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  1. Is it permitted to (permanently) leave the ship at a port prior to the scheduled final port? For example, I saw an itinerary that sails from England to New York with second to last stop in Halifax. It would be +++ convenient for us to drive to Halifax, leave our vehicle at the airport, fly to England and then disembark in Halifax instead of NYC
  2. We did a day tour with Beyond The Beach and were very pleased with it.
  3. So many things - the Military OBC, Crowne Grill, MUTS, ballroom dancing with DW, the Intl Cafe, wonderful staff, consistently good food, etc., etc.
  4. If snorkeling is of interest, contact Woodwind and confirm but I believe that they would be a great choice for you and your daughter. They are 100% safety oriented and very careful supervision.
  5. I can highly recommend Woodwind, for several reasons. First and foremost, they are client safety oriented. So, if anyone in your party is even the least bit nervous, they will ensure that they are comfortable with flotation assistance and with close supervision by the guides. Second, they take you to the most beautiful reef locations. Not super deep so you have amazing views but not so shallow as to be worried about making contact with the reef itself.
  6. It was 65 euros per person, Paid at time of booking via credit card so be aware that there will be an exchange rate charge. A modest cash tip to the guide at the end of the tour was also given.
  7. My $0.02 worth - security of contents of suitcases is compromised from the time you leave home until the time you arrive back. From airline staff to hotel staff to dockside porters to onboard staff, there are SO many people that have access that you must assume that nothing is safe. Our most recent trip, we found notes from the US TSA and from Princess notifying that our bags had been opened and inspected. So, assume that nothing is secure and keep all valuables in your carry-on. As for leaving bag out night before, I was +++ impressed with Princess' organization during our departure from Royal Princess two weeks ago. We had a very early departure time (Cream 3) and were off the ship at the time promised, bags were neatly lined up in the terminal by colour/number group (YIKES - there are a LOT of black suitcases!) so quite easy to locate, we were through US customs in a jiffy, short taxi to FLL and we were checked in for our 11:30 flight shortly after 0800.
  8. Our excursion with Beyond The Beach for a North Island tour was wonderful. Great guide (Gladys), lovely new mini bus, and good value for money (IMHO)
  9. Those that I can remember include shrimp cocktail, caesar salad, salmon, fried chicken, creme brule, cheesecake with strawberry, "love boat" chocolate dessert
  10. Contact Woodwind and see if they can take your group. Highly recommend their operation based on two previous excursions with them
  11. Perhaps the #1 excursion operator that I have ever dealt with. We just got back from a trip with them, our second in the past few years. They depart and return exactly on schedule. First rate equipment - including Rx masks, wetsuits, UV clothing, flotation devices, etc., experienced and capable guides to divide guests into smaller groups of 8-10, amazing on-board food and bevvies, onboard pro underwater photographer. Fantastic reef, diverse sea life. Highly recommend.
  12. Through our cruise Roll Call we saw a recommendation for Beyond The Beach and so we booked their North Island Tour. Very much enjoyed it and would recommend to others. Tour lasted approx 5 hours and took us through the mountains to the church at Balata, on to the waterfall at Sault Gendarme, a rum distillery in St Pierre, church ruins from the Mount Pelee volcano eruption of 1902, a gorgeous black sand beach at Le Barbel and then back to the ship. Great tour guide - Gladys. Highly recommend
  13. A guy's perspective - both are lovely but the blue with sparkles looks more formal IMHO
  14. Our 3 x Princess cruises have all been +++ enjoyable. Always chose Anytime Dining and no complaints. Most nights we were seated right away. A couple of times had a short wait but they gave us a pager, we went for a pre-dinner drink and it was no bother at all. Enjoyed being seated with new and diverse dinner companions each night. Food and service was just fine. Bon voyage !!
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