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  1. Seems a little pointless to spend the money to send out a magazine that highlights cruises and schedules that probably won't take place as published.
  2. Ymm, Haven't had it for a while, but, I can almost taste it now. Need to put it on the shopping list now.
  3. A bit of a disjointed story, but, I guess that the point is that the OP kept trying to book a couple of cruises and the bookings would get messed up by Princess. Some time spent proofreading before posting and the story may have made more sense.
  4. Since Princess “destroyed” the back of the Island with the addition of cabins, most of those “secret” outdoor viewing areas are likely no longer there.
  5. The ship pictured in the article is actually a converted ferry from somewhere in Europe. A few years back a guy did a YouTube video about the $99 cruise his wife bought for them. Part of it involved a timeshare pitch. All in all the experience was pretty sad.
  6. I would tend to agree with you. I also think that until there is a successful treatment/vaccine/containment protocol there are going to be a large number of folks who are going to be reluctant to get back on a cruise ship. Definitely get that impression from the comments all around CC.
  7. When I saw the title of this thread I had to chuckle. CDC double standards indeed. Mask or no mask? They work, they don't work. Think about Fauci stating in February and March that no one needed to wear a mask. Around April every one should wear a mask. Then in towards the end of May this was posted on the CDC website (see the conclusion about the efficacy of mask wearing) : https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article?fbclid=IwAR2V1hPqN0WKb2kXVExP_1UE9ARvru6mtPZvZN0w1jx0S3l3fXLhxMP_bXs  Now no matter how you may feel about that information, I myself, will not be confident of my safety even when everyone (myself included) is wearing a mask. Especially when I see how some folks wear them and what they use as a mask. Just a thought about the higher rate of spread on a cruise ship vs a plane. No one talks much about the possibility that the SARS-CoV-2 virus could be spread the same way that Noro is spread (think poor sanitation practices). As I say, just a thought. I think I will make my own mask...😉
  8. Talk to the Princess Circle rep on board. That is what we did.
  9. I know this has been discussed before and is on the Princess website, but, hearing David Abel of the Diamond Princess covid-19 fame read it is great if you are too lazy (like me) to read it yourself. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6H6QfaEtHo
  10. Three years ago we did a Panama Canal cruise on the Coral and I noticed pickleball was scheduled mid-mornings on sea days. It was on the sports court at the back of the ship. The one day we went up to check it out the equipment was there, but, no one was playing. Of course it was very windy, like 20+ MPH windy.
  11. I would still do the freeze anyway. However, before you do, enroll in a free monitoring service like Credit Karma. Every bit of help is worthwhile. YMMV.
  12. Sorry about your (and everyone else's) cruise. Not being judgmental here, but, Princess also needs to do what it can to fiscally survive this situation. There is a not unrealistic potential that there could be no business left to worry about losing loyal customers from when this is all said and done. Hopefully this worst-case-scenario won't be the case, however, only time will tell. YMMV
  13. If Princess survives and we survive, absolutely will book again. This too shall pass, sooner rather than later, hopefully.
  14. Guess I have to chuckle a bit at the chemo comments. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 79. After his oncologist found a treatment that didn't make my dad feel like hell my folks questioned the doctor about them going on a cruise. The doctor said absolutely, if you feel OK, go. My parents took two additional cruises together prior to my dads passing 8 years later. He lived to age 87, although the last year and a half were not good as far as his quality of life. Everyone is going to die someday. Do what makes sense for you and your situation.
  15. Hopefully things will be handled better than what happened on the Diamond. Not sure that will be the case since there is not enough known about what to do or even the facilities to handle it. Guess we will see.
  16. Have not seen cash slots on Princess ships for ages.
  17. There was a new Youtube video by the son about an hour ago. Look for David Abel Celebrant Training, Vlog 67.
  18. We had the port side furthest back cabin on the Star a while back. It was right over the bandstand/stage. Only had noise a few times and not anything after 10:30 PM or thereabouts. We happened to talk to some folks on the same cabin location on the starboard side and they said that they heard nothing. Guess it depends on where you happen to be in relation to the bandstand/stage.
  19. My DW did a purge of all of our saved cruise stuff a few months ago. She put the Princess Patters, the Carnival and Royal Caribbean daily news things (Patter equivalent, sorry don't recall the names and not going to look now), cabin cards, and a few other items in a couple of large three ring binders. She tossed the remainder of the other stuff that we had saved for who knows why. Yes, it is fun to go back and remember.
  20. FWIW, several pages back someone who either worked in or headed up a testing lab explained that the testing process is not an exact science when it comes to results. They said a lot of things can, and do, go wrong during the process of evaluating the samples. The upshot was that the tests are not 100% accurate. Seems scant comfort for those of us who are hoping for a containment of this virus. Not being negative about the situation, but, just hoping that my cautious optimism will be the winner of the day with this one.
  21. I saw a video a day or two ago that was done by the director of the CDC and he was expressing dismay that China was refusing them an opportunity to come into the country to study the virus. His point was that China would be the best source to gain data for the US to get ahead start on how to deal with the virus. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but, at the very least, this seems unfortunate. Not the video link (I couldn't locate it yet): From www.reddit.com
  22. LOL Yep, I should have realized that you were joking around. 😊
  23. Trouble is that most of the days are in the port area...
  24. Probably not very up to date, however, both the Princess Lido deck pizza and Alfredos for us were way better than what we had on our Royal Caribbean cruise a few years ago. Pizza, like all other cruise related food is subjective, so YMMV.
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