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  1. I’m with the team, keep your luggage if you can deal with it yourself and catch the early train. We did this once and it worked out great.
  2. I feel your pain. Because of using miles for my daughters family, my husband and I flying first class and my son finally getting the time off, I have three confirmation numbers on United to fly to Hawaii from New Jersey, late this summer. I’m almost platinum and they haven’t once sent me an email to mention that flights have changed. This has happened three times in four months. On top of that, they don’t change all the flights the same way. I have spend hours correcting this multiple times and as much as I have spend money to move the kids to better seats, when they change the flights
  3. We spent July 4th and the rest of the week in a Cabin at Gilbert Lake State Park in upstate NY , not a hot spot in anyway, except for the baseball hall of fame a half hour drive away, which was very quiet because there aren’t any baseball camps being attended in the area. My son-in-laws family have been going here for 40 plus years, to hang out at the lake, make simple dinners, camp fires, roast marshmallows, play games and enjoy the family. My husband and I were suppose to be on a Regent cruise in the Baltic Sea, but instead we were in Cabin 31 with our dog, Cabin 32 had my daug
  4. Try this link to see the article. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwic1sSS2sHqAhVNoHIEHdg2BOcQFjABegQIARAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fapp.ft.com%2Fcontent%2F7a4a0d2b-52b3-4a6d-a9ca-629fc093ce82&usg=AOvVaw2Lpnt0Gx28-kWmH_GULuqF
  5. I think this is a fine idea. I have never met anyone in this group, but we do have a few things in common - travel, adventures and time and money to enjoy life. I would love to hear about other parts of the US or the world were we really live, but may be unfamiliar to many. For example, I live in Northern NJ, and we are still on lock down - take out only in restaurants. It is Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and raining at home. However, it is sunny in Cape May. We throw a blanket, cooler with ice packs and silverware into the Jeep. First stop is the Beach Plum Farm, they
  6. Thanks TravelCat and Bessel, the family is much more important than the trip or the money.
  7. I will give everyone a very different perspective. I called my 33 year old daughter this morning, who is happily married with two kids and is a special needs pre-school teacher. She was crying, why because this is the second time, she has been in a school district and at the point to be tenured where she has received great evaluations and has been told - sorry you aren’t coming back next year. There is a bit more to this story, but I’m keeping it brief and why anyone wants to teach in NJ is beyond me. However, about four hours learning about my daughter, we got a call about my
  8. The trick is to find a cruise two months before it sails and than pay for it. I won’t be sending my money again to be held for a cruise for a year or longer. I will say however, we did cancel of our sept 2020 cruise on April 13 and on April 20, I had my refund. That was quicker than I expected.
  9. I cancelled a cruise with Viking Ocean that was in September on April 13 and the money was refunded to me on April 20. Impressive - right? Regent canceled my June 30 cruise today, I opted for the refund. I will let you know when I get it, but it will be very disappointing if it does take 3 months, which isn’t really proper. If Viking could figure out how to do this in a week, I expect Regent to do the same.
  10. Our first cruise was on Regent, a seven day cruise to Alaska, I was 50 and my husband was 59. We are fairly active - I was rock climbing with the under 35 set one afternoon and he was in a kayak on a different tour. We had a lovely dinner one night with a couple in their mid 70s . The next cruise on Regent I was 58 (we do lots of land base travel, not so many cruises), it was a 18 day cruise from Miami to Peru. The age range was much older(folks kept telling me I was bringing the average age down -lol) and the music was very dated in my opinion. However, some of those 65+ d
  11. We wanted to go to Alaska in 2009 and do a land and cruise vacation. (We had never done a cruise, but we have done quite a bit of travel.) We worked with a wonderful TA that specialized in Alaska - I told her I wanted to write one check and be done, I don’t know what time I want to eat dinner and I want to choose to eat with anyone we meet or by ourselves. Needless to say, Regent was picked. Highlights: 1) Rock climbing with the 30 year olds on the ship outside Sitka - I was a bit older, but in Shape and held my own! 2) Having dinner with an older couple from
  12. Yup, my cruise starts on June 30 and it wasn’t waitlisted a couple of days ago, but it is now. I’m thinking that some folks started to request these cruises with the idea they would be able to get the 125% fcc for a future cruise and go knows Regent doesn’t need that happening at this point. However, now I need to contact by TA to find out my next steps, so thanks v4e!
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