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  1. Do you remember the names of the bartenders? We’ll be there later this month and we’re hoping to see some familiar faces!
  2. It's strange re: waterfront because their official policy on NCL specifically states that 'On Norwegian Getaway and Norwegian Breakaway, smoking on The Waterfront will be permitted on the starboard side, except by the outdoor dining areas.'
  3. Very helpful embarkation tips, thanks! Who are the current bartenders in Vibe?
  4. All ships on all cruise lines have negatives reviews for one reason or another. Some people claim it was the 'worst cruise ever' because there was no lobster night or because they had to wait (gasp) 5 or 10 minutes for a drink at one of the bars or because their cabin steward didn't leave towel animals every night. People will complain about anything and make it into a much bigger deal than it really is. You're on a cruise for your vacation, is your life really that bad? I think not. You just have to take reviews with a grain of salt. The Breakaway is actually our favorite NCL ship. The crew is amazing, the food is good, the atmosphere is fun - what more could you ask for?! Find the roll call for your sailing, sign up for the meet & greet, meet the ship's officers that are there and you'll have a card with their contact information on it. They want you to use it (and we have!) whether good or bad. If there is something you have a problem with or if you need anything, let them know. They can't help you fix your problem once you're home from your cruise! Explore the ship, see some shows and have some good food. I highly recommend Ocean Blue (ask for Tracy, she's an amazing server but she may be on vacation) for some wonderful seafood but they also have non-seafood options. You'll have a wonderful time.
  5. I noticed that your sailing (1/17) isn't even showing up anymore on NCL this morning so I'm guessing it's sold out? Did anyone get an upgrade that you know of?
  6. Another tip is to not touch the 🖐️ symbol (to open the sliding doors) with your fingertips and use the back of your hand 🤚instead because the back of your hand is less likely to end up in/around your mouth.
  7. You're not alone... sometimes, I'm like what day is it? Did I eat today? haha
  8. Shortly after the Upgrade Advantage program began (when I think it was only available on Escape, Breakaway and Getaway), we won our bid on the Escape from a BA to an H7 for $580pp. It was a great price at the time but I didn't think it was worth it after the fact. Sure a Haven room is nice but the location was awful. The ship noises early in the morning were SO loud in that room that I would have rather been in a BA.
  9. We had a cruise booked and my parents were also sailing on the same cruise. We were excited to spend time with them as we don't see them very often. We had a surprise pregnancy about 7 weeks before our sail date. My doctor would not approve me going on this cruise because of the ports and the Zika virus. Well, that sucks because we were really looking forward to hanging out with my parents. The safety of our unborn child and myself was more important than any cruise (especially with the # of losses we've had in the past). We searched for some other cruise options and found a TA on the Breakaway and my doctor said that was great. I called NCL, knowing full well that we were already past final payment and explained the situation to them. Luckily, they were very kind (it helps when you're nice to them) and switched our cruise to the TA. I asked kindly if they could switch my parents to that as well but because they were on their own reservation and our 'circumstance' didn't directly affect them, they said no. Fine. I was totally fine with it because I know the policies. I didn't get irate, I didn't ask for a supervisor, I didn't badmouth them to friends and co-workers. It is what it is. Sadly, a few weeks later we had a miscarriage again. I called and inquired about moving back to our original sailing with my parents but they were unable to accommodate our request. Again, it is what it is. We lost money (more expensive airfare from London back home, etc.) but that's just a part of traveling. So, yes, we did 'just let it roll of our shoulders.' I'd pay 1,000 times the extra money it cost us if we could have had a healthy, full-term pregnancy so just count your blessings.
  10. Yes there is priority boarding and a roped off priority waiting area.
  11. Yessssss. THANK YOU!!!! Crappy lobster that everyone complains about not getting...I just don't understand. If that obsessed, just stay home and order some fresh Main lobster online/overnight and do it yourself - likely way cheaper than going on a cruise to have rubbery lobster.
  12. Thanks for sharing about the donation page. My heart is heavy for this family and what they’ve been going through.
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