacation, the next day, the first port closed. Chile, where the Zaandam was headed, did the same. I hope everybody on the ship recovers from whatever illness it is.
  25. Wonderful news! Kudos to all helpers especially to the Amsterdam crew and to Copper10-8.
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