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  1. Good afternoon, I am planning my kids first cruise. My 2 kids will be 11 and 14 at date of sailing. The promo includes the drinking package for the first 2 guests. Of couse I get it but will my 14 years old get the package ? ( obviously no alcohol for him ) but virgin drinks and soda... There is a $550 difference in the cruise with or without the "free" drinking package. Thank you in advance,
  2. Since this is a very common question, I will try to give you MY take on parking at the Manhattan cruise terminal. Is it expensive ? YES ! Is it easy of use ? YES ! Is it worth it ? YES ! Would I park in a nearby parking lot and save between 40$ to 90$ for the week ? NO! Why then ? In my case I have a long...very long drive back home and I want the easy use of my car as soon as I leave the ship and the hassle free parking solution that the Pier offers me is a "good value" still. How to "use" the terminal parking : For the latest rates and information you can "clic" on this
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