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  1. Hello all! In hopes of actually cruising again... when the Oasis came out of amplification.... was the new FREE onboard chat feature (via the app) installed for onboard use? Looking at a large group cruise and this would really help us decide ... thank you!!
  2. Can you get a dining package for kids? is it discounted or same price?
  3. OK, so what will my options be for specialty dining with a 13 year old and/or an 11 year old? They like to go to fancy places... but not necessary ready for adult entrees at any/all venues? May 1 but not all... what will we encounter? Thanks!
  4. OK, so I don't drink much alcohol... at all. The free beverage package... does it include specialty coffees, water and non-alcoholic drinks (virgin versions of frozen drinks)? TIA!
  5. so, my girls LOVE hibachi... but as much as they love hibachi... they will NOT eat it unless it is doused in YumYum sauce (the creamy shrimp sauce?). We went to the Hibachi venue on RCCL and.... no yum yum sauce. They literally almost walked out. Does anyone know if Teppanyaki has Yum Yum sauce? Thank you!!! I need to know before I book it....
  6. Hello! Does anyone know if Verizon works while on the island... in the port? Thank you!
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