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  1. Could've been - but we only saw the usual 10/15 folk in the VCL any evening (barring 1). They were vacuuming the Centrum by midnight...
  2. You can get a direct train from Tarragona to Barcelona easily and cheaply. Well worth heading up to Barcelona - so much to see !
  3. Think the earliest tenders are often unreserved, so it may be possible if you're ready to rock before the NCL trips are due to leave.
  4. Sailed Grandeur last year. Its a great ship, as long as you realise its smaller than others you might have been on, and won't have all the bells and whistles. Only slight downside was how quiet the ship was by about 2330 most nights - very little signs of life after the last show chucks out, and the Crown Lounge was pretty deserted.
  5. Thanks, dodgestang - does sound a lot less intrusive than I thought it might be.
  6. We've occasionally used Johnny Rockets on board, and always find it decent enough - it hit the spot when we got back on board exhausted in St Petersburg and couldn't face dressing for dinner. Could've used the Windjammer, but kinda still wanted table service. Food wasn't brilliant, but definitely better than any McD's I've used. Need to remember too that we don't have many (any ?) JRs in the UK, so for a lot of their cruisers, it might remind them of trips to the US...
  7. Having never cruised Star Class, and being incredibly unlikely to ever do so, this might be a daft question, but are the genie services not covered by the auto-grats? The whole idea of the genie really does not appeal to me, but just wondered...
  8. Don't remember saying I was confused. Goldfish65 seemed to be suggesting that tipping should be expected when cruising - i pointed out that local custom in Europe doesn't match the cruise lines. Why are you confused ?
  9. If we're talking about cruising in Europe, then the customs where you're travelling are very different to the States - so shouldn't it still follow the local approach and not have a reliance on tipping ?
  10. The cruises on offer next summer (July/August that make up the school hols) offer nothing exciting on the itinerary - one cruise to the Canaries, and other than that it's the usual Med stops. We've already booked our cruise for next year, and for the first time in a good while, is not going to be on Royal.
  11. We had a great time on Grandeur last year. It became a bit of a ghost ship after midnight (think there were maybe 10 folk in the disco) and the Centrum was empty earlier than that, but that was OK by us. Bands weren't as great as other RC cruises (could've done with a guitarist to cover livelier songs than the pianist) but again, it probably suited the crowd on board.
  12. Not sure how RCI will deal with this, but given there could be a significant number of folk booked on the cruise that are not affected by the change in policy (myself, for example, as a non-US citizen) why should the ship not still stop there, and simply deny those who ARE affected the option of going ashore ? Don't see why we should suffer for a US political decision.
  13. If you were to accidentally return late to the ship, and it had sailed without you, would that have the same result ? Don't know what happens with luggage when folk miss the ship...
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