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  1. Not all entertainers get their own cabins. My husband was a musician in the showband more than one contract and shared a crew cabin with another fellow. He and other entertainers had a few additional duties in addition such as helping out in safety drills. They did have rehearsals and time off. They could eat at the buffet but not other passenger venues in addition to the crew mess. He loves cruising and we have taken many since those contracts.
  2. I read somewhere about having to bring water bottles? Are the bottles of water I can buy for my cabin not fine anymore? Thanks - a few years since we have sailed RCL.
  3. We enjoy the CC expanded room service breakfast in the balcony
  4. Yes right Host Clarea 👩🏻‍🦳🦜✅
  5. Our sailing is for 4 days I’ll be busy with grandchildren but husband will want his iPhone 😀🦜 Thanks
  6. I looked for a complete list of Diamond category benefits and didn’t see internet. It has been a long time since I sailed RCCL, mostly we are on Celebrity but we do have a Mariner OTS sailing coming up. is there free Internet? I thought I read it somewhere on Cruise Critic. Thanks, Linda
  7. Just what I was thinking. I love music of all types jazz, Rock, Latin, techno-type, Old, new but especially at entertainment times not in restaurants where I may want to have a conversation, or in the lawn where I may want to read a book or zone out, and not in my cabin. Volume should be appropriate to the venue and not loud enough to affect my hearing. Looking forward to dancing at the silent disco.
  8. I think they like hanging with us old fogies😀🦜. This is our 3rd sailing with them. They rarely use the kids clubs. No accounting for my grandchildren's taste LOL
  9. Oh thanks — I didn’t realize the drinks were loaded on my card & we can use them in other venues
  10. Pardon if I missed this in reading the thread It’s about 5 years since we’ve sailed Royal. Will be on the Mariner with our 8 & 12 year old granddaughters. We are Elite on Celebrity & now Diamond On Royal. Can we bring them for a soda to the Diamond Lounge? thanks, happy sailing, Linda
  11. I think it is the difference between a cruise review and a “judgement” of older people. Starting the paragraph with “Holy Crap” and mocking traits like counting steps of older people with sarcasm is different from critiquing the food or even the scooters. I’ve been shoved aside by scooters on ramp and, yes, it was annoying but I needed to consider that older person and how hard the scooters are to get used to. As we get older, there are more challenges, financially, physically, and culturally. I don’t need to be mocked by the youngers in addition. Remember, I’ve been young 20, 30, 40, 50, etc but the youngers have not— I hope this ageism stops.
  12. We have done extra if service was extra good
  13. Right When I was learning ballet as a child, counting was a big part of more structured dances as opposed to today’s more free form improvisation. I heard mocking tone also.
  14. Fantastic Beautiful You are right, wouldn’t cost much
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