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  1. I suggest you start this process now, as it may take a while to get the matter resolved. Ultimately, they’ll probably apply your FCC to both B2B cruises at the same time and you’ll have residual FCC carried forward. Azamara applied our 2020 FCC to our concurrent 2021 cruises in this way. They were very reasonable and helpful about the whole thing but it did take a number of each way emails to get exactly what we wanted. We’re now hoping to achieve the same outcome with 2021 FCC towards already booked 2022 cruises. The rules for 2020 FCC means you won’t get the FCC certificate for t
  2. Opening the border is not promising, at this stage, for early 2022. However, there's already a fragile travel bubble for flights between Aus/NZ. Perhaps cruise companies may seek approval for cruises specifically visiting these two countries in the Dec - Mar period; open only for local guests. It may depend on whether the companies consider it economically viable to have a cruise season relying solely on local customers. There might not be sufficient demand at RSSC prices (and potentially competing with Seabourn & Silversea for the same clients).
  3. I booked several 2022 cruises early March, for a reasonable price (and hope to pay the balance with FCC which, until yesterday, was to be used in 2021). When the US promotion was recently introduced, I calculated that we had paid the AUD equivalent to the new US price. However, the current AUD price is prohibitively high - apparently jncreased so they can introduce the same “discount” deal here at some near future date and people will think they’ve saved thousands of $. Even so, I felt we did get a good price when we booked, so to that extent this promotion should result in fair prices if it’s
  4. We won’t cruise until we’re vaccinated. Qantas has declared they’ll require vaccinations for international flights. We want vaccination requirements for i’nat flights and for cruises, to maximise the chance of the most normal, cruising experience possible and to avoid shutdown/quarantine of cruises. No problem with people who are anti-vaccers but they should realise that they’ll have limitations imposed on them. World tourism is keen to resume when it’s reasonably safe to do so. Further delays we’ll into 2022 invariably means business failure, so I doubt they’ll be that fussy about which v
  5. Thanks for the reply uktog. I’ll be mindful of your experience of excursions being a higher price on board and often fully booked.
  6. We usually book direct with Azamara. Each time, we’ve been charged at the exchange rate applicable on that day; so it’s always different to the published AUD price in Azamara’s website. Sometimes it costs more, others less. Off topic, I’ve discovered an anomaly (at least to my mind) with USD OBC. If we want to book shore excursions on line, a conversion is done to AUD. The exchange rate used is the daily rate the first time we book an excursion. That rate is then fixed and so it applies if we book other excursions, even if it’s months later. So, you may win or lose on the conversio
  7. We were fortunate to stay in one and we never noticed any fumes, noise or vibrations. It actually felt and sounded quite isolated, in its own sealed corridor with only one other suite. Very spacious with a huge bathroom area. Fortunately, you can turn down/off the piped new age wellness music. It’s a personal call whether the extra cost is worth it but it was a really special one-off cruise experience for us.
  8. The fact is that Azamara’s continued existence is now guaranteed in at least the short term. With a good amount of funds tied up in FCC on booked cruises and no scope to claim on travel insurance if the cruise line fails, a new owner gives me confidence. The next year or two will logically be about reinvigorating consumers and destination countries’ confidence in the cruise industry; working through the use of FCC and seeing which lines survive. Still a lot of unknowns with Covid rampant and nil revenues. Who knows what shape the industry and separate cruise lines may be in by the
  9. The PDF flyer states “up to 40%”. Apparently our cruises in Aug/Sep 21 already enjoyed a price, when we booked, with more than whatever percentage discount is now being offered - lucky us.
  10. We're hoping to get there with Azamara in Sep, so very happy to see what is apparently a great docking location.
  11. Back when the hull was white and the harpist played pre dinner. Amalfi coast?
  12. We were intending to apply the FCC against B2B2B in May June 2021. All three cruises were impacted by the shifted charter. However, a virtually identical itinerary is available in Aug Sep. We were required to pay the currently going prices for theses cruises, which is more expensive overall on a per day basis but we’ve been able to apply the 125% FCC and retained the very good OBC which we previously held. The end result is we’re up for the taxes only (with prepaid May deposits transferred to the new bookings). It’s effectively the same financial outcome as the May cruises. They retained the p
  13. Well, we’re booked on the same now disappeared cruises. Our bookings pre-date Covid. No risk taken on our part - does that make us more worthy of fair treatment by Azamara? We haven’t even been notified by Azamara that our cruises are gone. Ive sought clarification from Azamara, including the suggestion that our bookings be moved to the Sep comparable but at the same per day rate of our existing bookings. So, we are most certainly expecting the transfer without a higher cost. We think that would be absolutely unreasonable. I hope that avw and other cruisers adversely i
  14. avw I’m happy to keep you informed of the response I get. Probably prefer email - please lost. Tony
  15. thanks again avw. Good advice. The Sep itineraries are certainly appealing so I’ll see what Az proposes.
  16. thanks avw- I wasn’t aware of this. I’ve now had a look at the new itineraries and I’ll put in my refund application for B2B2B tomorrow. Very disappointed but I recognise that times are now very different. I’m doubtful about cruising before a vaccine arrives, so this makes it easier. We’ll have a look at cruises a few months later in 2021 as we’ll now have all this money to spend on an alternative cruise line, if we can find the right itineraries.
  17. We're booked on the same cruise, as well as the two following. I've sent a query to Azamara for clarification but it was only yesterday. According to the recent survey I can fully expect a comprehensive response by tomorrow. Ironically, the email was sent to "loyalty". If loyal guests are to get bumped because of some deferred one time charter, I won't be happy. It's not just the inconvenience of missing the cruise (albeit that it may not go ahead anyway due to Covid) but guests may be locked in to flights and accommodation too. We have Barcelona accommodation for a few pre-cruise
  18. I encourage people to complete this survey, if only to tick the question whether the double upgrade offer is too expensive. Also, there is more scope to enter actual comments. Whether our comments go anywhere or not is another matter but I see there are a lot of uncertainties about changes to the length and itineraries of 2021 cruises and shore excursion options, and such changes may have a significant impact on whether people cancel and seek a refund before 31 Dec rather than use FCC; so I encourage people to make comments which may end up being to our benefit. Our 14n
  19. I’m a bit more positive. The protocols (and appointment of the committee) indicates that cruises will restart at the earliest opportunity with little possibility of another Ruby Princess occurring. Given the number of deaths from that cruise, there were, rightly, always going to be strict protocols implemented upon resumption. The early cruises will have cruisers who will cruise no matter what. There will be further learnings and adjustments as they go. To get destination focussed cruisers back, Aza will have to do a lot of work and have considerable imagination to come up with diffe
  20. For what it’s worth, we passed on Azamara last year and did Regent instead. Azamara’s pricing meant that Regent, with its shore excursions included (and we expected we’d need to do ship excursions in most ports irrespective of who we cruised with) was only a little more expensive than Azamara would have been, including comparable excursions. So we opted for Regent; which at the time also included a 3 day land program before or after. I think that’s an extra cost next year. Anyway, we thought the Azamara itinerary was more appealing but their pricing deterred us. We loved the Japan
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