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  1. I've been seeing some posts (Facebook and Blogs) about the UK not allowing international sailings out of their ports until at least September 2021. So far this has only been confirmed by Princess and P&O which may only be doing British Isles cruises (minus Guernsey) until that time. We have a cruise on the Sirena for July 3, 2021 (Edinburgh to Reykjavik) and am not holding out much hope that we will be sailing. Supposed to have Air through Oceania but haven't heard anything from them other than they were pushing back final payment dates (to 60 days out f
  2. We are looking for something to use our FCC that sails before the end of 2022. DW's work dictates that summer vacation has to be in either June or July. Looking at HAL's 2022 schedule two sailings caught my eye. The 16N first leg of the Voyage of the Vikings (Boston to Rotterdam) on the Zandam or a 14N Voyage of the Midnight Sun RT Amsterdam on the Rotterdam. For similar $ we can get an OV on the Zandam or a Vista Suite on the Rotterdam. Only having to make 1 Trans Atlantic flight is a plus for the VOV but having sailed on the Konings
  3. Thanks for the responses, the 100% deposit bonus way more than covered any OBC that we may have had to forfeit. I can see where keeping track of everyone's booking particulars could become problematic given the number of sailings affected. We will look for a cruise for 2022 (fingers crossed).
  4. Our 11N Panama Canal Sunfarer (3/17/21) was cancelled, we let our payment ride and received 2x FCC. However, we had OBC from a FCD that we had used as well as a $250 OBC for making a $1000 payment towards the cruise, these have gone missing. Has anyone else had this experience? I suppose I need to contact HAL to see what's going on. Thanks
  5. Thank you all for the responses. It hadn't occurred to me that another cancellation might have increased the passenger count, that and Carnival may be intentionally preparing to sail at less than full capacity. Not having this cruise show up on the timetables website probably has more to do with an issue on their part as the Legend's prior cruise and the following cruise do show up in the port of Tampa. Waiting for the CDC no sail order to lift (or be extended) before deciding if I want to stay on this cruise when the port we booked it for (Grand Cayman) is
  6. We have a New Years Eve cruise (7N out of Tampa departing 12/27/2020) booked on the Legend, I was checking Carnival's website and that sailing no longer shows up. I thought maybe it's sold out but there is still over 100 days till sailing and final payment isn't due for about a month. What really got my suspicions up is that the cruise doesn't show up on Cruise Ship Timetables in Tampa on its scheduled departure date. Furthermore, several ports we are supposed to visit have banned cruise ship passengers until sometime next year and I'm not partial to paying
  7. Sorry I do not have those addresses, I was doing good to get an email to customer relations. If these email addresses are available hopefully someone will come along and respond or perhaps a new thread on this subject would get you an answer quicker? Best of luck
  8. Thanks, The Princess rep gave me a similar email address but ended in @princess.com (which bounced back on me). Either I didn't hear her correctly or she told me the wrong address, no matter. Thanks again, I sent a copy of the written correspondence to the correct email address and got the same auto reply as shown above, fingers crossed.
  9. I called Princess last Saturday, as others suspected my deposit and bonus FCC was divided among the three passengers (although not evenly). The deposit was distributed as follows: my mother (the third passenger) received her entire reduced cruise fare, my wife and I received our FCD and the remainder of the deposit split evenly between us. The bonus FCC was divided evenly between all passengers. I explained my mother's situation regarding her age and reluctance to cruise in today's COVID environment, she was sympathetic but explained that she couldn't do anything for me and sugg
  10. I apologize,, I used a future deposit (FCD) not a future credit (FCC) when I booked this cruise. The credit breakdown ( from what I recall) was $100 for the original FCD and equal amounts for the payment and cancellation bonus. It is somewhat frustrating if part of the compensation was assigned to my mother as she has never cruised with Princess or anyone else and will likely never agree to book another cruise in the future. As I am the one who made all of the payments it would have been cleaner (from my perspective) if I could have all the credits under my Captain
  11. We had our September 2020 cruise out of Vancouver cancelled by Princess. We were given the option of requesting a full refund or leaving out money with Princess and receiving a FCC bonus (the total not to exceed the price of the cruise). We had paid Princess a total of $2300 (including our onboard FCC from a previous cruise) on a voyage that was $3117 in cruise fare (only). By my calculations we should have received a FCC of $3117. I just logged into myPrincess and saw that the amount of FCC applied was ~$1550 which isn't even the amount of my money that they are hold
  12. Reduced airfare was not offered when we booked. We did get 1 night before embarkation in a Honolulu hotel (Hilton Hawaiian Village), I was interested to see if transfer from the airport to the hotel was provided. I suspected that I would have to arrange transportation but wanted to explore others experiences.
  13. I can see that. The floor plans for deck 7 don't show much furniture other than the bed. From photos I've seen, the aft wrap balconies on 7 May have a chair or two inside but many seating options on that huge balcony. Thanks for the reply.
  14. DW and I are sailing on POA next year. We have 1 night in Honolulu (Hilton Hawaiian Village) as one of our booking perks. Does NCL provide the transfer from the airport (HNL) to the hotel? or are we responsible for getting ourselves to Waikiki? I am going to get this clarified with NCL but wanted to know if anyone had the same situation and what was their experience. Thanks for any input.
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