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  1. I so looked forward to all of your posts everyday..they always made me laugh and during this time we all need more of that. Will you be posting somewhere else here on CC?
  2. What are the best 7c cove rooms that don't have the lifeboat or other obstructions. Also, don't want a connecting room either. I tried to look in the section that reviews the cabins but they aren't in order or maybe I was looking at the wrong thing.
  3. I would call my credit card company asap about this. I was booked for last year and they refused a refund so I let my CC company deal with it. Got all of my money back and no adm. charges either. They canceled the cruise, not you. You should be entitled to a full refund because of that... unless they changed the terms and conditions of their ticket contract when you booked your cruise. Good luck.
  4. Just my thoughts here but PG should have just moved your reservation from the Oct. 2020 cruise to the June 2021 at no additional cost to you. We were scheduled last year as well and when PG canceled the cruise they told us no refunds. I called my credit card company and after a few weeks got a full refund... Not sure if that will work for you UNLESS PG cancels the cruise.
  5. Thanks. Would hate to do all this research on the cabins and get on board only to find out I was... upgraded... going to go with a BD on Dolphin deck
  6. GREAT INFO THANKS... we were booked under Best Sale Ever..
  7. Thanks...From reading about the cabins it looks like the last 6 by the aft on each side have larger balconies over the blue roof of 1 of the restaurants. It doesn't show up on the deck plans as such.
  8. We are booked right now in cabin 6298 on the Equinox and was wondering which is a better cabin, 6298 or 6155? I have several questions and hope that someone that has stayed in these rooms can help. Which one of these rooms would you prefer? 1. Both appear to have a larger balcony which is something that we want. Is 1 of them larger than the other? 2. Looking at the pictures that I could find on the sticky it also appears that 6155 has a bit more of an obstruction than just the blue roof on 6298 is this true? 3. Quiter cabin would be preferred but 6155
  9. Very helpful...thanks... Does anyone know if Princess has Miller Lite beer? That is the only beer that my friend will drink..lol
  10. Thanks...Ill check that out too... On Celebrity board someone made a spread sheet with all the cabins it is so easy to get reviews wa hoping that something like that was here on the Princess board
  11. Thanks so much....now TA is saying that we are in the BB category. Can anyone give advice on that?
  12. We normally sail on the Celebrity Summit but since they pulled out of SJU we are looking at the Enchanted Princess for March 2022. I was needing help to find a good cabin in either BE or BD category. On the Summit they have the "Sweet 16" cabins that have a huge balcony and I was wondering if there is anything like that in the BD or BE on this ship. I know this is a brand new ship but is it similar to the Royal Princess or any others so that I could see pictures on line? I saw that cabin E424 appears to have a larger balcony but want some feedback as to which cabins are good and w
  13. Yes you got that right about the prices. For this Equinox trip balcony is 2100 pp. We moved our deposit from the Summit and were told we can get a full refund before final payment. I am keeping all other options open for better pricing down the line, if not I think we may end up canceling this. Shame of this all is the day that I got word about the Summit canceling was the same day this all inclusive went into play. Had we known about this a day or so before I'll bet we could have moved our perks and gotten better pricing, .. Oh well...coulda, woulda, shoulda.
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