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  1. seafish

    Club Class Mini Suites- benefits

    Crown E726 is a covered aft port ME minisuite & D528 is a uncovered midship port MB minisuite...so it pretty much a decision on deck location & covered or not balcony. Club Class can not be purchased as an option - it is included in the cost of selected midship minis and suites. Neither E726 or D528 are CC cabins.
  2. seafish

    MOS 2-25-2019 Heads-Up

    setsail - Thank You. Since our booking is for MOS 4 Night 2/25-3/1/2019 - two different embarkation dates - RCCL will need to tells us at some point. In our case on 2/24 we will still be on our PEV B2B - so absolutely no way we can do the MOS POM 2/24-3/1 cruise. Hopefully we will get this resolved with RCCL soon.
  3. seafish

    MOS 2-25-2019 Heads-Up

    Bob - saw set sail posting on MOS monsterofrockcruise 2/24-3/1...so looks like you are spot on with the full ship charter. Not happy RCCL has not been upfront with me. Thanks for your help. P.S. - again Thank You to setsail.
  4. seafish

    MOS 2-25-2019 Heads-Up

    setsail - Just saw your post - thank you very much. Too bad RCCL has decided not to reveal this info to already booked guests - JMO but not really an overall good business practice. Again - thank you.
  5. seafish

    MOS 2-25-2019 Heads-Up

    Hi Bob - Again thank you - good info - understand. Question - IF it turns out that this is a charter cruise will I be informed by RCCL specifically who the charter group is and will I have any recourse with RCCL if that "group" is not a good fit for my family sailing since we booked previous to the charter change?? MOS currently shows a passenger capacity of about 4000 - so I guess how much a charter may impact a sailing may be determined not only by who the "group" is but also how many are onboard. Feels like this may be a large group size issue since of all of the other February 2019 MOS POM cruises are available with ONLY MOS 2/25/19 locked down now for over 3 weeks. Any info appreciated.
  6. seafish

    MOS 2-25-2019 Heads-Up

    Bob - Thanks for your info. Based on your experience - IF this is a chartered cruise - when do you think we might know details from RCCL - or is there any other way to get details? Fred
  7. seafish

    MOS 2-25-2019 Heads-Up

    Just back from a trip last night - checked today on 2/25/19 RCCL MOS cruise status to find that this cruise is not showing availability at the RCCL website or others websites such as AAA, Cruise Critics, Travelocity - despite all other February 2019 MOS POM dates open and available. So why is only the 2/25/19 MOS cruise impacted? I again called RCCL for status and again told this cruise status is still "Closed Out for Inventory Maintenance". The rep said this has been going on now for 3 weeks and may continue for months - maybe as long as October before RCCL will decide if this cruise will or will not sail leaving already booked RCCL guests in the dark and at personal expense risk. I was told that depending on the actual final status - should MOS be booked as a Charter, Special Group Booking, Refit Dates, etc., RCCL will at some point alert booked passengers with options - not good!. It may be that all will go well - but it is hard to believe that no-one at RCCL knows the status of this booked cruise. Not great Customer Service. Definitely RCCL knows what's up! As booked past passengers - we deserve to know the status of this cruise now. Yes this is "only" a short 4 day cruise - but how RCCL handles this issue going forward will definitely impact our future with RCCL.
  8. seafish

    San Pedro from a San Pedran

    JMO - agree transport best & be very very careful if doing a San Pedro walk-about.
  9. Just checked RCCL website on a booked Mariner Of The Seas 4 Night 2-25-2019 Bahamas cruise POM R/T but could not find. Thinking this was a mistake did a double check - still no cruise availability showed. Looked at other cruise sites with same no show results. Called RCCL was told this cruise was "closed". I inquired further - CVP put me on hold to check - was told this is maintenance thing & I should check back in a week or so. Never seen a cruise taken out of inventory before unless a sell-out. With this cruise being 10 months out a sell-out is unlikely & even a charter/special group event should not cause. Was told IF this cruise date is cancelled - some adjustment is usual. Will be coming off PEV B2B cruises transfer to POM with flights already booked for this short cruise - so hopefully this really is just a RCCL IT issue. No roll-call up yet to alert - so just a CC heads-up.
  10. Not exactly right - on-line printing of Princess boarding passes, luggage tags are not available until final payment date 75 days out. Yes - you can book excursion, ship board orders prior to - but must pay in advance. Actually - Mid February Caribbean 2019 excursions are already open at 313 day mark.
  11. Got it ... by request - will do. Thank you.
  12. Bob - Excellent - thanks very much for your prompt reply!
  13. Just curious - is the GS Behind The Scenes Tour invite a fee or a GS comp?
  14. seafish

    MOS Luggage Valet Miami Update

    Sure - be glad to but cruise some time off - I like to book air early thus reason for trying to nail down info now.
  15. seafish

    MOS Luggage Valet Miami Update

    Bob - Yes - I specifically asked about POM 4 day cruises and also asked that he check by my reservation number to verify it was good to go. Sure hope he was right - but only can go by what info RCCL provides. For me the issue was simply - will LV be available on our MOS 4 night cruise POM R/T and IF so - how early can I book our return air to qualify for LV. Agree - this LV availability info was very confusing and IMO the best kept secret I can remember in a long while.