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  1. Last question about this. I will be canceling the flight not the airline canceling the flight. But they are allowing you to cancel because of the corona virus and issuing a voucher for future travel. So are you saying that the flight voucher won't be covered under the insurance since it was me that canceled it, is that correct? Thanks again.
  2. If I get a FCC voucher from PG lets say its worth 1000.00 and a voucher for my canceled flight worth 500.00 and I then move the insurance that has cancel for any reason to a new trip in 2021 (because I haven't filed a claim on the insurance) Then next year something comes up and I have to use the cancel for any reason, will I get 75% of the 1500.00 back or does the insurance company say it was from vouchers and we don't insure vouchers? Again thanks you are amazing taking the time to answer all the questions for everyone...
  3. THANKS SO MUCH STEVE... I was hoping that since PG canceled that I would recoup 100% of the cost of the cruise. Would I be better off to 1st try to file a 3rd party dispute with my credit card. Then if its denied file with insurance? If I do that, do I have to file with the insurance company before the original start of the trip or can that be done any time? Also, if I moves the existing insurance to the new trip booked with FCC and Voucher, will the insurance cover his initial cost on the first trip for the FCC and Voucher, or would that be lost if I cancels the new trip for a covered reason or under CFAR?
  4. Hi SusieQft...yes you are correct...thats exactly what I meant...thanks for making it clearer....
  5. I have several insurance questions that I hope you can help about our trip. We have Travel Insured WTP with the cancel for any reason. We booked a cruise with PG and it was supposed to leave in July. A few days ago we found out that the cruise had been canceled. I ask for a refund and was told that they were offering FCC only. I'm not sure if we will be able to go next year so at this point I would rather get a refund instead. We have gotten a refund on our departing United flight so we are trying to decide how to proceed with getting money back for the cruise and return Air France flight. 1. Since PG canceled the cruise will Travel insured give us 100% of our money back on both flight and cruise ? Or do we have to use the cancel for any reason? ( Not wanting to use the cancel for any reason if possible because we only get back 75% of our money) 2. I was told by Air France that if..I...cancel I will only be able to get a voucher to use at another time. If AF cancels the flight I can get a total refund. I have been waiting to see if AF cancels their flights but it looks like FP has lifted some of their restrictions as of July 15 so I am guessing that our flight home at the end of July will be operating. I assume that I may need to use the cancel for any reason for this. Can I wait longer to see if they do cancel before I file with the insurance company and how long can I wait to file? 3. If we do decide to take the FCC, is that covered by the insurance? Also if we take the voucher from AF, is that covered by insurance ? 4. Also if we do decide to take FCC and the Voucher can we move our existing trip insurance to the new trip and still have the cancel for any reason? Sorry for all the questions but lots of decisions to make here.
  6. So sorry our cruises have been canceled. We were really looking forward to going back, once just wasn't enough. Thanks for the update. I will be doing the same. Don't want FCC either. If you don't mind, report back and let us know what kind of hoops you have to jump thru with the credit card for your refund. Never did that before so I don't know how that process works. Maybe we will all have the chance to do this again when this virus has been stopped.
  7. Thanks for all the info on windstar. We really had our hopes set on going to the Cook Islands so guess it will have to be PG for us.
  8. If you don't mind me asking...how much OBC do they give for the cheapest possible cabin on the 17 day? That is a GREAT price, what date is your cruise?
  9. Does Windstar go to the Cook Islands? Do they include all you can drink alcohol in their rates as well?
  10. Where did you find the notification that July 2 is the tentative date for flights to resume
  11. Your welcome. I agree with you 100%. I emailed a vendor that I was planning to use for an excursion and he seems to think that cruises won't happen this year.
  12. This was just posted on PG ..All June cruises cancelled https://www.pgcruises.com/travel-advisory
  13. If PG cancels don't they have to refund us according to what I have read in their ticket contract?
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