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  1. I bought the poster in the middle on Etsy. It is a magnet. I used lots of Sticky Tac!
  2. BTB = back to back cruisers. They were on the 3 day and our 7 day.
  3. I used Sticky Tac. The doors were not metal so the magnet in the middle had a lot of Sticky Tac.
  4. Ports and Excursions - We have been to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta before and we planned no excursions as we have our routines there (Cabo - we go to a restaurant toward the end of the pier and eat lunch, and our daughter at 17 must have a stuffed dolphin from Cabo Adventures, and in PV, we shop at the mall across the street and WalMart.) In Mazatlan, we took a city tour that we found as we got off the ship. It was in an open air taxi, took 2 hours and we were charged $20 each. We were given opportunities to stop and walk around at the beach and in town. Our guide was very knowledgeable and patie
  5. We didn't hear any noise from the dining room. As far as the kids programs, I saw kids participating in them but since our daughter is 17, she didn't participate. There were kids who went to the Family Harbor lounge to play video games and I think they were there most of the day! The only kids' activity I did was the Build A Bear. There were over 100 people doing it but they had it down to a science and only had to wait about 15 minutes to build my stuffed animal. My suggestion, given that our daughter did participate when she was young is to have your kids participate as much as they ca
  6. The part of Cherry on Top with the ducks, one of ours that we hid, and someone in our Carnival Kitchen class found one of our hidden ducks.
  7. Family Harbor lounge set up for breakfast. Also, photos of the latte and ice cream machines. And the coffee mug we brought home. The also had a book in our cabin devoted to Panorama and we were able to bring that home, too.
  8. Puerto Vallarta welcome, my husband and I with CD Emma, special pins for sale at Pixels, deck 5 relaxation.
  9. More Teppanyaki and Guy Fieri wax figure. We decided it was kinda creepy.
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