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  1. Yes, you are right, as rallydave said there are different reasons for registering a dispute, and non delivery of goods and services is most definitely one. Our cruise was the first Azamara cancelled on 10th March and we have heard nothing apart from confirmation of the 25% FCC we were given as compensation. We have had hardly any help from our TA, so we eventually did a chargeback on our Amex card. Just find the payments on your relevant statements, click on the amount to be disputed, a box comes up, at the bottom, it says ‘have a question about this charge’ in blue, click on this and it takes you to a box which says ‘Hi, Mrs ?, we are happy to review this this charge for you, then click continue . You can if you prefer telephone them, we have always found them very helpful. Hope that helps.
  2. cinnamon, that is good to hear. Take care.
  3. I really hope that they fulfill their promise, but you should not have had to go through this at this time, you are grieving for your husband, and I am sure there are many things that need sorting. I feel somebody should have owned this for you and dealt with it! Take care!
  4. Nigel, thanks for that information, we have exhausted all possibilities, our insurance company are not answering the phone and just leave a message saying if this is related to Covid 19 cancellation, contact your provider. I am glad that you at least have had all your monies back. We will try the same thing, however I have no faith that with this TA we will get anywhere, but it’s worth a go!
  5. We have had nothing from Azamara since the notification on 10th March that our Quest cruise had been cancelled. I think we all naively thought that the promise of 100% refund plus 25% FCC meant just that, sadly it is proving to not be the case. Like many, we are sick and tired of being fobbed off with blatant untruths. I also agree with you that ABTA cannot move the goal posts retrospectively, would anyone have any confidence going forward if the government did agree to these new terms!
  6. Bonnie, thank you for reaching out to Corinne in this very upsetting time, I hope that she will receive her refund ASAP, that is the least Azamara can do.
  7. Corinne, my heart goes out to you and I am sending all my love and sincere condolences in these horrendous circumstances. I appeal to anyone at Azamara to realise that there are loyal cruisers out there who are in dire need of their refunds, I hope Bonnie reads this and can somehow get through to the powers that be, that some people are in very tragic circumstances and need some compassion! Take care of yourself and know that although many of us on these boards have never met, we feel we have come to know you a little bit through these boards. I wish you the strength to come through the difficult times ahead, and the knowledge that there are many on here who have you in their thoughts and prayers. Take care!
  8. We have not yet had this email, we are still having problems with out TA who keep quoting ABTA’s guidelines, it is all very frustrating, especially when we got an email from Azamara the day our cruise was cancelled, stating we would get a 100% refund and a 25% FCC. We were glad that Azamara had eventually made the decision we all knew was coming, and that we would get all our money back. So five weeks on from when our cruise was cancelled, we have no money back and no clear idea of when we will get it. Our CC company had refunded our deposit back onto our card, but this has now been reversed as the TA have sent them a copy of a Refund Credit Note but only for the value of our deposit, still no clarity on the balance.
  9. That is much clearer, however we have only been promised a refund of our deposit on 31st July, if we don’t book another cruise. We have no idea when the balance will be refunded. We have an idea that they have received the refund from Azamara, but obviously we cannot confirm this. I feel for people who are being made to wait for a refund, who need the money to get them through the next few months. By the time we get our deposit back, they will have had our money for 10 months. I do think ABTA have brought this in to stop people doing chargebacks on their credit card. We have one of these cruise credit certificates, but only for our deposit, we cannot get a clear answer about our balance!
  10. I agree that it is impossible to get a straight answer to our questions, at the moment we are in unprecedented territory, but a little honesty and clarity would be helpful. We are both retired so have income coming in, sadly there are people out there who cannot afford for this money to be tied up till goodness knows when, they need that money to get them through, what will be difficult times. We all know that Azamara are not the cheapest so we will all have a fair amount of money tied up, we also know that we pay the balance far in advance of our cruises. We will not be cruising with anyone again until there is an effective treatment or vaccine, I doubt anyone will be cruising this year! I hope you have more luck with your Cc company than we have had with ours so far. I think TA’s are muddying the waters!! Stay safe everyone!
  11. We have just come off the phone to our TA and we are fuming. We have been told that they guarantee our deposit will be refunded on 31st July, if we do not use it as a FCC, the balance they cannot guarantee, as they have cancellation penalties for flights and hotels that they are trying to negotiate! Every time we quoted the 2018 legislation she said they were following ABTA’s guidelines. We pointed out that guidelines are simply that, guidelines, whereas Regulations are in fact, law. It would really help, as sunlover33 stated above, if we had some idea what timeline Azamara are working to or at least some confirmation that they are working on date order. As it is impossible to get through to Azamara at the moment, we are left with our TA telling us whatever they choose! They have had plenty of business off us over the years, but never again!! Beginning to wonder if will ever see our money again! Looks like our only hope is a CC chargeback, not sure how likely that is.
  12. We were on the Quest 17th March cruise which Azamara cancelled on 10th March. My DH telephoned our TA last week to see if there was any news re our refund. The chap he spoke to kept saying, right, you cancelled the cruise so you will get a FCC. My DH obviously informed him that we did not cancel the cruise, Azamara pulled the plug because of Covid 19, plus we had confirmation from Azamara that we would get a 100% refund plus 25% FCC. Thought no more and we were just waiting for the refund to appear on our CC. Late yesterday we received an email from TA, again saying we cancelled the cruise and the only money we were due was our deposit and that was as a FCC, which we need to use by 31st July 2021. If we don’t use it by then we will be entitled to a refund. Too late to get in touch yesterday, but although we understand that these are very difficult times for all concerned, we are beginning to think we may need to do a chargeback to ensure we get back everything we paid! Very frustrating!
  13. We are in a similar position and our much anticipated Quest cruise on 17th March would have been our first in 20 months. We are not planning on booking anything going forward, and will not book another cruise until, as Phil said, there is a vaccine and effective treatment! When this is all over, my priority will be my family and catching up on all the family time we’ve missed. That is what is keeping me going, I think many of us are revaluating what is really important. Keep safe everyone!
  14. Exactly how we feel.
  15. Lindy028


    We received the same email, advising that US has declared a National emergency, and they have voluntarily decided to suspend cruises from USA. Other cruises are not impacted as they are in global destinations and not impacted! It was signed by Larry Pimental! We have no further Azamara cruises booked now Azamara has cancelled our March 17th cruise, which was going to be in a global destination not USA. Have they no clue what is going on in the wider world, reading that one would assume not! A great way to make friends and influence people, NOT! Unbelievable.
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