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  1. All was perfectly fine after six weeks of antibiotics and the back has been great, no pain at all - thanks for asking. We were on the Mariner, Jan 2018.
  2. Not quite two years ago, hubby and I did a cruise from Miami to Lima and another five days in Lima. We had insurance for everything, just in case. We didn’t need it, happy to say. However, the last day in Lima, I suddenly felt terrible and had to cancel a great dinner and lay down on the couch at the JW Marriott until we went to the airport for a late flight home. Thankfully, we had nice lay flat seats! The next day, I felt better - which didn’t last. Four days later, I was in major back pain and no one knew why. Long story short, I had a blood infection, that ate up a disk in my back and than I had a spinal fusion. I was very lucky that I got home when I did, but we will always purchase the insurance for everything because prior to this trip, I took no medications or had any other conditions. Happy to say, I still don’t, but I don’t want to be in a third world country if something like this should happen again.
  3. From this NJ girl who has eaten plenty of lobsters and loves fine dining in NYC, this lobster discussion is starting to scare me about my cruise next year on Viking. I don’t want to go on a cruise and crack my lobsters and pull them apart and make a mess. I can do that in my backyard. Will they serve them out of the shells if asked? As for the coral, that is AKA the roe or the eggs.
  4. The music At the pool is low enough that you can hear it, but not enough to actually enjoy it. I don’t want to hear loud heavy metal either, but I end up wearing my headphones so I can listen to something I like, because I rather listen to music than some guy next to me going on and on about what he ate for breakfast and what he plans on ordering tomorrow. The Rick Steves silent disco thing on Celebrity is actually very cool and would be fun in my opinion.
  5. I’m so happy I found a Mr Rumor live thread - I always enjoy them. I’m hoping one of these days to meet Shauna and maybe we can dance the night away at the Beatles show!
  6. Thank you for pointing out the important stuff on a cruise. 🥂
  7. Not a bad idea to ask for something you really like for the suite. Our last cruise the whole ship was drained of Aperol, but I still had a half a bottle in my suite! I would have been unhappy if I didn't do that, since that is my favorite it is hot outside drink.
  8. A swimming costume and where do you put it on - how old school? I have seen Europeans show up half naked at the pool and change into a new bathing suit or clothing pool side with a towel wrapped around them. Do whatever makes you comfortable. The robe to the pool is always a interesting look, but I’m not a fan of it myself, to the spa yes. Hubby puts on a T-shirt and I have a couple of “beach coverups”.
  9. I sure hope they have something besides Gordon or Beefeaters, can someone check that out that are currently cruising Thanks.
  10. My next cruise is with friends that like Viking Ocean, so I have been on that board the last few months instead of Regent. I have to tell you, the Viking Ocean board is quite boring compared to this one - that group seems to a rather happy bunch overall. Glad I stop by to read about this issue, fake burgers and a whole bunch of other grips with all the same players. Keep up the good reading! Totally agree that this was a crazy idea, but I rather see changes than no changes at all.
  11. Thank you very much for the pdf file. I now understand what to expect.
  12. Not true at all. Get a bottle of any wine and taste from a plastic cup, the correct wine glass for the type of wine and the incorrect wine glass for the wine and that wine will taste a bit different. It has to do with how the wine hits your tongue. Mind you if jug wine is your go to, the glass isn’t going to make a difference. I also don’t like Merlot, I like red, big and bold in most cases.
  13. Thank you for the link - I’m not overly impressed. I would have expected some higher priced reds, but at least I know now.
  14. Does someone have a few pictures that they can post of the red wines/prices on the list?
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