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  1. I am not looking for compensation for an act of God. Thank God I am lucky to be alive and healthy and am counting my blessings! 🙏 Let me try and explain myself more clearly. I am just discussing this matter as it affects me and my plans for future cruises with my favorite company Regent, and I suspect there may be others who are similarly affected. I would not have availed of the final payment date extension had the implications been made clear i.e. I would not be eligible for the 25% credit should my cruise be cancelled. The position now is that I am competing for bookings
  2. Naturally very disappointed today to hear our March cruise on Voyager has been cancelled. But also disillusioned to hear that Regent are not offering any compensation whatsoever for this cancellation. Regent changed out final payment date from October to January and as a result we have not made our final payment. Had they not extended the final payment date, we would have paid in full and qualified for the 25% future cruise credit. Now we have just been offered a refund of our deposit! As regular Regent cruisers at Gold Level, we feel let down.
  3. Thank you so much flossie 009. Our cruise is actually in March, not February as I stated. I just logged into "my account" and as you said, the final payment date has been changed. Great news! The girl I spoke with today at Regent UK seemed to be French, perfect English but not perfect information!! Thank you for the clarification, no big decisions now, am very happy to hear this.
  4. I am a bit confused about information on the extension of final payment dates. We are booked on a South American Voyager cruise in February 2021 so final payment will be in October. I understood from some posts here that all final payment dates had been changed to 60 days prior to departure up to the end of March 2021. I phoned Regent UK today to check this out and was told that only cruises departing up to the end of December 2020 had this change to their final payment dates. Can anyone lend some clarification to this?
  5. Oh great, I didn't realize we could take wine on board and keep it in our cabin. Is the fridge big enough to take a couple of bottles of wine? That solves the pre dinner drinks question, we can just open our own 😊. Requesting towels, I am glad to know this, I also thought they may be at the exit to pick up when leaving ship! We will be on Riviera , I believe 4 specialty restaurants. So will try nab an extra booking as soon as possible, even possibly on first night. Don't really want the wine bottle on the table, just hope it doesn't walk away 😉
  6. Thank you all for the excellent advice and tips. Yes we will now bring our own water bottles but not coffee mugs, paper cups will do just fine! We will take our time boarding but maybe in time to get some late lunch. Great tips re specialty restaurants, thank you and the Terrace Cafe sounds wonderful. I note the waiter might leave the water bottle on the table but would they kindly leave the wine bottle too !! We enjoy a glass of wine in our suite while getting ready for dinner. Will room service take for ever to deliver it or can we just go and pick it u
  7. Hi, we are new to Oceania and can’t wait to board in Miami….a few basic questions please, would appreciate your advice. Firstly, do we need to bring reusable water bottle and coffee cups? What toiletries are supplied, ie shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc? Are towels supplied for beach excursions? We are on Deck 7 Riviera, basic veranda cabin, when would be the best time to board in Miami in order to avoid long queues? Any other advice for newbies would be most welcome, thank you!
  8. Are there any particular nights when there is a special menu, barbeque, deck party, captains dinner etc and if so when would they normally be held on a 14 day Carribean cruise on Riviera. Just want to check before making dining reservations. Would love some advice on this please.
  9. So I have taken in all the pros and cons and thank you all for taking the trouble to respond. We have as a result booked with Oceania and now cant wait to check it out. Will report back after the cruise, hoping it will be mostly positive comments!
  10. Thank you all for your advice and thoughts on my query. We are now very much inclined to spread our wings and give it a try. I know the 'less expensive' suites are quite small at least compared to Regent. We would be taking 2 suites, 1 single occupancy so will have a bit more space for storage etc. I will have a look at Seabourne too as the single fare with Oceania is now almost the same as for 2 people....ouch! A little more homework to do this evening, decisions decisions!
  11. I know there have been numerous discussions on this but I would value recent opinions. My query is re service, suites etc. Regent v Oceania. The Caribbean cruise we are looking at works out very good value as we need one single suite, our son who has some disability will join us, single occupancy on Regent is very pricey. O are offering all the following... 3 excursions pp, $300 on board credit, house beverage, one wifi and gratuities. The OBC could be used to upgrade to full drnks package. We are looking at verandah poss concierge if worth it on Riviera? We are committed Regent cruisers, gol
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