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  1. We have been in JS 7150 twice and have it booked again. It is a great room. Fabulous closet and huge balcony. Jump on it as soon as the itineraries open up. We book the day they release to secure that room. And happy anniversary!
  2. Have a fantastic first cruise! You're on my favorite ship. I'll be following along. I'm so so ready for our Grandeur cruise next month.
  3. kleo30

    Current piano bar entertainers

    Does anybody know who will be on the Grandeur the end of October/beginning of November?
  4. We like to cruise on the very aft. The balcony and view more than makes up for the long work for me, and I walk back to the cabin several times each day. We cruise on the Grandeur, so my opinion may be different if it were a larger ship.
  5. kleo30

    Grandeur--Cabin 7652

    We have had cabin 7150 twice and will again in Oct. It is an awesome cabin, closet & balcony. We book as soon as the itineraries are released. We've also stayed in JS 8088 center aft. It didn't feel any smaller. The closet was plenty roomy, although not as amazing as the walk in. The balcony was nice, too.
  6. I love morning coffee & pastries while I journey and just watch the sea or pulling into port. Breakfast on the balcony on early port days. Afternoons reading and relaxing on the loungers (we stay in a JS) when it's so noisy on the pool deck. Wine before dinner. Cocktails and/or late night snacks before going to sleep. I love the balcony. I especially love the aft, which is where we were the past 3 cruises (and the next one).
  7. My experience is that the price decreased. JS aft on Grandeur for 10/2016 we paid $5363 total. JS aft (exact same room) on Grandeur for 10/2017 we paid $4306 total.
  8. We love Grandeur. We've been on her twice with 2 more booked. I'm looking forward to sailing along with you through your live thread :)
  9. Wouldn't that be fun? We'll be back on Grandeur the next two Octobers. Thank you.
  10. We were on Grandeur in November of 14 and 15. Both mattresses were comfy. Enjoy. We love Grandeur. I have links to my reviews in my signature if you are interested.
  11. kleo30


    The ship uses an Island Oasis mixer. I've developed a pretty tasty alternative. 1 c. good quality vanilla ice cream 1 oz. each vanilla Vodka, Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua Splash of half and half Squirt of chocolate syrup Ice if you want it thicker Blend all of that in the blender until smooth. Pour into a glass that has been drizzled with chocolate syrup down the inside.
  12. What a treat. I always enjoy your diaries Jane. Looking forward to seeing your beach days, too.
  13. kleo30

    Just off the Grandeur

    We were leaving Grandeur as you were boarding. We had a great cruise, too! I'm looking forward to going back next Oct.
  14. kleo30

    Grandeur must know!

    The 2nd and 9th nights were formal nights. My husband said the pools were cold the entire trip. Have fun! We love Grandeur. We're doing a 12 night southern trip next year and taking our 3 sons and daughter in law.
  15. kleo30

    Grandeur must know!

    We just got off Grandeur on the 9th. Our second sailing on her. It's our favorite ship. There are links to both of my reviews in my signature. Have so much fun!