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  1. I’ve tried to rebook and their website is wonky, every cruise I try to book says “this sailing is unavailable”. I guess I’ll call them. It does feel like a pipe dream...
  2. Yep lol this sucks! I’m trying to figure out what it means if you’ve cancelled more than once. It says: Full Future Voyage Credit Your full Future Voyage Credit will be restored to use toward a future sailing, and our standard cancellation policies will apply. The FVC is valid for redemption up to a year after the impacted voyage start date and can be applied to any sailing with open inventory through 2022. So does that mean even though I’ve only paid a deposit for the second cruise I’ve booked (that is now cancelled) that I will get a credit in the full amount of the cruise cost?
  3. How far in advance can you book the Bimini cabana?
  4. This makes me feel good that I’ll actually be onboard in September. It was a smart move by VV. They’ll be the only ones sailing lol
  5. It seems like the coolest perks, some of which made me want to book the mega suite, are gone! What a bummer. I took the full refund and I’m glad because I don’t feel all that confident that this cruise line is going to be successful...I’ll wait until it’s finally sailing a few months at least and see what others think before rebooking. And wow, how is their website STILL as bad as before? They’ve had quite some time to work out the kinks. Also doesn’t instill confidence...
  6. Yes, my refund came in 2 parts. I actually emailed them and then got my deposit back separately, about 2 weeks later.
  7. FYI Only some of my refund was received, not my initial deposit from last year, and no credit is showing even though in my account it says “you have credit”.
  8. Wait wut? So how the heck do we get refunds? Their phone lines are gonna be a mess!! I’m scheduled for July 10.
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