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  1. Thank you for your comments phoenix_dream. Agree. Linda
  2. Hello from Central East Coast Florida USA Here in our part of Florida, schools opened for either online or in-person classes at the end of August (a few weeks later than usual). Most of the mask-mandates from local jurisdictions are off. However, individual places still recommend masks and social distancing. Restaurants are open. Some people wear masks and some don’t. Some gathering spots are opening, some are not and a few are closing. I wear a mask for supermarkets & shopping and keep contacts down in general. A lot of entertainment is outdoors or
  3. We did Lift & Shift to Jan 2022 Hope all will be well by then 🛳🚢⛴🛶🌈
  4. I don’t trust that the cruise lines can prevent us from getting sick with their suggested precautions— they can’t possibly enforce them even if they are completely diligent. Then there is that other issue of whether I want to cruise with the hoops the cruise lines would have pax jump through to pay for a vacation and the possibility that insurance would cover all possibilities and testings and the impossible logistics. So, as another poster suggested, I will stay home until I feel it is safe or safer at least.
  5. Yes, because they could become positive and just not able to wear a mask
  6. Good point Also, what about your cabin mate Do they leave or get quarantined? So many ifs This is not seeming like a vacation to me.
  7. I agree and wearing a mask would definitely affect the level of enjoyment. Wouldn’t seem like a vacation. Not to mention what testing might be done in the ports.
  8. I started doing a little nod with a smile when meeting the officers at CC cocktail parties even before COVID. Good reception. I don’t think everyone wants to shake hands.
  9. I was thinking the same thing - tests are notoriously inaccurate. The precautions would take a lot of the fun out of the trip and the possibility of a quarantine just adds to my pause. And there are a few cruise lines that have started operating finding cases onboard. I have been on a Celebrity excursion seated next to someone who was added on a little jumpseat coughing and sneezing - yes, I caught the flu. Last sailing, the table next to us at dining was coughing etc like crazy and they asked the Maitre D for tissues - yes, on the way home in the car started getting sick. Was
  10. I do wear a mask when shopping etc but with all the precautions ( masks, distancing, lower occupancy in dining and entertainment venues, elevators, port issues, security enforcement) not to mention (oh, I just did, right?) the possibility that passengers/crew don’t follow protocols and/or COVID invades the ship anyway — cruising just doesn’t seem much like a vacation until this is over. No matter what good intentions the Cruise lines have or individuals have, people are people and don’t always follow the rules and accidents happen. I wish it were different and we had a great, lo
  11. My curiosity would get to me after a week & I would call celebrity. Good luck.
  12. Just did a search for our Jan 2021 Apex sailing - was in an optimistic frame of mind this morning — for our son to join, and both sailings on that day show sold out. Then I looked to see other ships, other days, also sold out? Is this because the ships will be sailing less full, is it a glitch, what? Anyone know?
  13. I live in a resort area as well but I refrain from falling into that stereotype trap and judge people by their own actions and not by others of that group whether country or other type group. Happy sailing some day I hope.
  14. If the story be told, and if it is indeed true, that Americans have broken this rule and come into your country, I do agree it is wrong for them to do that. And reading your story, that was what I thought too. Your stereotype remark brought to mind the condemnation from the world community for our enforcing our own regulations to protect our mostly southern border. That is wrong also. We also have that right. Different rules for Americans. But your unfortunate last 2 original sentences about Americans was where you lost me. That was insulting along with the “stereotype” remark.
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