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  1. Personally, I would intentionally go through the same issue. It's a training issue and I would request a supervisor so that they can be trained on the spot.
  2. They are issued the same, and carry the same weight and security of proving your citizenship. Unless you are the unfortunate that needs to fly back, which is such a small percent, well below 1%, the card will still help you get back. I have health insurance that covers me Internationally. So I do not buy extra insurance and I would get one of my friends to come pick me up in their plane if I needed transport.
  3. My rule is this. If I find it for less than $1000 round trip, I will jump on it. If over $1000.00 I will shop around and try every possible way to get it below $1000.00. I should note, I have had flights below $900 round trip. You also need to know the prices from where you are flying. I'm basing mine on Florida. I have a round trip, open jaw trip to Asia for under $1000.00 per person, and although I upgrade to premium seats, I base everything on Economy, and decide after to upgrade.
  4. The wrist bands are just for convenience, so that you can swim etc without worrying about leaving your card laying around. The chip in the card, is often times used for finding missing kids, or seniors. It is not used for tracking your movement.
  5. If you are outside the USA, then you wouldn't be concerned with a drivers license. The post was that you can use the "card" or "book" to fly domestically if your DL is not yet upgraded. But of course, this is not related to the question.
  6. Why do people constantly post this false info. A PASSPORT CARD IS A PASSPORT - IT IS ISSUED AS A CONVENIENCE TO THOSE THAT ONLY CRUISE CLOSED LOOP AND WHO DRIVE ACROSS THE BOARDER. The card is great. No one, wants to carry a passport book when swimming, and going to the beach. However, the card can be carried at all times with you, without the fear of getting wet. It is issued by the government, and it requires all the same info as the book. The only drawback, is that you can't get on an International flight and be allowed to "enter" a foreign country. However, if you have a card, and you have some sort of emergency, it is much easier to work out the solution, since you are already in the data base with a passport. It makes it faster and much easier to get the proper travel authorization if something happens, which is rare, to get to the USA. LET'S CUT OUT THE SCARE TATICS AND JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!
  7. Hopefully, they will keep your water, and not let you have it. The policy is the same for wine. You must carry it on. If it is checked, they will assume you carried some on already, just like trying to carry on 4 bottles of wine, two checked, and two carry on. This is a good policy change, and they really need to enforce it exactly as they wrote it. So just carry it on, and follow the allowed procedure. No need to "test it out".
  8. The policy changed for the "better" which now "allows" you to bring water on board. In the past it was not "allowed" but overlooked often. So now there is an official policy with actual rules, fleet wide, it is best to follow the rules, and be happy knowing that it is allowed. Now only if they would start selling water by the six pack or case at a reasonable price, I would just order the water.
  9. I think you are getting this confused with other cruise lines. Generally speaking, the higher end, more innovative cruise lines are rolling out some of this, and even doing more with smart phones. Eventually, Carnival will catch up, and invest money, but I doubt anytime soon. Also, RCCL now has electronic boarding passes, and I'm sure other cruise lines have it too.
  10. I judge and am proud of it. Every person you meet you judge. No one should deny this very human act. RCCL has a suggested dress and shorts are not part of it therefore I will respect the dress code and judge those that can’t
  11. They sell tiny lobster at the super market also. Same thing as on the ship. Not to mention, the restaurants, when you order Lobster, is usually not the same as you see on the ship, where you need a magnify glass to see.
  12. Yes, and I'm pretty sure I used a 240 jack on it. Which goes back to the $1.79 adapter you can use for the 240 that handles your phones. Going back to my original post, I have 2 scooter batteries, a CPAP, two phone, and spare batteries for the phones. The 3 jacks always are sufficient.
  13. The lobster tail night is usually prime rib also. I order the prime rib and ask for a tail on the side. I never understood what the big deal was since I never thought it was so great to eat on the ship. (I had really good lobster elsewhere).
  14. A $1.79 adapter would have enabled you to use the 240 outlet for your phones.
  15. Sorry, the $10-$20 were exchange fees that banks charge for converting/buying money. Before I go, I already have an idea of what money I need for the day. For example, I look up taxi prices, and/or buy a transportation card. Then I determine if I can get the items with a credit card. Example, Amsterdam, I bought a 3 day transportation card at the airport, and never used a taxi. In China, I only used Taxi's so needed cash. Restaurants, credit cards are usually used. Fast Lunches such as street food etc will be cash. Shopping in stores, credit cards, but in markets, cash. Sometimes you need cash for tips. I get an idea of the area, than I decide. Usually, for the two of us, $100.00 USD converted is my estimate if I'm staying pre or post cruise in hotels. For ports, it depends on where, and what we are doing. Again, deciding if taxi's are needed, or lunch is needed and what we might expect. Usually, not more than $75.00 for the port. Just don't overestimate. Less is better and by the time the day is over, you should know if you need money for a taxi, or spend it on gifts! Biggest mistake people make is not having cash for taxi's. You can always find a different restaurant, but no cash for taxi equals a long walk back to ship.
  16. I have one like it, but has also has a USB plug on the side.
  17. I'm always having a hard time understanding why a power strip is needed. The desk have either 3 or 4 plugs, and some of the new ships, have 3 plugs and a USB jack. Yes, I know that one of the plugs is 240, but a 240 plug can be used to charge phones and batteries. My wife has a scooter. I have two battery packs for it. Also uses a CPAP. The scooter, the CPAP, The iPhones, the spare batteries for the iPhones, all can be charged using 240. We have never needed a power strip!!!!!.
  18. You see, another reason to go to other cruise lines. Carnival's main attraction is the party, and the last thing they want is to keep you in your stateroom, where money will not be generated.
  19. When you purchase something, the merchant dings the credit card, and basically puts a hold on the amount, until it is posted, sometimes 2-3 days later. Same goes for a refund, but the merchant does not ding the account. The credit should take no longer than the purchase, but it does take a few days.
  20. Just wondering what you mean the steward is super busy? If the room isn't cleaned, and no signs put out to say, don't clean the room, than the only conclusion is the steward did not do the job correctly. There really is no excuse for employees not to do the job they get paid for. I would make sure that you talk to the housekeeping head, to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  21. $10.00 per locker. Seapass card used. Locker is for anyone on the island. You can use all day.
  22. People stand up in the heat all the time, and this happens millions of times in the Southern States. The heat, can contribute to being uncomfortable, but fainting is caused by the pooling of blood, in lower parts of body, causing additional stresses. If you feel faint in the heat, than you need to sit. Not necessarily in a cool place, that just makes you feel better. You can faint inside just as well if you are standing. To make muster more pleasant, will not require a change in process. It will require a change in "RESPECT" by the other passengers. Imagine if everyone will do what they are suppose to do? Show up, keep mouth closed, listen, and than after the drill, go back to being a party animal.
  23. I don’t understand the complaints. Muster is to save lives so take it seriously and stop complaining about it. Plus if it’s too hot than sail in January
  24. Beverages are revenue makers on a ship, so beverages are restricted. Granola bars are the opposite, they save the ship money because you are eating those instead of eating on the ship where food is around every corner.
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