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  1. Thank you to everyone that responded. I was able to determine that one of my cruises had the OBC and one did not. I contacted my PVP and got it corrected.
  2. For those of you that have rebooked canceled cruises and took the OBC option, are you seeing the $600 OBC show up in your new booking? We have two of these cruises (3 cabins total) and don't see the OBC on any of the confirmations.
  3. We had this same question and our answer was yes. We are doing the Breeze in March and the Magic in April.
  4. Then the Dream class. The previous class to the Vista. The dream class of ship is our favorite. Large enough to have the extras without "jumping the shark".
  5. My wife and I have sailed on just about every class of ship Carnival has and the Vista class is way more crowded. We have been on both the Vista and the Horizon and have determined that we will not be going back. They added a lot more cabins and made the public areas smaller. How could it not be crowded? The vista class were clearly designed by accountants to maximize passenger count. Now before you jump on me and say I am just a hater, I am about to Diamond and love Carnival. I have two more cruises booked for January. As an engineer I just don't think the Vista class was designed well.
  6. One of the perks listed on our CO offer is a room upgrade. Has anybody actually got a room upgrade from CO? What did you get? Is it still in the same Cat. or upgrade to higher Cat? Would like to hear from someone who bought CO and got a room upgrade.
  7. Our problems with the Horizon stem from the design. They increased the cabin/ passenger count, but made the public areas smaller. Not surprisingly that leads to crowding. The food options were great and the service was ok. It gets old though never being able to get seat at the Alchemy or piano bar or the casino or ….. You get the point.
  8. For us it is not about breaking even (although we always do), it just makes for a more relaxed cruise knowing what that cost will be. For a planner like me being able to prepay for one of our biggest expenses and knowing exactly how much it will be is worth the money even is we didn't break even. We debated about it when we took the cruise out of San Juan that had 6 port days, but in the end even on that cruise it was worth it.
  9. Horizon 1/26 to 2/1 8 day cruise. I don’t normally do reviews, but I felt I had a lot of information this time that may be helpful to other people. Being an engineer, this review my end up being a little less about my opinions and more about the design issues. This cruise was with my DW and mother in-law. We had booked a balcony cabin on deck 6. Less than 2 days before the cruise the up-sell fairy called and offered us an upgrade to a family harbor suite for $600, which we accepted. My wife and I are both platinum and close to diamond so this is not our first Carnival cruise. It is our first Vista class ship. First off, the good news: The service, food and entertainment were excellent. Some of the best we have had. Having the family harbor suite was nice. The extra ½ bath came in handy and the lounge is very nice to have. I do wish they had food earlier and later than they offer it. JiJi – excellent food, well worth the extra change Cucina de Capitano – food was good, but we were disappointed that hey did not sing as they normally do. This is always one of our favorite restaurants on the ship. Bonsai Teppanyaki – very good, way too much food. Make sure you are hungry. The up charge may seem high but includes any entry including filet and lobster tail. Guys pig & anchor BBQ – One night we did not like what was on the dinner menu so we did this on a whim. I am glad we did. The food is very good, live entertainment, craft beer. A nice alternative if you find yourself in a similar situation. Their sampler platter “the whole smoker” says it feeds 2 but it will easily feed 3 or 4 people. Now the not so good news: This may be our only trip on a Vista class ship. Some how the Carnival ship designers decided that when you add more cabins and a lot more people, you should then make all the public spaces smaller. Yes, I said smaller. The Alchemy bar, piano bar, show lounge, spa, lobby. You name it, it is smaller. Why? We have been on fantasy class ships, we have been on the Sunshine, we have been on just about every other class of ship Carnival has and this is the first time I really felt crowded. It seems like everywhere we went there were crowds. The only thing not crowded was the high end shops they added. Now before you go off thinking I am a hater, the truth is I am more of a Carnival cheerleader. But this ship design makes no sense to me. I truly think this class of ship was designed by accountants to maximize the front end take (shop leases, cabins). They probably assume that if a person wants a drink a the Alchemy bar they will still buy one even if they are waiting 3 people deep most of the night. Ok, off my soapbox. The one other thing I will mention is the noise from the galley above our deck 2 family suite was noticeable. It was enough to wake you up, but was not constant. It is something to consider if that kind of stuff bothers you.
  10. Having travelled to England several times I learned that I like beans for breakfast. It is now one of the things I look forward to when I go on a cruise.
  11. "I'm sorry" you had so many issues. The Alchemy bar is always the highlight of our cruise, to the point now that we will not book a ship that doesn't have one.
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