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  1. tring, thank you so much for all that information, it is very helpful. We do like a tipple, and £12 is a bit eye watering for a beer, as we are only there for one night we‘ll probably give it a miss. Will take a look at the hotel you suggest, it sounds like it may suit us.
  2. We read about this on another board, had no idea the QE2 was there, will take a look, thanks.
  3. Yes we were warned about the traffic, we land on Monday morning at approx 8:30, I presume the traffic will be horrendous at that time. Good to know that taxis are readily available and cheap.
  4. Marinaro44, thank you for the swift reply, I assume taxis are readily available.
  5. We are cruising from Dubai next year and are looking for a 1 night pre cruise hotel. Never been to Dubai before so any recommendations would be much appreciated. We will have a full day and night in Dubai as we arrive on an overnight flight.
  6. Welcome home Cinnamon, very interested to hear your final appraisal of your first Saga cruise. The disappearance of the post from said Saga representative, which I also read, is strange. I have to say, there are things I love, ❤️ but maybe too many things I do not love, so for us Saga, whilst looking interesting, will not be our go to cruise line in the near future. Never say never, but not as it is now! Thankyou for your very detailed review, it has been much appreciated!👍😁
  7. Still thoroughly enjoying your blog, however there are still a few things that worry us, so we will be very interested to read your thoughts re Saga and Azamara at the end of your voyage.
  8. What beautiful pictures, how lucky are you all with that fabulous weather. Just want to add my thanks for the blog, really enjoying reading it.
  9. The food looks really good, a positive is that they will source alternative wines, although we have been told that there is a selection of 3 reds, 3 whites and 2 rose every day. You seem to be really enjoying it, so glad it is meeting your expectations, have fun! 👍 Have to say, with cocktails at £2.90 who wouldn’t have fun!!! 😮🤪🍸
  10. Hi Corinne, thank you for replying to my post re the wines and other alcoholic beverages! The cost of a cocktail is very reasonable, my DH spoke to Saga customer service today re a few queries we had, he was told that there is no published bar list as the prices will change all the time! We are holding off booking for the moment as we feel there are a few things that would concern us! Not ruling Saga out completely, but for now will stick to Azamara and Oceania. Still following your blog with great interest. Thanks.
  11. Hi Corinne, we too are long time Azamara cruisers who are finding the numbers just aren’t adding up and we have been thinking about trying the new Saga ships. So, we are glad we’ve found your blog today! Really looking forward to hearing your views on all things Saga, especially the included wines. We’re not alcoholics 😮 but do enjoy good wine and the odd G&T and cocktail 😀! Enjoy your cruise.
  12. We too have done many Oceania cruises, and I have to agree with Belfastman, we have never had to share a table in any of the speciality restaurants. We also love Azamara, and are happy to sail with either of them. We find our fellow cruisers on both lines to be mostly engaging and good company and we have made many friends.
  13. Thank you for that, we are reassured. We’re not really beachy people, which is probably why the Caribbean has not been on our radar, but after a very stressful year, and we’ve not been able to take a break for nearly 12 months we need some R&R and this looks perfect!
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