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    Not Leaving HOU until 7:00 pm

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think we are going to either Uber to the Space Center (they have luggage storage) or hang out near the port. I know there is luggage storage there too. I will definitely check out options with Galveston Express.
  2. Cruising on Liberty of the Seas from Galveston and need help planning my last day. I am guessing we will be off the ship by 10ish and then have most of the day to kill. Should we store luggage at Cruise Stop and hang out for a while and then Uber to the airport or would it be better to book a shuttle to meet us when we get off the ship? Any advise appreciated. Would rather not spend hours just hanging around the airport if we don't have to.
  3. weissjaz

    Forrnal Nights Liberty

    April 22 going to Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel.
  4. Can you tell which night are formal on Liberty of the Seas 7 nights out of Galveston?
  5. Cruising RCCL out of Galveston and will be taking a some type of shuttle to the airport upon return. This is my first trip out of Galveston and I am not sure what time to book my return flight. What is the earliest I should think about leaving Houston?
  6. What night or nights are formal on a 5 day NE/Canada cruise on the Serenade? Not cruising until fall, but just planning ahead.
  7. Can you please tell me what night(s) are "formal" on the 5 night New England/Canada cruise? I am guessing only one but would like confirmation.
  8. weissjaz

    Balcony for Canada

    We have had a balcony for our Caribbean and Alaskan cruises but wonder if it is worth the extra almost $1000 when cruising New England and Canada. I am thinking a window would be "good enough."
  9. weissjaz

    Changing Planes SEA

    Thanks for all the information!
  10. weissjaz

    Changing Planes SEA

    Headed to Anchorage from Tuscon for several days before our cruise out of Seward, and it seems like most flights (primarily looking at United) are routed through Seattle with less than an hour to change planes. Is this enough time? My other option is to stay overnight in Seattle with a hotel that provides a shuttle and fly to Alaska the next morning. Although this would be a safer bet, it means more time going to airports, clearing security, waiting around, . . . Has anyone made or missed a short connection here? Any other options I should consider?
  11. weissjaz

    Is Champagne Considered Wine

    Thanks all. I guess I will be picking up a bottle or two for our june trip. And BTW, Korbel is the only domestic sparkling wine allowed to be labeled as champagne. They have some deal with the French because they use the approved methods. Learned this on a tour of their cellars in Calif. Also learned there are lot more varieties of champagne than I see in the stores.
  12. I was hoping I could bring a couple of bottle onboard with me. I know 2 bottles of wine are allowed, but does that include the sparkling kind?
  13. I see lots of thread about FLL to POM, but never the other way around. We are flying in/out of Miami because it is much cheeper. Plan on renting a car for the few days before, but would rather not do that after the cruise. Our flight is at 3:25 so theoretically we are outside the window for an excursion ending at the airport. Can anyone recommend a shuttle or other option? I know we will have hours to kill, but once we get to MIA we can always take the train somewhere.
  14. weissjaz

    Formal Night on Majesty

    Thanks! That is what I was hoping to hear. I can get more dressed up next year on our 7 day on the Oasis.
  15. A 3 night cruise seems awfully short to get really dressed up. Can I get away with a very nice hawaiian shirt and slacks? Maybe I just won't eat in the MDR, but I also don't want to miss out on any special food or festivities.