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  1. Unfortunately, this is exactly the position that I'm in. Am on the January 11th sailing and following this thread with bated breath. Of course, if HAL was a bit more transparent with their plans, that stress would go away. I find it very difficult to believe that after a week+ that they're still "winging" it, and don't already have a good idea when parts will arrive, dry dock will be available, estimated repair times, and what their contingency plans are for booked guests.
  2. Am sailing into Grand Turk on January 13th. Is that too early to go out whale watching? HAL doesn't appear to be offering any WW excursions on our sailing. Thanks!
  3. Did a bit searching, but wasn’t able to come up with the right keywords. 10 of us will be sailing on NA in January, with most of us in Neptunes. We were hoping to do breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill with everyone. Does anyone know if there is option for non-Neptunes to join the Neptunes in the PG for breakfast? Thanks!
  4. Was on Oosterdam in June, and our Neptune Suite also had a flush-wall mount TV. Couldn’t physically access the HDMI ports on the TV, which was mildly frustrating. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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