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  1. Thank you to everyone that responded. I was able to determine that one of my cruises had the OBC and one did not. I contacted my PVP and got it corrected.
  2. For those of you that have rebooked canceled cruises and took the OBC option, are you seeing the $600 OBC show up in your new booking? We have two of these cruises (3 cabins total) and don't see the OBC on any of the confirmations.
  3. We had this same question and our answer was yes. We are doing the Breeze in March and the Magic in April.
  4. Then the Dream class. The previous class to the Vista. The dream class of ship is our favorite. Large enough to have the extras without "jumping the shark".
  5. My wife and I have sailed on just about every class of ship Carnival has and the Vista class is way more crowded. We have been on both the Vista and the Horizon and have determined that we will not be going back. They added a lot more cabins and made the public areas smaller. How could it not be crowded? The vista class were clearly designed by accountants to maximize passenger count. Now before you jump on me and say I am just a hater, I am about to Diamond and love Carnival. I have two more cruises booked for January. As an engineer I just don't think the Vista class was designed well.
  6. One of the perks listed on our CO offer is a room upgrade. Has anybody actually got a room upgrade from CO? What did you get? Is it still in the same Cat. or upgrade to higher Cat? Would like to hear from someone who bought CO and got a room upgrade.
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