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  1. Hello all! In hopes of actually cruising again... when the Oasis came out of amplification.... was the new FREE onboard chat feature (via the app) installed for onboard use? Looking at a large group cruise and this would really help us decide ... thank you!!
  2. Can you get a dining package for kids? is it discounted or same price?
  3. OK, so what will my options be for specialty dining with a 13 year old and/or an 11 year old? They like to go to fancy places... but not necessary ready for adult entrees at any/all venues? May 1 but not all... what will we encounter? Thanks!
  4. OK, so I don't drink much alcohol... at all. The free beverage package... does it include specialty coffees, water and non-alcoholic drinks (virgin versions of frozen drinks)? TIA!
  5. so, my girls LOVE hibachi... but as much as they love hibachi... they will NOT eat it unless it is doused in YumYum sauce (the creamy shrimp sauce?). We went to the Hibachi venue on RCCL and.... no yum yum sauce. They literally almost walked out. Does anyone know if Teppanyaki has Yum Yum sauce? Thank you!!! I need to know before I book it....
  6. Hello! Does anyone know if Verizon works while on the island... in the port? Thank you!
  7. and do you have an Amazon suggestion for a battery pack? thank you!!!
  8. Any tips for a family of 6? 4 adults 2 children? Prefer a catamaran tour ... but service and good environment are key...
  9. thanks for your help..... with almost teenagers... they want some freedom but I want to know where they are and be able to get in touch with them. I cannot believe they have not rolled out a chat feature to these new ships... we usually cruise DCL and this is a huge perk for families....
  10. if you are one device package... what happens if two people accidentally try to log in at the same time?
  11. what happens if two people (unaware) try to login at the same time?
  12. one more question.... is it that only 3 devices can be logged in at any one time? or only 3 devices can use the access codes.... does that make sense? if my two girls each have a device.. can they 'share' an access code if they don't use it at the same time?
  13. Hello :)... can you share Voom packages (multi device purchases) across staterooms? For example... my mom is in another stateroom... can we purchase a three device package and let her be the third device? I'm not sure how this works.... thank you!
  14. I am very interested in the topic! We are cruising on the Symphony in June and are concerned about allowing some freedoms to our Tweens but want to know where they are and when they 'arrive' to locations. Can anyone else comment? I was unaware that the app had this feature? Thank you for asking and for any helpful comments!
  15. this is crazy that their newest ships don't have a service like this... ugh. What about the harmony?
  16. Hello! I need to know what are my options for onboard texting? I have two 'on the go tweens' who like some freedoms... but I want to know where they are and where they are going. What are the options on the Symphony? I can't figure out what it has, what it costs and what my options are? thank you!
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